Attack Damage Table

Rank I Stat Buffs
Yin ATK Yang ATK Agility Yin DEF Yang DEF
Critical Modifiers
Crit ATK Crit % Threshold

Bullets with natural critical % above threshold
will be considered a guaranteed crit.

Enemy Modifiers
Yin DEF Stat Yang DEF Stat
Enemy Weakness/Resistance (Click to change)
DMG from Weakness

Damage modifier (in percent) applied over weakness (unfavorable) hits.
E.g.: +40 means a 1.4x multiplier damage over the normal 2x.

DMG from Resisted

Damage modifier (in percent) applied over resisted (favorable) hits.
E.g.: -30 means a 0.7x multiplier over the normal 0.5x.

Enemy Killer Tags
Details about damage calculation and game mechanics:
  • Effective Stat Total: Calculated as a maxed out character with 0 superior enhancement, and no stat sticks. The BiS card stats are factored in the total.
  • Rank 2 Buffs: Considered 0 for every character as a baseline, characters with Rank 2 Buffs on skill have them factored in, attacks with Rank 2 Buffs on pre-effects have them factored in.
  • Resonance/other buffs: Not considered. This significantly affects expected damage from characters with such skills, like Shinki and Mima.
  • Debuffs: Not considered.
  • Story Card Effects: Only the elemental/bullet tag boost effects are considered.
  • Bullet Properties: Only Slice, Hard and Specular are considered. Bullets are always considered to hit.
  • Ability "damage to weak/resistance" modifier: Considered.
  • Minor constants: RNG multiplier is always considered the minimal value, Awakening boost modifier is locked at 1.3x due to lack of data, Character LV modifier is locked at 100.
  • Rebirths: Character level +40 is considered for the total damage multiplier.