Nitori Kawashiro


Super Youkai Warhead (Faith)

The usual outfit of Nitori from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain. She refers to humans as her sworn friends.

Super Youkai Warhead (Faith)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Yamatanikaze

Yamatanikaze (a Touhou LW original) refers to winds that change direction from mountain to valley during the day and mountain to valley at night. An apt temperament for Nitori, as a kappa that travels between the river and the mountain. Nitori is endowed with Water Phase, as an aquatic youkai, and Moon Essence, since she collaborates with her peers. The flexible and patient Water Phase resists Metal Phase, because metal collects water, but it is weak to Earth Phase, because earth directs water. The cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence resists the alluring and arrogant Sun Essence, but it is weak to the diverse and uncooperative Star Essence.

Ability: Capable of manipulating water

The ability of Nitori Kawashiro from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain. It seems to be fundamentally the same as our version of Nitori's ability. The prolonged disturbance of the mountain gods seems to have caused Nitori to keep fighting for longer than in our world's history. In Nitori Kawashiro's world, she has joined forces with the youkai and native gods on the mountain to fight against the new gods (Moriya Shrine) who appeared on the Youkai Mountain. The kappa are also temporarily allied with the forces at the foot of the mountain, including Hakurei Shrine until the disturbance is resolved. As the disturbance prolonged, even the youkai and deities who would not usually show their faces began to enter the fray. This caused the war to become more chaotic, continuing the stalemate. Since the new gods of the mountain have powers related to wind and water, the kappa, who manipulate water, and the tengu, who manipulate wind, were expected to be the key military force against them. However, this also means they have a severe weakness against these gods. Both kappa and tengu were tossed about by the gods' manipulation of wind and rain. The new gods to the mountain seemed to have the advantage, but the kappa and tengu are wise and cunning. Thanks to the intelligence-gathering of the tengu and the kappa's innovative prowess, they quickly copied the new technology brought in by the mountain gods. And this didn't happen just once or twice. Every time the mountain gods brought in new technology, they copied it. Naturally, they used this new technology obtained with reverse engineering to combat the new gods on the mountain. This is how the stalemate was perpetuated. How the remaining humans at the foot of the mountain intervene should be this situation's deciding factor... But for some reason, Reimu and the others of this world have not been able to exert much influence.


Bowl-Lending Spinner

The Spread Shot of Nitori Kawashiro from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain (a Touhou LW original). She shoots normal bullets in all directions. There are old folk tales about kappa or other beings lending people bowls and other tableware to people who pray to a lake or rock. They are collectively called wankashi (bowl-lending) legends. There is a theory that these tales represent trading with foreign lands and hospitality.

  • Bowl Rental Bullet
  • Soup Bowl Rental Bullet
  • Tea Cup Rental Bullet
  • Steam Cup Rental Bullet
  • Green-Tea Cup Rental Bullet
  • Tortoise Shell Bowl Rental Bullet
Shibaten Sumo

The Focus Shot of Nitori Kawashiro from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain (a Touhou LW original). She shoots light bullets toward her opponents. Shibaten youkai, also called shiba-tengu youkai, are considered to be a type of kappa. They are about the size of human children and appear near water, but they are strong and love sumo wrestling. Why are they called shibaten when shibaten means "little tengu"...?

  • Shibaten Juuryou Bullet
  • Shibaten Maegashira Bullet
  • Shibaten Komusubi Bullet
  • Shibaten Sekiwake Bullet
  • Shibaten Oozeki Five Bullet
  • Shibaten Yokozuna Bullet
Optics: Hydro Camouflage

A Spell Card of Nitori Kawashiro from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain. She shoots bullets while using optical camouflage. Kappa are said to be able to change the color of their skin to match their surroundings. But who could have guessed that they did this through optical camouflage?! Did they make this camouflage out of metamaterials...?

  • Transcendental Material Bullet
  • Optical Camouflage Bullet
  • Super Optical Camouflage Bullet
  • Artificial Dielectric Bullet
  • Artificial Magnetic Bullet
  • Asymmetric Material Bullet
Kappa: Spin the Cephalic Plate

A Spell Card of Nitori Kawashiro from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain. She shoots out bullets in an expanding circular pattern. A trademark of kappa are the dishes on the top of their heads. It is said that a kappa's plate is always filled with water, and when the water runs out, the kappa weakens or even dies. Who could have imagined that she would spin her precious plate and use it as a weapon?!

  • Spinning Kappa Plate
  • Condiment Kappa Plate
  • Pottery Kappa Plate
  • Long Kappa Plate
  • Sashimi Kappa Plate
  • Large Kappa Plate
Wind and Clouds! The Youkai Mountain 3D

The Last Word of Nitori Kawashiro from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain (a Touhou LW original). She utilizes an artificial three-dimensional projection in this attack. It may be a slight exaggeration, but this technology lets the user create another reality. However, it seems to have been appropriated for battles of bullets since it is still in the early stages of development. This is an example of the kappa's fast technology cloning tactics to combat the mountain god's introduction of new technology. This innovation kicked off the ultimate battle for the fate of the Youkai Mountain.

  • 3D Valley
  • 3D Waterfall of Nine Heavens
  • 3D Secret Heaven Cliff
  • 3D False Heaven Shelf
  • 3D Summit
  • 3D Crater Basin


Skill: Retired Doll

It is said that there was once a sculptor with skills beyond belief. Some people believe that kappa originated from the later form of his doll assistant.

Skill: Wild Shikigami

It is said that a certain onmyouji master made his shikigami do his household chores. Some people believe that kappa originated from the shikigami that survived.

Skill: Gohou Douji Kin

It is said that highly skilled yamabushi (practitioners of Shugendou) use gohou douji as servants. Some people consider kappa to be descendants of gohou douji.

Passive: Shuihu Armor
Passive: Kawataro Game
Passive: Hua-Po Shell