Sanae Kochiya


Deified Human of the Wind (Faith)

The usual outfit of Sanae from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain. Earnest and confident-looking shrine maiden.

Deified Human of the Wind (Faith)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Fuuryoku Zero

Fuuryoku Zero (a Touhou LW original) refers to a wind that blows between 0.0 to 1.4 meters per second. An apt temperament for Sanae Kochiya as a wind priestess who quells the wind. Sanae is endowed with Wood Phase, as a human of wind, and Star Essence, shown in her Moriya rituals.

Ability: Capable of causing miracles to occur

The ability of Sanae Kochiya from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain. It is essentially the same as our version of Sanae's ability. However, the Sanae of this world may be involved in the cause of the prolonged incident of the mountain gods. The incident was supposed to be resolved quickly due to the following factors: - Sanae and Moriya Shrine realized that they were overconfident and underestimated the dwellers of Gensokyo and that they could not seize control of Gensokyo's faith as easily as they first thought. - Everyone realized that it would be mutually beneficial for a new god to reside on the Youkai Mountain because the lack of a ruling god was causing the mountain's power to decline. Thus, one could hypothesize that the prolonged incident in this Sanae's world is due to a conflict of interest between Moriya Shrine and the humans and youkai of Gensokyo. This is probably a world where Moriya Shrine continues to choose the path of confrontation with the Youkai Mountain and Hakurei Shrine because they believe the following to be true. - Moriya Shrine's confidence is justified as they have sufficient power. (They have a realistic chance of seizing control of faith in Gensokyo.) - It is better to control the Youkai Mountain by force. (Exterminating youkai is more efficient than cooperating.) But what is different about this Moriya Shrine that made such a lunatic decision compared to the Moriya Shrines of other worlds? Maybe the clue lies in how Moriya Shrine is famous for its knowledge of the outside world's science and technology...


Ancient Prayer Art

The Spread Shot of Sanae Kochiya from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she invokes ancient prayers. The prayer of the wind priestess can perform greater miracles the longer the chant. However, it is difficult to make time during a battle of bullets.

  • Moriya Style Chant
  • Long Chant
  • Oracle Chant
  • Miracle Chant
  • Rain-Wishing Chant
  • Wind Summoning Chant
Preliminary Starfall Ritual

The Spread Shot of Sanae Kochiya from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain (a Touhou LW original). An attack where she prays for a wind of miracles. Since ancient times, shrine maidens and other Shinto priests are said to have predicted the future and performed desired miracles by reading natural ''traces.'' For example, throwing a die, reading the movements of the stars and the wind, and reading cracks in stones, trees, and tortoise shells.

  • Moriya Style Ritual
  • Rain-Wishing Ritual
  • Wind Summoning Ritual
  • Divine Wind Summoning Ritual
  • Great Wind Summoning Ritual
  • Starfall Ritual
Esoterica: Secretly Inherited Art of Bullets

A Spell Card of Sanae Kochiya from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain. She attacks with a traditional Moriya secret technique that only Sanae has inherited. The details of this technique are unknown, but it has only been passed down to Sanae. Since Sanae came to Gensokyo, it is a tradition that has now ceased to exist in the outside world.

  • Moriya's Technique
  • Moriya's Great Technique
  • Moriya's Secret Great Technique
  • Star Searching Technique
  • Starfall Technique
  • Star Reading Technique
Great Miracle: Yasaka's Divine Wind

A Spell Card of Sanae Kochiya from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain. She uses Kanako's authority to attack with a divine wind. According to records, this divine wind has performed miracles. Hence, the Moriya Shrine has been worshiped by people in the outside world, and wind priestesses have probably been worshiped as living gods. The fact that people no longer rely on divine miracles may be seen as a sign that humanity has matured.

  • Divine Wind Miracle
  • Divine Wind Oracle
  • Star Wind Miracle
  • Star Wind Great Miracle
  • Divine Wind Great Oracle
  • Divine Wind Great Miracle
Grand Moriya Summon - Wind of Faith

The Last Word of Sanae Kochiya from the world with squabbling gods on the mountain (a Touhou LW original). This attack recreates the miracle of entering Gensokyo. It is thought that Moriya Shrine was able to enter Gensokyo because Kanako carried out a plan to relocate to Gensokyo. But is it normal for the gods of the outside world to know of Gensokyo's existence...? Perhaps someone led them there. Further investigation is required to uncover this mystery. You would think that more gods would have come to Gensokyo if all the gods know about it...

  • Wind Priestess' Star Wish
  • Sanae Kochiya Entering Gensokyo
  • Official Divine Virtues
  • Kanako Yasaka Entering Gensokyo
  • Hidden Curses
  • Suwako Moriya Entering Gensokyo


Skill: Anti-Shrine Order

It is much more efficient for gods who came from the outside world to take over weak shrines.

Skill: Fantasy Preaching

Moriya plans to use their ideology to control religion in Gensokyo. The rule of a strong and stable god will bring true peace.

Skill: Anti-Faith Barrier

A barrier of ideology that rectifies old ways of thinking. Both the mountain youkai and the people of the village will eventually become followers.

Passive: Moriya Barrier
Passive: Wind Shrine Maiden
Passive: Divine Virtue Master