Satori Komeiji


The Girl Even the Vengeful Spirits Fear (Subterranean)

The usual outfit of Satori from the world of restless Underworld vengeful spirits. If you invert the colors of her clothes...

The Girl Even the Vengeful Spirits Fear (Subterranean)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Jikyoku Henka

Jikyoku Henka (a Touhou LW original) refers to pole shifts, a phenomenon where the magnetic poles of a planet change for some reason. The Earth's strata record pole shifts, so this is an apt temperament for Satori, who can read thoughts and memories. The Underworld youkai, who have cut off all communication with the surface, lack the three Essences of Sun, Moon, and Star. Satori is endowed with Fire Phase, as memories attached to emotions are easier to read, and Water Phase, the element that interferes with the mind.

Ability: Capable of reading minds

The ability of Satori Komeiji from the world of restless Underworld vengeful spirits (a Touhou LW original). It is essentially the same as our version of Satori's ability. This Satori is believed to be involved in prolonging this world's disturbance, where vengeful spirits burst out to the surface through a geyser. She is the older of the two satori youkai sisters. Humans and other youkai hate satori youkai because they can read minds. Satori youkai used to live on the Youkai Mountain, but they moved to Former Hell along with the other hated youkai. The Komeiji sisters are thought to be two of these satori youkai. It is a mystery how and why Satori became the de facto ruler of Former Hell and started living in the center of Former Hell - the Palace of the Earth Spirits. However, it is possible to speculate. Satori keeps many Hell beast youkai pets that she can communicate with, including Hell ravens and kasha. Hell ravens maintain the temperature of Hell's flames, and kasha manage vengeful spirits. This explains why Satori is so suited for managing Former Hell, particularly the Remains of Blazing Hell. It was inevitable that Satori would take the seat at the center of Former Hell instead of an oni. Even though Satori can read minds, she is incredibly considerate and kind. This makes her hard to read. On the other hand, her little sister Koishi is exceptionally expressive even though she sealed her mind from being read. However, no one knows whether these expressions convey her true emotions or not. In our world, the disturbance was caused by Satori's pets, unbeknownst to her. However, the disturbance has been prolonged in this world, so she should have found out about it. Satori can read minds, so she must have learned the truth that her pets were trying to conceal. In our world, Rin Kaenbyou was afraid of Satori finding out the truth, but there's no way she could hide it indefinitely. What would have happened if Rin didn't try to hide the truth but sought Satori's advice instead? Satori would have surely done all she could to help her pets. She would have taken action by using her brilliant unrivaled ability. But what could she have possibly done to cause the disturbance to be prolonged?


Psychological Evaluation

The Spread Shot of Satori Komeiji from the world of restless Underworld vengeful spirits (a Touhou LW original). She reads her opponents' minds in this attack. Do you think mind reading is possible? It most certainly is. However, the way Satori reads minds is probably different from what you may expect. She will read your mind even if you don't want her to.

  • Szondi Test Bullet
  • Baum Test Bullet
  • Rorschach Test Bullet
  • Picture-Frustration Study Test
  • TAT Bullet
  • SCT Bullet
Mind Test

The Focus Shot of Satori Komeiji from the world of restless Underworld vengeful spirits (a Touhou LW original). She tests her opponents' minds in this attack. A famous detective novel author became engrossed in the study of spiritualism, and a famous natural philosopher devoted their last years to studying alchemy. Do old humans who have mastered an intellectual discipline always stray from the path? No, they don't. There is a vast unknown world that only they can see!

  • Eureka Bullet
  • Inspiration Bullet
  • Epiphany Bullet
  • Apophenia Bullet
  • Numinous Bullet
  • Liberation Bullet
Recollection: Night Parade of a Million Demons

A Spell Card of Satori Komeiji from the world of restless Underworld vengeful spirits. She attacks with a bullet pattern taken from memory. Have you ever seen an oni shoot bullets? An entourage of smaller oni follows the oni chief, and if you look closely, those smaller oni are miniaturized versions of the chief... It's terrifying. This sight probably terrorized the capital of Japan in the past. These fearful memories have surely been ingrained into the DNA of the Japanese people.

  • Procession of Nameless Youkai Recollection
  • Beast-Like Youkai Recollection
  • Utensil-Like Youkai Recollection
  • Human-Like Youkai Recollection
  • Bird-Like Youkai Recollection
  • Shadow-Like Youkai Recollection
Recollection: Philosopher's Stone

A Spell Card of Satori Komeiji from the world of restless Underworld vengeful spirits. She attacks with a bullet pattern taken from memory. The philosopher's stone is one of the ideals that scholars of magic strive for. The philosopher's stone is a medicine of true immortality, complete knowledge incarnate, the ultimate element, and the devil's fruit that leads to god. It is an ideal because it can never be attained. In other words, it is a concept, not a material substance. It exists through memory, which means there is no way to discern a fake philosopher's stone from the real thing.

  • Basic Magic Circle Recollection
  • Catalyst Magic Book - Fire Recollection
  • Catalyst Magic Book - Water Recollection
  • Catalyst Magic Book - Wood Recollection
  • Catalyst Magic Book - Metal Recollection
  • Catalyst Magic Book - Earth Recollection
Memory Fault Crash

The Last Word of Satori Komeiji from the world of restless Underworld vengeful spirits (a Touhou LW original). She causes an error by contradicting her opponents' memories. Memory is the reality of the past. Thus, altering memories alters the past. If a memory is inconvenient, you can change it as many times as you like. But what should you do if there is a discontinuity? The brain - the machine may suffer if it doesn't cease the operation and produce an error message. This is because the brain is made up of strata that provide evidence for the history accumulated by living beings.

  • Minor Fault
  • Major Fault
  • Invalid Fault
  • Segmentation Fault
  • Path Error
  • Core Dump Outcome


Skill: Common Sense

Collective ideas are not exclusive to the unconscious. Common sense is essentially a shared sensibility.

Skill: Optical Illusion

There is more truth than what meets the eye. And what you can see isn't necessarily true...

Skill: Confirmation Bias

Your opinion is correct from your perspective. But is it correct from someone else's?

Passive: Anima Guidance
Passive: Psycho-Inspection
Passive: Personal Space