Toyosatomimi no Miko


Shoutoku Taoist (Desires)

The usual outfit of Miko from a world overflowing with divine spirits. She wears earmuffs. so she doesn't hear too much.

Shoutoku Taoist (Desires)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Hinode

Hinode (a Touhou LW original) refers to the phenomenon where the sun rises up from below the horizon once per day. An apt temperament for Miko, who used the title, ''Empress of the Land of the Rising Sun.'' Since she was sealed during her long sleep, she lacks the three Essences of Sun, Moon, and Star. Miko is endowed with Water Phase, as she can hear the flow of the spirit world.

Ability: Capable of listening to ten people's conversations at the same time.

The ability of Toyosatomimi no Miko from a world overflowing with divine spirits (a Touhou LW original). It is probably the same as our version of Miko's ability... Miko was called Toyosatomimi in her past life because she possessed superhuman senses and intellect. There is even a legend about how she heard the petitions of ten supplicants at the same time. These senses were different from simple good hearing as it is difficult to process ten voices speaking simultaneously. She must have been able to hear the voices of divine spirits... the voices of desires since that time. It seems that the legend where Prince Shoutoku helped a starving man on the hill of Kataoka and the tale where the prince built a shrine after hearing a prophecy by the god Tatsuta in the guise of an old man... were both possible because the prince could hear the voices of divine spirits. Although there are many legends about Prince Shoutoku, the one about the Miraiki, a collection of the prince's predictions for the future, is perhaps where the prince's ability to hear divine spirits was the most significant. If the Miraiki was indeed written by Miko's own hand, it means that she could see... no, hear the future of this country. Hearing of this magnitude is on the same level as a horned owl that can distinguish the faintest sounds at night. It is like a complex, three-dimensional, and vivid second sight. It could be said that Miko had a clear vision of the future of this country before her death. Ages had passed when Toyosatomimi no Miko finally came back to life in Gensokyo. When she awoke, she saw not only the country she had once foreseen... but also the future of Gensokyo. Did what the Miko of this world see in her Gensokyo's future give her a sufficient reason to prolong the incident? If so, what did she see?


Sui Dynasty's Teachings

The Spread Shot of Toyosatomimi no Miko from a world overflowing with divine spirits (a Touhou LW original). An attack that spreads her views beyond the sea. According to one theory, Prince Shoutoku sent the first envoy to the Sui court. It was an attempt to collect the knowledge necessary to change the world and build a nation. This incredible feat is impossible for someone of mundane talent. It can only be accomplished by those who have reached the level of hermits and the divine.

  • Sui's Latest Culture
  • Sui's Technology
  • Sui's Agronomy
  • Sui's Art
  • Sui's Law
  • Sui's Politics
Rhus Chinensis Sculptures

The Focus Shot of Toyosatomimi no Miko from a world overflowing with divine spirits (a Touhou LW original). An attack where deities respond to Miko's wish. Prince Shoutoku is said to have carved statues of the Four Heavenly Kings and prayed to them before a battle to secure political power... the battle against Mononobe no Moriya. Perhaps Miko could already hear the voices of divine spirits and predict the future at this time.

  • Four Heavenly Kings Wish
  • Vaisravana Wish
  • Virupaksa Wish
  • Virudhaka Wish
  • Dhrtarastra Wish
  • Soga-Mononobe Conflict Victory Wish
Honor: Ranks of Twelve Levels

A Spell Card of Toyosatomimi no Miko from a world overflowing with divine spirits. An attack that resembles the Twelve Level Cap and Rank System established by Prince Shoutoku. According to a theory, establishing this system allowed the Imperial Court to attract talented people other than the nobles and improve its diplomatic image. Prince Shoutoku might have invited masters from overseas to join the court during this period.

  • Rank of Virtue
  • Rank of Benevolence
  • Rank of Propriety
  • Rank of Sincerity
  • Rank of Justice
  • Rank of Knowledge
Summon: Powerful Clans' Chaotic Dance

A Spell Card of Toyosatomimi no Miko from a world overflowing with divine spirits. Leaders of two powerful clans dance chaotically in this attack. The age of the powerful clans, called gouzoku, was nearing its end before Miko's death. Previously, the most powerful clans were the driving political forces of the land as they held overwhelming influence over the provinces and asserted authority over the capital. However, a system centered on the imperial court was rapidly established after Miko's appearance. Miko did dominate the opposing powerful clans through military force, but another power was necessary to make the reforms... the power of faith - spiritual domination.

  • Taishi's Faith
  • Soga's Grudge
  • Mononobe's Secret Technique
  • Taishi's Politics
  • Soga's Lightning
  • Mononobe's Great Fire
Divine Spirit Universe

The Last Word of Toyosatomimi no Miko from a world overflowing with divine spirits (a Touhou LW original). The Divine Spirit Universe was originally a type of attack called overdrive. But Miko created this Spell Card by adjusting that attack to be used as her Last Word. Miko resembles Toyosatomimi of the past in how she draws small divine spirits (desire spirits) to her and listens to their voices. The countless small divine spirits gathered in one place look like a whole galaxy's worth of stars. This place where she can hear all of their voices is like Gensokyo's Akashic Records.

  • Inner Sun
  • Inner Star
  • Inner Celestial Sphere
  • Inner Stars
  • Inner Constellation
  • Inner Galaxy


Skill: Fiction to Fantasy

It is difficult to prove whether historical figures actually existed or not. Even the person printed on the highest bill is no exception.

Skill: Rising-Sun Empress

The declaration of the empress as literally a child of the gods spread to other countries. It is said that this aroused the anger of the emperor of China.

Skill: Senjutsu's Arrival

It is said that Seiga was the one who taught Miko how to use senjutsu. Why did she do that?

Passive: Taishi's Faith
Passive: Prevention
Passive: A Saint Recognizes Other Saints