Alice Margatroid


Puppeteer of the Humid Forest (Scarlet)

The usual outfit of Alice from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. It features a blue suspender skirt and a white cape.

Puppeteer of the Humid Forest (Scarlet)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Arare

Arare (a Touhou LW original) refers to lumps of ice smaller than hail that fall from the sky. This is an apt temperament for Alice, who awoke earlier than planned. Alice's attributes are praised for being extremely well-balanced. She chose Reverse Sun Essence temperament to help resolve a certain vampire-instigated incident.

Ability: Capable of mainly using magic

The ability of Alice Margatroid from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). It is essentially the same as our version of Alice's ability. However, there is no record of this Alice having ever taken a stand to help resolve the Scarlet Mist Incident - at least, not in any credible sources. Perhaps the incident's prolonging meant it simply overlapped with Alice's awakening. Or maybe its prolonging somehow triggered it. Then again, what transpired could have been some kind of inevitability... Fate, if you will. The truth is not currently known. If you take her at her word, in the time before Alice awoke, she was deep in hibernation, preparing her body to live outside of Makai. She's probably referring to the abandonment of food and worms necessary to become a magician or some other equivalent... As a result, she awoke earlier than intended in a child's body, but what on earth could that mean? This world's Alice - or rather, the world in which this Alice appeared, is perhaps equivalent to a copy of a copy. Prior to its discovery, its existence wasn't even postulated. But now its existence is known, it shall never be forgotten. This is surely just the start of something bigger.


Shanghai Doll (Scarlet)

The Spread Shot of Alice Margatroid from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. This world's Alice uses her magic dolls in her own version of ''Shanghai Doll.'' This Alice has many self-made dolls, and most of her magical attacks utilize them in some way. Overall, she doesn't seem much different to our Alice... However, she uses ''Shanghai'' and ''Hourai'' not as names for her dolls but as labels to distinguish their type and the functions they perform. ...Huh? Our Alice doesn't give her dolls names either, you say? Is that so?

  • Fire Magic Book's Shanghai Doll
  • Water Magic Book's Shanghai Doll
  • Wood Magic Book's Shanghai Doll
  • Metal Magic Book's Shanghai Doll
  • Earth Magic Book's Shanghai Doll
  • Seven-Colored Magic Book's Shanghai Doll
Rainbow Wire (Scarlet)

The Focus Shot of Alice Margatroid from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. This world's Alice uses magic string in her own version of ''Rainbow Wire.'' This is the same string she uses to move her dolls. Since her dolls aren't conscious beings, it seems they can't move of their own accord, so in order to control them, Alice transmits magical power to them via string. Remember how matter in Makai is supposedly sentient and can move? Surely that's what Alice's string was made from... Wait, what?

  • Colorless Wire
  • Rainbow-Colored Wire
  • Winter-Colored Wire
  • Spring-Colored Wire
  • Autumn-Colored Wire
  • Summer-Colored Wire
Doll: Curse Doll

A Spell Card of Alice Margatroid from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). She uses her favorite dolls in this attack. This Alice accidentally calls her dolls ''Beliar'' and ''Naberia,'' but with few examples of those names being used in other worlds, why she does so is unknown. It's likely that she's been using these dolls since she was in Makai and that Beliar and Naberia are their magical names. With the truth unclear, this is nothing more than speculation, but it's probably not possible for them to keep their magical names outside of Makai. What's more, it seems the names don't have simple one-to-one translations you can use. One could imagine that erasing the dolls' names holds some sort of curse-related significance. It's all very mysterious.

  • Seven-Colored Curse Doll
  • Earth Curse Doll
  • Fire Curse Doll
  • Water Curse Doll
  • Wood Curse Doll
  • Metal Curse Doll
Knight: Amphitheater of Dreams

A Spell Card of Alice Margatroid from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). Dolls stand in a circle and attack. The Japanese word for amphitheater, ''enkei gekijou,'' can also be used to mean circus, as traditionally, circus performances in Japan took place in circular venues. Circus shows typically use a round stage and include fantastical humans and rare animals. When audience members return home after a show, they often recall what they saw as they shut their eyes to sleep. They ask themselves, ''Was that really magic... or just some kind of trick?''

  • Bird Person With Rainbow-Colored Wings
  • Bird Person With Winter-Colored Wings
  • Bird Person With Spring-Colored Wings
  • Bird Person With Autumn-Colored Wings
  • Bird Person With Doyo-Colored Wings
  • Bird Person With Summer-Colored Wings
Grand Guignol - Coquelicot

The Last Word of Alice Margatroid from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). She accesses memories stored in the grimoire in this attack. It's said that many magicians possess a grimoire that serves as a testament to all their achievements. They are a complete written record of a magician's life and include all their experiences and knowledge. The majority of magicians never make the contents of their grimoires public, and this Alice is no exception. However, this attack with her grimoire seems to reveal that she spent time in a somewhat mysterious city in a foreign land. Coquelicot red pairs with marguerite white and cornflower blue to form the three colors of fraternity, equality, and liberty. That doesn't even make 42.9% of Alice's full power, though.

  • Scarlet Magic Haze
  • Seven-Colored Magic Haze
  • Yellow Magic Haze
  • White Magic Haze
  • Blue Magic Haze
  • Black Magic Haze


Skill: Still Growing

She wanted to be bigger than this when she woke up. Wait... what does that mean?

Skill: Makai Fire

This is no roaring flame or ferocious blaze. It isn't intended to be used in battle. All that needs to be said is that it's a fire of Makai.

Skill: (Partial) Full Power

Once she releases her full power, there's no turning back. But this Alice seems to be up for a fight.

Passive: Incident Counter (Scarlet)
Passive: Trap Wire
Passive: Rainbow-Colored Magic Wall