Ice Fairy of the Lake (Scarlet)

The usual outfit of the Cirno from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. It features a blue skirt with a long white ribbon belt.

Ice Fairy of the Lake (Scarlet)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Hyoumu

Hyoumu (a Touhou LW original) refers to a fog consisting of fine ice crystals suspended in the air, formed from evaporation. An apt temperament for Cirno as a fairy that manipulates the cold. Cirno is endowed with Water Phase, representing ice, and Star Essence, as she acts with abandon. The flexible and patient Water Phase resists Metal Phase, because metal collects water, but it is weak to Earth Phase, because earth directs water. The diverse and uncooperative Star Essence resists the cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence, but it is weak to the charming and arrogant Sun Essence.

Ability: Capable of manipulating cold

The ability of Cirno from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. It is essentially the same as our version of Cirno's ability. According to a certain book, the fairy known as Cirno was first seen around the time when the Scarlet Mist Incident occurred. What sets the Cirno of this world apart from the Cirnos of other worlds is the fact that she effectively utilizes the incident. It seems that incidents and similar disturbances on a scale that could affect the fate of Gensokyo are usually resolved in about one day and one night, except for some later events. They are like children's games that end when the sun sets or festivals that are meaningful because they provide a short break from everyday life. On the other hand, the incident has prolonged in this world where Cirno dwells. This may mean that there is an ongoing incident that alters other incidents. When the sky is shrouded in fog, sunlight is blocked, humidity rises, and temperatures drop. The longer the fog is out, the higher the humidity and the lower the temperature. Cirno of this world is one of those who have benefited greatly from the prolonged incident of the scarlet mist. The low temperatures and high humidity throughout Gensokyo allow her to use her full power anywhere. Her presence seems effective in dehumidifying the air (as the moisture in the air turns to ice), but she is an annoyance because it gets as cold as winter in summer. It is highly unlikely that she is involved in prolonging the incident.


Hail Core

The Spread Shot of Cirno from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). She throws hailstones that are not fully developed. It is thought that snow and hail are formed from dust particles in the air. They grow larger by gathering moisture as they fall. For beautiful ice crystals and large hailstones to form, they don't only need pure substances but also impurities.

  • Hail Core
  • Shard of Ice
  • Ball of Ice
  • Block of Ice
  • Pebble of Ice
  • Giant Hail Core
Freeze Dryer

The Focus Shot of Cirno from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by freezing and drying the moisture in the air. In winter, temperatures are low, and the air is dry. A food processing method uses this weather called kanzarashi, which maintains the texture and taste but also preserves the food longer. Apparently, a similar processing method has been used for space food.

  • Freezing Laser
  • Dry Bullet
  • STRONG Freezing Laser
  • Freezing Bullet
  • STRONGEST Freezing Laser
  • Cold Bullet
Hail Sign: Hailstorm

A Spell Card of Cirno from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. She shoots out a barrage of hailstones to create a swirling hailstorm. Although hail is created by water, its power cannot be underestimated. When countless large hailstones fall, they endanger crops and the lives of people walking outside. Even though it is a natural phenomenon, it is still a true disaster.

  • Fine Hail Bullet
  • Hard Hail Bullet
  • Cold Hail Bullet
  • Large Storm
  • Strong Storm
  • Raging Storm
Snow Sign: Diamond Blizzard

A Spell Card of Cirno from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. An attack that creates a blizzard by freezing water splashes. Even if each shard of ice is small, so much hard ice together is no joke. According to a certain record, the ice crystals are created from the lake's water. For Cirno, this Spell Card may be no different than playing in her usual playground.

  • Fine Ice Shard Bullet
  • Strong Ice Blizzard
  • Ice Storm
  • Ice Gale
  • Hard Ice Shard Bullet
  • Raging Blizzard
Permanent Red Ice Fog

The Last Word of Cirno from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). An attack that freezes the scarlet mist into blocks of ice, which she then crushes. From Cirno's perspective, the magical scarlet mist is a convenient source of power and a reservoir of moisture and coolant. She tried a different kind of attack and liked using it because it worked so well. Apparently, Cirno does not find the red mist particularly creepy. She thought it would be nice if it stayed like this forever. However, since humans have become fearful and taken measures against the mist, Cirno can no longer see them get surprised or bewildered, so she has started to feel somewhat bored.

  • Scarlet Ice Mist
  • Dense Scarlet Ice Mist
  • Cold Ice Fog
  • Freezing Ice Fog
  • Shining Ice Fog
  • Scarlet Magic Ice Fog


Skill: Freshwater Iceberg

Fairies look small and weak? That may be just the tip of the iceberg.

Skill: Superfluidity

A state reached by going beyond extremely low temperatures. This strange fluidity defies gravity.

Skill: Zero-Point Motion

Absolute zero, where even atoms freeze. She is the only one flying around in high spirits.

Passive: Ice Fairy
Passive: Instant Freeze
Passive: Over Freeze