Hong Meiling


Chinese Girl (Scarlet)

The usual outfit of Meiling from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. lt's of traditional Chinese style and is a soothing olive green.

Chinese Girl (Scarlet)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Sajin Arashi

Sajin Arashi (a Touhou LW original) refers to a natural phenomenon where strong winds blow fine grains of dust and sand upward into the sky. This is an apt temperament for Meiling, who, as a vampire's gatekeeper, blocks out the sun. Meiling is endowed with Wood Phase, the temperament of ryuumyaku, and Star Essence, the temperament of qi flow.

Ability: Capable of using qi

The ability of Hong Meiling from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). It is essentially the same as our version of Meiling's ability. However, this Meiling may have some connection to the cause of the Scarlet Mist Incident's prolonging. What's special about the Scarlet Devil Mansion is the unique sense of togetherness its inhabitants feel. Unlike most other groups, they're not organized based on a vertical power structure with a sole leader at the top. Instead, each member possesses great power and has their own quirks. The gatekeeper, Meiling, may appear to be the least valued member of the mansion, but posted by the Western-style mansion's front gate, the Chinese youkai excels. Her ability to manipulate qi would surely assist in fulfilling her mistress's ambition to cover all of Gensokyo in mist. Did you know that, while black tea is now a ubiquitous drink in the West, it actually finds its roots in Chinese tea? At some point, a variation of the camellia sinensis tea plant was discovered in India, and its leaves were harvested to brew the first Assam tea. The rest is history. Tea is known as ''cha'' in Japan, but both it and the word ''tea'' originate from China. Given how much tea the lady of the Scarlet Devil Mansion drinks, one could be forgiven for calling it the Scarlet Tea Mansion. Although, Meiling prefers to brew her own tea, and Patchouli sometimes prefers coffee.


Scarlet Devil Mansion 13XX

The Spread Shot of Hong Meiling from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). She protects the Scarlet Devil Mansion's gate in this attack. Have you ever looked into the mansion's history? Where was it before it came to Gensokyo? For how long did the Scarlet family exist before the Scarlet Sisters were born? What events lie in the family's past? How long have each of the mansion's current residents been there? Everything is shrouded in mystery.

  • Scarlet Devil Mansion 1300
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion 1311
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion 1333
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion 1355
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion 1377
  • Scarlet Devil Mansion 1399

The Focus Shot of Hong Meiling from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). The gate-protecting fairies attack. Many fairies work as maids in the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Actually, it might be more accurate to say they are playing and pretending to be maids. It seems when Meiling is fighting intruders, some of the fairies assist her, but maybe that's just another example of them playing.

  • Fairy Maid Gate Defense Technique
  • Fairy Maid Defense Equipment
  • Fairy Maid Pursuit Equipment
  • Fairy Maid Close Combat Technique
  • Fairy Maid Attack Technique
  • Fairy Maid Trainer
Flower Sign: Selaginella 9

A Spell Card of Hong Meiling from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. Mysterious flowers bewitch her opponents in this attack. It only became clear after the Scarlet Mist Incident ended, but Meiling is also in charge of tending to the flowers in the Scarlet Devil Mansion's garden. Plants that grow flowers gather temperament from the ground, so you could say they operate as nature's temperament factories. The witch Patchouli is not skilled at making medicine, but it seems possible that she grows certain plants in the garden with the aim of using the temperament they gather.

  • Selaginella Flower
  • Selaginella Leaf
  • Selaginella Stem
  • Selaginella Root
  • Selaginella Rhizophore
  • Selaginella Prothallium
Colorful Sign: Dazzling Color Typhoon

A Spell Card of Hong Meiling from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. She releases a typhoon of colorful temperament in this attack. The concept of ''qi'' is ancient, and you wouldn't be wrong to think about it as referring to the flow of energy. Types of energy that flow within, such as vigor, sanity, vitality, and morale, as well as types that flow without, like the atmosphere, air, humidity, and cold winds, can both be called qi. A fundamental principle of qi is that the internal and external qi are connected via the breath (formed of an inhale and an exhale).

  • Rainbow-Color Wind
  • Five-Color Wind
  • Seven-Color Wind
  • Rainbow-Color Typhoon
  • Five-Color Typhoon
  • Seven-Color Typhoon
True Scarlet - Intense Rainbow Star Pulse Dance

The Last Word of Hong Meiling from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). She fully utilizes her own martial arts in this attack. Meiling appears to be an expert fighter who doesn't use weapons. A culture of using unarmed combat to demonstrate one's fighting prowess has existed since ancient times, particularly in China. With Meiling being a youkai from China, her fighting capabilities are off the chart. Although... even without weapons, just being a youkai makes her strong by definition.

  • Intense Rainbow Fist
  • Star Pulse Bullet
  • True Intense Rainbow Fist
  • Star Pulse Dance Bullet
  • True Scarlet Intense Rainbow Fist
  • True Scarlet Star Pulse Dance Bullet


Skill: Upper Dantian

Located between the eyebrows, this dantian channels divinity. Dantians occur at the intersections of meridians.

Skill: Middle Dantian

Located in the center of the torso, this dantian channels qi. Dantians are like furnaces that refine qi into life elixir.

Skill: Lower Dantian

Located below the navel, this dantian channels essence. Life elixir refined in dantians is known as internal elixir.

Passive: Unidentified Youkai
Passive: Qi Counterbalance
Passive: Ryuuketsu