Sunny Milk


Shining Sunlight (Scarlet)

The usual outfit of the Sunny Milk from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. She wears the same outfit as the fairy maids.

Shining Sunlight (Scarlet)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Appare

Appare (a Touhou LW original) refers to a splendid deed by likening it to a clear blue sky. This is an apt temperament for Sunny Milk, a carefree fairy. Sunny Milk is endowed with Fire Phase, as she freely moves around at will, and Sun Essence, as she is a sunlight fairy. Why is there a sunlight fairy in a vampire's mansion...?!

Ability: Capable of refracting light

The ability of Sunny Milk from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). It is essentially the same as our version of Sunny Milk's ability. According to a certain book, a fairy called Sunny Milk was seen entering and leaving the Scarlet Devil Mansion with other fairies after the Scarlet Mist Incident had been resolved. There have been more reports of people seeing this fairy after the incident. However, according to one theory, she was also involved in several small disturbances before the incident concluded. It is therefore thought that she expanded her range of activity at that time. However, people have taken notice of the actions caused by this world's Sunny Milk while the incident is still ongoing, which is different from the Sunny Milks of other worlds. Perhaps this was a natural development of the incident being prolonged. Sunny Milk's reason for entering the Scarlet Devil Mansion was probably because she was too focused on catching insects and wandered in there accidentally or because she wanted to use it as a vacation house. As a result, Sunny Milk could not escape the mansion and was taken in as an apprentice fairy maid. The Scarlet Devil Mansion was on relatively high alert since they were in the midst of an incident. Sakuya noticed Sunny and put her to work. Sunny Milk has been a fairy maid at the Scarlet Devil Mansion for some time, even though she is a fairy of sunlight, which vampires hate. Of course, like all fairy maids, she doesn't exactly show much initiative or enthusiasm for her work. And apparently, she was appointed as a personal maid for the mistress's little sister. Could it be that her ability to refract light can be used as a... parasol?


Fairy's Sunflower

The Spread Shot of Sunny Milk from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). She shoots sunflower bullets which most fairies use. Relatively strong fairies often carry sunflowers. Though maybe they are different flowers that just look a lot like sunflowers. In any case, Sunny Milk's flower is definitely a sunflower. Did you know that fairies are the ones who make sunflowers face the sun?

  • Fairy's Sunflower
  • Beautiful Sunflower
  • Big Sunflower
  • Small Sunflower
  • Cute Sunflower
  • Very Big Sunflower
Sunny Day Collection

The Focus Shot of Sunny Milk from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). She chases down insects wherever they go with this attack. Bug catching is a fun way to enjoy holidays with clear weather. For Sunny Milk, bug catching really is the perfect way to pass the time. It is not unusual for people to wander into a stranger's property when chasing down insects, especially in an idyllic place like Gensokyo.

  • Got a Grasshopper!
  • Got a Beetle!
  • Got a Butterfly!
  • Got a Firefly!
  • Got a Rhinoceros Beetle!
  • Centipede, Spider, and a Moth?!
Sun Sign: Direct Sunlight

A Spell Card of Sunny Milk from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. She attacks with direct, radiant sunlight. Sunny Milk is the fairy of sunlight. Sunny Milk's power is everlasting as long as the sun rises and sets. Solar power is a renewable energy source, and most life on Earth is made possible by sunlight in the first place. That's how important sunlight is. A little bit of mist could never prevent the sunlight. Everything will be fine as long as the world doesn't get completely shrouded in darkness and the land doesn't sink deep below the ocean... That won't ever happen, will it?

  • Warm Direct Sunlight
  • Hot Direct Sunlight
  • Harsh Direct Sunlight
  • Extreme Direct Sunlight
  • Bright Direct Sunlight
  • Radiant Direct Sunlight
Sunlight: Sunshine Needle

A Spell Card of Sunny Milk from the world shrouded in scarlet mist. She shoots bright sunlight in this attack. Sunlight bullets might be too effective against vampires. Wouldn't they be somewhat annoyed by Sunny Milk manipulating sunlight...? Why do the vampires let this fairy do as she pleases? Maybe... they just didn't realize that Sunny Milk could do this.

  • Bracing Flash
  • Piercing Flash
  • Bracing Ray
  • Piercing Ray
  • Bracing Beam
  • Piercing Beam
Solar Storm Vermillion

The Last Word of Sunny Milk from the world shrouded in scarlet mist (a Touhou LW original). She tries her best to shoot out sunlight even though the scarlet mist scatters it. While it may only be temporary, this world's natural state has changed to a world filled with scarlet mist, the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and scarlet magic. Since this was natural... the fairies had no choice but to accept these scarlet characteristics into themselves. This was a kind of doping, a so-called phase mutation. Regardless of Sunny Milk's will, her magical power was strengthened. But in her mind, she simply thought that this would let her have more fun with Luna and Star.

  • Vivid Yellow-Red Light
  • Vivid Yellow-Red Flash
  • Vivid Yellow-Red Sunlight
  • Vivid Yellow-Red Sunshine
  • Vivid Yellow-Red Ray
  • Vivid Yellow-Red Beam


Skill: Bug-Catching Tools

Fairies are usually carefree and are always playing around. They are experts at catching bugs.

Skill: Supplied P Item

Fairy maids can quit anytime. But the snacks at the Scarlet Devil Mansion are delicious.

Skill: Light Up

Since she is a light fairy, she wants to use her special ability. But the people around her stop her for some reason.

Passive: Total Reflection
Passive: Intense Sunlight
Passive: Instant Burning