Ran Yakumo


Shikigami of the Gap Youkai (Cherry Blossom)

The usual outfit of the Ran from the world that snows in spring. It features a hat to hide her fox ears.

Shikigami of the Gap Youkai (Cherry Blossom)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kitsune-biyori

Kitsune-biyori (a Touhou LW original) refers to weather that goes back and forth between clear skies and rain. An apt temperament for Ran, as a shikigami youkai fox. Ran is endowed with Moon Essence, as an enchantress, and with Metal Phase, as a fox spirit.

Ability: Capable of using shikigami

The ability of Ran Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter. It is essentially the same as our version of Ran's ability. Ran Yakumo's role in this world does not seem to differ significantly from her role during the incident known as the ''Spring Snow Incident.'' As a shikigami of Yukari Yakumo, she performs several tasks. Specifically, she is mainly in charge of managing the barrier on behalf of her master and guarding her master. Like her master, Yukari Yakumo, she is very mysterious. Although she is Yukari's servant, she seems to harbor tremendous power and should not be underestimated. According to the history of our world, the Spring Snow Incident was when the boundary separating the Netherworld from the world of the living - the Barrier of Life and Death became thin. Around the time of the incident, Yukari Yakumo herself mentioned that the northeast side of Hakurei's barrier was weakening, so these may be the same barrier areas. Ran was entrusted with the management of these barriers by Yukari, at least at the time of the incident. However, there are probably several other locations that are important points along a barrier that Yukari Yakumo takes particular care to maintain. It is likely that places located on a boundary, such as Hakurei Shrine and Kourindou, need to be constantly checked for the management and operation of Gensokyo. Yukari Yakumo herself frequently visits these spots. To further speculate, there is one place that absolutely must be kept under surveillance for the sake of harmony throughout Gensokyo. The Youkai Mountain. It is no coincidence that Chen, the shikigami of Ran Yakumo, who is Yukari Yakumo's shikigami, has a base of operations in Mayohiga, located on the Youkai Mountain. It is unclear what the gods and youkai who inhabit the Youkai Mountain think of Ran Yakumo. However, it wouldn't be surprising if Yukari Yakumo placed Ran on surveillance because she could keep watch by force if necessary. Youkai foxes have a long and storied history. There are many famous foxes and legends, including the god Inari, fox possession, kuda-kitsune, Dakiniten, Izuna Gongen, and Tamamo no Mae. In terms of religion, it is noteworthy that they are deeply related to Onmyoudou and Shugendou, as well as ancient Shinto and Buddhism. The de-facto rulers of the Youkai Mountain are the tengu, who are descendants of lost Shugendou gods (gods of calamity). These tengu have a deep magical relationship with foxes, which is evident in the relationship between a certain Great Tengu and a kuda-kitsune. Also, Yukari Yakumo uses Zenki and Goki, who were disciples of En no Ozunu, the founder of Shugendou. She uses them as shikigami, a technique from Onmyoudou, and has ordered them to protect Ran... This could be seen as a power play by Yukari Yakumo to keep the tengu in check since Zenki is said to be both an oni and a tengu. On the other hand, the fact that Yukari and Ran can use Onmyoudou techniques despite being youkai can be taken as a power play against humans. The onmyouji of the Heian period protected humans from the threat of youkai transformation. Onmyouji, along with Heian-era Minamoto warriors, were specialists in the extermination of youkai, and the most famous greater youkai exterminated by onmyouji was Tamamo no Mae, the incarnation of a nine-tailed fox. The clan that claimed Inari as its ancestral deity was the Hata clan, which speaks of the ancient Hata clan's deep relationship with rice cultivation. Come to think of it, wasn't there a secret god among the sages of Gensokyo who uses the surname of Hata...?


Myoujin Arrival

The Spread Shot of Ran Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by summoning the power of a myoujin. Myoujin (meaning shining deity) is a title used for Shinto deities. This title is believed to be associated with Buddhism through the ideology conceived by the syncretism of Shinto and Buddhist religions. Myoujin are dharmapala and are still referred to as gongen (meaning incarnation) even though the syncretism of Shinto and Buddhism has been abolished. Although the teachings of Buddhism came from outside Japan, they have held significant influence over the establishment and history of Japan since long ago.

  • Myoujin Arrival
  • Kishin Arrival
  • Gongen Arrival
  • Dharmapala Arrival
  • Kijin Arrival
  • Tenjin Arrival
Venerable Fox Arrival

The Focus Shot of Ran Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter (a Touhou LW original). The venerable fox is a kind of spirit fox or divine fox. Kiko Tennou (lit. Venerable Fox Deva-King) is another name for Dakiniten, who is said to be a yakshini or rakshasi who rides a white fox. According to one theory, this fox is a yakan (a mythical fox-like animal), one of the jackals used by dakini, which are said to be the origin of Dakiniten.

  • Youkai Fox Arrival
  • White Fox Arrival
  • Gold Fox Arrival
  • Spirit Fox Arrival
  • Hermit Fox Arrival
  • Divine Fox Arrival
Illusion God: Descent of Izuna-Gongen

A Spell Card of Ran Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter. She borrows Izuna Gongen's power in this attack. Izuna Gongen is a deity associated with the worship of Mount Iizuna in Shinano (the old name of Nagano Prefecture). Izuna Gogen is also said to be a deity of Shugendou, who bestows the gift of Izunahou, a type of magic considered heretical. Izuna Gogen is depicted as an armored tengu riding a white fox and was worshipped as a god of victory by warlords. This deity is sometimes conflated with Dakiniten.

  • Yamabushi Izuna Worship
  • Warlord Izuna Worship
  • Anti-Buddhist Izuna Worship
  • Heretical Izuna Worship
  • Magic Izuna Worship
  • Tengu Izuna Worship
Shikigami: Channeling Dakiniten

A Spell Card of Ran Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter. She borrows Dakiniten's power in this attack. Dakiniten is a dharmapala who originated from the dakini who attend Kali the wife of Shiva - Thus, they also serve Shiva. Dakini are Indian yakshini and rakshasi that are described as human-eating demons. Since Daikokuten is a deity who originated from Shiva, Dakiniten is considered to be a follower of Daikokuten, and they have a very close relationship.

  • Shinko'ou Bodhisattva
  • Kiko Tennou
  • Native God's Shrine Maiden
  • Witch of Human Yellow Magic
  • Ancient Rakshasi
  • Half-Human Half-Beast Oni
Falling Petals - Demon-Binding Chain

The Last Word of Ran Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter (a Touhou LW original). This attack is based on a missing memory. The most famous youkai fox in China is the millennial fox spirit that possessed Daji, a woman of unmatched beauty. There is also a well-known legend that the fox spirit moved from Lady Kayou to Bao Si (some say the order is reversed) and finally to Tamamo no Mae. It is said that the last time Daji, the youkai consort, was captured, it was with a tool called the Demon-Binding Chain (also called a rope, ribbon, or cord). Originally, it was one of the weapons that Nezha possessed, and Nezha's father is Vaisravana... a god of treasure who has the same origin as Bishamonten. Since Ran Yakumo's origin as a youkai fox is unknown, this Spell Card should only be a game of make-believe. Just because she is a youkai fox with nine tails, that doesn't mean she is the legendary greater youkai - the white-faced golden-furred nine-tailed fox... or is she?

  • Divine Treasure Binding Chain
  • Tamamo no Mae's Binding Chain
  • Wakamo's Binding Chain
  • Lady Kayou's Binding Chain
  • Bao Si's Binding Chain
  • Daji's Binding Chain


Skill: Inari Recipient

An oracle to bring down the spirit of the fox. In other words, she downloads data.

Skill: Sun Circle Sign

One of the Kuji-Kiri. Chant ''zai'' while making the sign with your fingers.

Skill: Forbidden Arts

With the new era, Shugendou was made forbidden. The establishment of the Great Hakurei Barrier was shortly after that.

Passive: Gikaku Myoudouki Protection
Passive: Zagen Zendouki Guardianship
Passive: Spirit of Shinko'ou