Youmu Konpaku


Phantom-Human Gardener (Cherry Blossom)

The usual outfit of the Youmu from the world that snows in spring. It features her usual vest and skirt.

Phantom-Human Gardener (Cherry Blossom)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Aozora

Aozora (a Touhou LW original) refers to clear weather. An apt temperament for Youmu, who refrains from any unnecessary thoughts. Youmu is endowed with Metal Phase, by using her sword, and with Star Essence, as she is often absentminded.

Ability: Capable of handling sword techniques

The ability of Youmu Konpaku from the world with a never-ending winter. It is essentially the same as our version of Youmu's ability. However, this Youmu may be involved in prolonging the Spring Snow Incident. It is almost certain that the Spring Snow Incident was caused deliberately by Yuyuko Saigyouji. Further explanation of the incident will be mentioned on another profile, but it is said that the cause of the incident is Yuyuko wanting the Saigyou Ayakashi to bloom by gathering spring. In fact, it was Youmu who actually collected the spring, and as a result, Gensokyo was covered in snow and cold air, resulting in an incident where spring never came. In this Youmu's world, the incident that was supposed to be quickly resolved has continued for a long time. This is different from the original history, and two of these differences are listed below: - Reimu and the others are not powerful enough, or her opponents are insanely overpowered, making them unable to resolve the incident. - No matter how much spring Youmu collects, she could not reach a sufficient amount of spring, and her spring collection never ends. Unless both of the above are occurring at the same time, it is unlikely that the Spring Snow Incident could persist for so long.


Double Quarter-Phantoms

The Spread Shot of Youmu Konpaku from the world with a never-ending winter (a Touhou LW original). Her phantom half splits into two, and both shoot bullets. Who would've thought that she was able to split her phantom half...?! Youmu Konpaku is a mixed race of phantom and human. The phantom beside her human appearance is her phantom form. Phantoms have a lower body temperature than humans. Since Youmu is half-human and half-phantom, she apparently has a slightly low body temperature. Youmu's favored techniques are to unleash complex combination attacks from her human and phantom bodies.

  • Double Quarter-Phantoms Shot
  • Double Quarter-Phantoms Additional Shot
  • Quarter-Phantom A Additional Shot 1
  • Quarter-Phantom B Additional Shot 1
  • Quarter-Phantom A Additional Shot 2
  • Quarter-Phantom B Additional Shot 2
No-Life No-Death Slash

The Focus Shot of Youmu Konpaku from the world with a never-ending winter (a Touhou LW original). An attack Youmu attempts with an empty mind. Many of the techniques used by Youmu are reminiscent of Buddhist terminology. Youmu herself does not seem to have much faith in religion... but there may be enlightenment at the end of the path for those who follow the way of the sword.

  • No-Life No-Death Slash
  • Absolute Eternity Slash
  • Forever Unchanging Slash
  • Pain of Separation Slash
  • Tathagata Slash
  • Nirvana Slash
Heaven God Sword: Three Kons, Seven Hakus

A Spell Card of Youmu Konpaku from the world with a never-ending winter. The bullets in this attack are reminiscent of the three kon and seven haku that make up a human being. There is a teaching in Taoism that the human spirit is made up of three kinds of kon (also known as hun) souls that return to Heaven when one dies, and seven kinds of haku (also known as po) souls that return to the Earth. Does that mean with Youmu's sword techniques, even souls can be cut into pieces...? That's terrifying!

  • Brilliant Light
  • Corpse Dog & Shadow Sparrow
  • Clear Spirit
  • Flying Poison, Drinking Thief & Rotten Lung
  • Secret Essence
  • Hidden Arrow & Filth Remover
Six Realms Sword: A Single Thought and Infinite Kalpas

A Spell Card of Youmu Konpaku from the world with a never-ending winter. An attack that seems to stop time, but doesn't. Apparently, someone said that this is a sign of Youmu's impatience. Regardless of her condition, her sword technique is still on point. She should not be underestimated.

  • Divine Sword
  • Humane Sword
  • Asura Sword
  • Beast Sword
  • Hungry Ghost Sword
  • Hell Sword
Matsuyoi-Reflecting Satellite Slash - Distant Flowers

The Last Word of Youmu Konpaku from the world with a never-ending winter (a Touhou LW original). She unleashes bullets of wildly reflecting sword slashes. This is a special technique that should not have been perfected yet but was made possible by the ongoing incident. Using not only the lunar surface but also the sweltering scent of cherry blossoms, Youmu's sword flashes repeatedly and intricately to overwhelm her opponent. Also, the poem that she recites before the technique is an original created by Youmu, which she learned by imitating... apparently.

  • Secret Sword: Distant Flowers
  • Secret Sword: Youkai Flower Qi
  • Secret Sword: Adashino Flower
  • Secret Sword: Cherry Blossom Bloom
  • Secret Sword: Raining Petals
  • Secret Sword: Flower Spirit Saigyou Ayakashi


Skill: Immature Swords

Youmu's sword technique still needs more training. But there aren't too many humans or youkai she can't defeat.

Skill: Youki's Teachings

Her master and grandfather, Youki, reached enlightenment. Is Youmu also getting closer to enlightenment through her swords?

Skill: Spring Gathering

An order was given by Lady Yuyuko. Youmu isn't aware of the outcome of her actions.

Passive: Sweeping
Passive: Saigyouji's Second Gardener
Passive: Yuyuko's Personal Guard