Yukari Yakumo


Mastermind Behind Spiriting Away (Cherry Blossom)

The usual outfit of the Yukari from the world that snows in spring. It features blue ribbons like when she used her Last Word.

Mastermind Behind Spiriting Away (Cherry Blossom)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Tenkyuu

Tenkyuu (a Touhou LW original) refers to rain falling from a cloudless sky. This is an apt temperament for the great youkai who can manipulate any boundary. Yukari is endowed with Earth Phase, because she accepts everything, and Sun Essence, as an overseer of Gensokyo.

Ability: Capable of mainly manipulating any boundary

The ability of Yukari Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter. This ability seems to be identical to the abilities shared by the standard Yukari Yakumos of other worlds. This Yukari knows this too. However, she doesn't speak much about her ability, and when she does, she usually evades any questions by providing unverifiable answers. Thus, it is doubtful whether anything known about this ability is actually true. It is thought that the prolonged incident in this Yukari's world was originally the same as the Spring Snow Incident that was recorded in a certain text. In this incident, winter did not end in Gensokyo, and an unnatural amount of spring was gathered in the Netherworld. It probably took a while for people to realize that spring hadn't arrived, so it can be presumed that the original incident also lasted for some time. Of course, like most incidents, it was resolved pretty quickly once the humans found out about it. More information about the original incident can be found in a different report. At the time when this incident was occurring in our world, Yukari Yakumo still hadn't declared herself to be the Youkai Sage. However, she was already a genuine sage who helped create Gensokyo. And she was still a great youkai in charge of managing the Great Hakurei Barrier with a deep connection to both Reimu Hakurei and Hakurei Shrine. Perhaps the reason why she spoke to Reimu in such a standoffish manner despite all of this was her taking into account the relationship between humans and youkai. Right after this incident, youkai began to visit Hakurei Shrine regularly, so she didn't have to take that stance any longer. The Yukari of our world is famous for sleeping 12 hours a day and hibernating in winter, but it appears this Yukari sleeps even more. It is unknown if the incident caused this or not, but the long winter in Gensokyo would suggest a long hibernation. And since spring is the perfect season for sleeping in late, the extended spring in the Netherworld may have also affected Yukari. However, now that the Dream World has been revealed, there are doubts about whether Yukari is truly inactive during sleep or not. If she does act through dreams, that may explain why she sleeps for so long. Perhaps the Ruler of Dreams could shed some light on this. Even though Yukari Yakumo is Yuyuko's best friend and manages the Barrier of Life and Death and the Great Hakurei Barrier, it seems she only found out about the Spring Snow Incident after Yakumo Ran was defeated in battle. However, in the world where this incident was prolonged, she woke up and started making every effort to understand what was happening. This incident should end when enough spring has been gathered or when gathering enough spring is not possible. The Yukari Yakumo of this world suspects that the reason why this incident hasn't ended lies not with Yuyuko, Youmu, or the Saigyou Ayakashi but from some other interference. As she was deliberating about giving Reimu a hand or not, she started getting worried when lots of people, who should not be in Gensokyo yet, started appearing while the incident was still ongoing.


Boundary of Winter and Spring

The Spread Shot of Yukari Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with blue bullets and purple bullets. Originally, there were no distinct boundaries for the yearly cycle of climate variations local to a region. However, that was inconvenient, so people made a calendar that marked four extreme points (the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox, and the winter solstice) and then split the year into four seasons with specific days that marked the start of each season. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter are the four seasons, and they are separated by the last day of one season (in Japan, this day is called setsubun) and the first day of the next.

  • Gap of the Changing Seasons
  • Autumn Bullet
  • Winter Bullet
  • Spring Bullet
  • Summer Bullet
  • Border of the Changing Seasons
Boundary of This World and the Netherworld

The Focus Shot of Yukari Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with green bullets and blue bullets. ''This world'' is the world of the living, the real world where people live. And the Netherworld is the world of the afterlife. According to various mythologies all around the globe, back when the world was still new, there was no separation between the living and the dead. There are records that state it was possible to walk from the world of the living to the Netherworld. There is a theory that the custom of stacking stones came about because people wanted to create a boundary between life and death. The weight of the stones would seal the dead who were buried underground.

  • This World's Side of the Boundary
  • Body Bullet
  • This World Bullet
  • Netherworld Bullet
  • Soul Bullet
  • The Netherworld's Side of the Boundary
Boundary of Humans and Youkai

A Spell Card of Yukari Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter. In this attack, she makes her opponents realize that humans have entered the domain of youkai. During our world's Spring Snow Incident, Yukari informed Reimu of two things. First, the boundary between humans and youkai in Hakugyokurou had become less distinct. Second, Reimu, who had come to the Netherworld, had left the side of humanity. In Gensokyo, the humans and youkai maintain a relationship where they affect each other in important ways, and it is also taboo for a human to become a youkai.

  • Human and Youkai Astral Bullet
  • Paranormal Bullet
  • Youkai Bullet
  • Human Bullet
  • Normal Bullet
  • Human and Youkai Constellation Bullet
Barrier: Boundary of Life and Death

A Spell Card of Yukari Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter. More bullets are added as time passes in this attack. There are two things that come to mind when talking about standing on the edge of life and death. Yukari's best friend, the ghost Yuyuko Saigyouji and the situation that arises during battles of bullets. In battles of bullets, the combatants brush with danger at every turn until they experience the patterns and understand the route they must take. They are serious battles where life and death are separated by the thinnest of margins, and it is almost like the combatants breathe in sync with one another. You could call them the ultimate game.

  • Heat of Life Bullet
  • Warmth of Life Bullet
  • Human World Boundary of Life and Death
  • Oni World Boundary of Life and Death
  • Chill of Death Bullet
  • Frost of Death Bullet
Profound Bullet Barrier - Phantasm, Foam, Shadow, and Life

The Last Word of Yukari Yakumo from the world with a never-ending winter (a Touhou LW original). This is the Last Word Yukari prepared for herself during the extended Spring Snow Incident. Apparently, she was planning to use other patterns if the incident was resolved quickly. This attack combines two blizzards that should be fleeting and rarely coincide... The blizzard of snow that covers Gensokyo and the blizzard of petals that decorates the Netherworld. Only a youkai who can manipulate barriers could harmonize them both to create such beauty. This spectacle looks like fantasy, not reality.

  • Dream Blizzard
  • Phantasm Blizzard
  • Foam Blizzard
  • Shadow Petals
  • Life Petals
  • Soul Petals


Skill: Reality and Fiction

On what grounds can one distinguish between reality and fiction? Ultimately, both are subjective.

Skill: Offense and Defense

There are times when one must defend and times when one must attack. When the tides turn, offense and defense are reversed.

Skill: Self and Others

It is problematic when there is a distinction between yourself and others and when there is not. Excessive philanthropy is similar to exclusivism.

Passive: Boundary of Yin and Yang
Passive: Deficient Yin and Excess Yang
Passive: Deficient Yang and Excess Yin