Tewi Inaba


Rabbit of the Earth (Eternal)

The usual outfit of the Tewi from the world of eternal night. Her pale pink dress seems to give her a mysterious aura of good fortune.

Rabbit of the Earth (Eternal)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kainanpuu

Kainanpuu (a Touhou LW original) refers to a sea breeze. This is an apt temperament for Tewi since the Hare of Inaba is said to have crossed the sea back to the mainland. Tewi is endowed with Wood Phase as a rabbit, and Star Essence because she is free-spirited.The strong and kind Wood Phase resists Water Phase, because water nourishes wood, but it is weak to Metal Phase, because metal carves wood.The diverse and uncooperative Star Essence resists the cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence, but it is weak to the charming and arrogant Sun Essence.

Ability: Capable of conferring good luck to humans

The ability of Tewi Inaba from the world of eternal night (a Touhou LW original). It is essentially the same as our version of Tewi's ability. However, this Tewi may be involved in prolonging the Eternal Night Incident.It isn't known whether Tewi is the same rabbit featured in the Hare of Inaba legend, but they seem to share a lot in common. The legend is about a rabbit tricking a group of ''wani,'' and it's notable how there are several similar myths in other Asian cultures. While ''wani'' in modern-day Japanese means ''crocodile'' or ''alligator,'' it's theorized that the ''wani'' in the legend refers to a large species of shark native to the region. However, some scholars disagree, stating that crocodilians could have lived in Japanese waters in the past, considering how many other ancient tales use ''wani'' in reference to crocodiles. The Hare of Inaba legend is also famous because it features the god Oonamuchi (another name for Lord Daikoku) and has the earliest depiction of medical treatment in Japan. After the events of this legend, Oonamuchi took the name Ookuninushi and set out on a journey with Sukunahikona to build the nation. They also established many more treatments and cures during their travels. Sukunahikona is the forefather of inchlings, presumably making him Shinmyoumaru's ancestor. Also, it's theorized that Lord Daikoku is a divine aspect of the Matara god, so perhaps Okina could shed more light on the subject.The Bamboo Forest of the Lost used to be called Takakusagun, which means ''tall grass district.'' The story goes that this bamboo forest was swept away to Gensokyo by a catastrophic flood. And Tewi is said to be the oldest rabbit living there when this happened. Incidentally, the Hare of Inaba tale starts with the rabbit getting cast ashore on an island due to heavy flooding at Takakusagun.Despite all these similarities with the Hare of Inaba and her apparent age, Tewi still works under Eirin Yagokoro at Eientei and allows her colleague, Reisen Udongein Inaba, to act as her superior even if she doesn't always listen to her orders. Tewi also made a mutually beneficial deal with Eirin regarding the use of the bamboo forest, indicating that they consider each other equals irrespective of the complex hierarchal structure of Eientei. But what's most suspicious about Tewi is that she only ever refers to herself as an ordinary youkai rabbit despite all the evidence to the contrary.


Bunny Fairy Squad - Assault

The Spread Shot of Tewi Inaba from the world of eternal night (a Touhou LW original). She commands fairies dressed up as rabbits to attack. Did you know that some fairies sneak into Eientei to play? They wear bunny ears as a disguise, but they're obviously fairies. Perhaps Tewi pretends to be fooled so she can order them about as her ''rabbit'' underlings.

  • Bunny Fairy - Entrance Assault
  • Bunny Fairy - Garden Assault
  • Bunny Fairy - Hallway Assault
  • Bunny Fairy - Living Room Assault
  • Bunny Fairy - Guest Room Assault
  • Bunny Fairy - Hidden Hallway Assault
Bunny Fairy Squad - Annihilation

The Focus Shot of Tewi Inaba from the world of eternal night (a Touhou LW original). She commands fairies dressed up as rabbits to attack. No one knows where the bunny-eared fairies came from. Perhaps they slipped into Eientei during the chaos of the incident, or maybe they've always lived in Eientei and the surrounding bamboo forest. If the latter is true, and they lived together with Eirin and Kaguya in Eientei while it was cut off from the passage of time, they must've been really excited when the incident started.

  • Bunny Fairy - Entrance Annihilation
  • Bunny Fairy - Garden Annihilation
  • Bunny Fairy - Hallway Annihilation
  • Bunny Fairy - Living Room Annihilation
  • Bunny Fairy - Guest Room Annihilation
  • Bunny Fairy - Hidden Hallway Annihilation
Rabbit Sign: Shark Counter

A Spell Card of Tewi Inaba from the world of eternal night (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by counting sharks. Which clan is larger―that of the sharks or that of the rabbits? One clever rabbit decided to solve this question by making all the sharks lie in a row so she could count them by hopping from one shark to the next. Who knew rabbits could count?!

  • Sharks 1-17
  • Sharks 18-33
  • Sharks 34-50
  • Sharks 51-67
  • Sharks 68-82
  • Sharks 83-100
Rabbit Sign: Naked Pretender

A Spell Card of Tewi Inaba from the world of eternal night (a Touhou LW original). She recalls the time when she tricked the sharks and was punished for it. A certain rabbit convinced some sharks to lie in a row so she could count them, but this was just a ruse. Her true purpose was to use them as stepping stones to hop across the sea back to the mainland. The sharks were furious when they discovered the rabbit's deception and ripped off all her fur... which is understandable, considering she jumped on their heads.

  • Scam Artist Know-How Part 1
  • Scam Artist Know-How Part 2
  • Scam Artist Know-How Part 3
  • Scam Artist Know-How Part 4
  • Scam Artist Know-How Part 5
  • Scam Artist Know-How Part 6
Cryptic Duper

The Last Word of Tewi Inaba from the world of eternal night (a Touhou LW original). She recalls the Age of the Gods. The Hare of Inaba is a cute trickster from the Age of the Gods. She was saved by Lord Daikoku, who trailed behind his eighty older brothers because they forced him to carry their luggage. (This is also why Lord Daikoku is always depicted carrying a large sack.) The eighty brothers in front were the first to find the rabbit stripped of its fur, so they tormented it further by suggesting fake remedies. However, Lord Daikoku taught the rabbit the proper cure. The rabbit was restored to full health and thanked Lord Daikoku by divining an auspicious future for him... Perhaps Tewi hangs around Eirin out of the gratitude she feels for healers.

  • Rabbit of the Nation-Building Era
  • Rabbit of the Ugayafukiaezu Era
  • Rabbit of the Hoori Era
  • Rabbit of the Ninigi Era
  • Rabbit of the Ame no Oshihomimi Era
  • Rabbit of the Amaterasu Era


Skill: Oki Islands Escape

Not many rabbits can cross the sea. Tewi must be quite the intellectual.

Skill: Magical Cattail Pollen

This is the first recorded use of medicine in Japan. Lord Daikoku is pretty cool.

Skill: Bamboo Forest Boss

The rabbits only listen to Tewi's orders. She might even have more influence than Eirin.

Passive: Rabbit Foot
Passive: Land of Inaba
Passive: Great Rabbit God's Aura