Aya Shameimaru


Traditional Reporter of Fantasy (Flower)

The usual outfit of the Aya from the world with all the flowers in bloom. The white shirt and black skirt are in a youkai reporter style.

Traditional Reporter of Fantasy (Flower)
Voice Lines
Temperament: Amekaze

Amekaze (a Touhou LW original) refers to rain and wind, as well as wind that carries rain or wind that is very humid. This is an apt temperament for a tengu, as they are said to be able to manipulate the weather in the mountains. Aya is endowed with Wood Phase, the element of wind, and Moon Essence, with her savvy communication skills.

Ability: Capable of manipulating wind

The ability of Aya Shameimaru from the world with all the flowers in bloom. It is essentially the same as our version of Aya's ability. However, this Aya may have taken a peculiar stance in regards to the Flower Blooming Incident. In worlds where incidents or occurrences have been prolonged, there is a tendency for dwellers of those worlds to be strongly affected by them. However, this Aya does not seem to have been affected much at all by the Flower Blooming Incident. In fact, it looks like she has even distanced herself from the effects that the incident should have had on her. In our world, Aya went out searching for a scoop during the flower incident, but did this Aya do the same? The tengu society on the Youkai Mountain is complicated and mysterious. It is said that they inherited the social structure left behind by the oni, but it is possible that the tengu made quite a few innovations of their own. There are also many mysteries regarding their relationship with humans. Furthermore, the origin of the tengu as a species is extremely bizarre and complex since it is a combination of ancient Shinto gods mixed with concepts from other religions and youkai folklore. This is why it is difficult to ascertain the motives of tengu, even of an individual like Aya Shameimaru. Is she an ally of humans or youkai? Does she value profits over her own enjoyment, or vice-versa? Does she act out of a sense of duty or calculated risk? She could be all of these things at once or maybe none at all. This ambiguity is perhaps what makes Aya, along with the other tengu, youkai. Perhaps the Aya of this world was working under the orders of someone else. Or maybe she decided to base her actions on Sarutahiko, the progenitor god of tengu, of her own volition.


Extra Fans (Flower)

The Spread Shot of Aya Shameimaru from the world with all the flowers in bloom. She uses a leaf fan to bombard her target with gusts of wind. Tengu are said to possess strangely shaped fans called leaf fans or feather fans. These fans most likely cause the sudden gusts of wind that are called tengu gales. The plant fatsia japonica, or yatsute, meaning eight hands in Japanese, are also called tengu's leaf fans. And even though their name means eight hands, their leaves are divided into an odd number of lobes.

  • Tengu Gust Bullet
  • Tengu Gale Bullet
  • Tengu Wind Bullet
  • Tengu Storm Bullet
  • Tengu Tornado Bullet
  • Tengu Typhoon Bullet
Tengu Gale Bullet (Flower)

The Focus Shot of Aya Shameimaru from the world with all the flowers in bloom. She pelts her targets with bullets of intense wind. Aya's specialty is manipulating wind. Many of the mysterious phenomena that occur in the mountains are said to be caused by tengu. Wind has been symbolic of tengu since ancient times because it is a force that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

  • Tengu Breeze Bullet
  • Tengu Heavy Wind Bullet
  • Tengu Zephyr Bullet
  • Tengu Whirlwind Bullet
  • Tengu Tempest Bullet
  • Tengu Windstorm Bullet
Crossroad Sign: Saruta Cross

A Spell Card of Aya Shameimaru from the world with all the flowers in bloom. She creates a path with bullets in this attack. It is written in the ancient Japanese mythological records that Sarutahiko guided Ninigi and the other descendants of the sun goddess when they descended from Takamagahara. Sarutahiko is also thought to be the progenitor of the tengu. He must have had a very long nose.

  • Former Sun Bullet
  • Split Paths From Heaven Bullet
  • Ancient Sun Bullet
  • Guiding Bullet
  • Teachings of the Wind Bullet
  • Guiding Wind Bullet
Blockade Sign: Terukuni Shining Through Heaven and Earth

A Spell Card of Aya Shameimaru from the world with all the flowers in bloom. This attack lights up all of Heaven and Earth. Sarutahiko is thought to be the progenitor of the tengu. He is also worshipped as a god of blockades that prevent evil and misfortune from entering an area because he guided Ninigi when he descended from Takamagahara aboard the Ame no Iwafune (the stone boat of Heaven). Nigihayahi, who was also aboard the Ame no Iwafune, is also called Terukuni (which means illuminated country) and is thought to be the same god as Ninigi's older brother, Hoakari. Perhaps Sarutahiko and Nigihayahi worked together to guide the boat.

  • Shining Heaven and Earth Bullet
  • Shining Heaven Bullet
  • Shining Earth Bullet
  • Blockade Bullet
  • Crossroads Bullet
  • Dousoujin Bullet
Giant Shellfish of Azaka

The Last Word of Aya Shameimaru from the world with all the flowers in bloom (a Touhou LW original). A giant and monstrous shellfish attacks her targets in this attack. When Sarutahiko was fishing at a place called Azaka, a monstrous shellfish called the Hirabugai clamped down onto his hand. Some think the Hirabugai was a type of scallop, while others think it was a giant clam, but a certain scholar of Japanese classical literature declared that it was a type of pen shell. It must have been an incredibly large pen shell, as it is written that Sarutahiko died from this incident. Upon Sarutahiko's death, his soul was split into three parts, which indicates the strong relationship between this god and the Koushin faith, a Japanese religion with Taoist origins. The central concept of this faith is that Three Corpses called Sanshi are said to reside within the body and are freed when their host dies. Incidentally, pen shells are meant to be delicious.

  • Hirabugai Bullet
  • Giant Pen Shell Bullet
  • Giant Pinnidae Bullet
  • Giant Bivalve Bullet
  • Giant Mollusc Bullet
  • Giant Atrina Pectinata Bullet


Skill: Wet Crow Plumage

Her crow tengu feathers are so lustrous and beautiful that they even look wet. She must take great care of them.

Skill: Geta of Gales

She strides the wind in these high single-toothed geta. Even if it looks like a bullet has hit them... it doesn't count.

Skill: Wind God Girl

Tengu are youkai that are also sometimes worshiped as gods. There are many theories as to how and why this is.

Passive: Tengu Leaf Fan
Passive: Youkai Mountain Ambush
Passive: Rice Ball Lunch