Nameless Space Terror

Junko, the Space Terror's usual outfit. Hey! Don't call me small!

Nameless Space Terror
Voice Lines
Temperament: Skypunch

Skypunch (a Touhou LW original) refers to a circular hole that can appear in cirrocumulus or altocumulus clouds. Junko's temperament has been purified by her ability, so she does not resist, nor is she weak to any Phases or Essences.

Ability: Capable of purifying anything (Erased)

The ability of Junko, the extraterrestrial being(?). Her ability doesn't appear to be fundamentally different from the usual Junko. But there are many unknowns as much of the information about this ability has been erased. It seems the nature of this ability can vary wildly depending on the world in which she appears. However, the primary cause of this is unknown and requires further investigation. The Junko of this world seems to regard herself as a kaiju. However, there are currently multiple contradicting definitions for beings known as kaiju. True Kaiju: Actual kaiju. It is thought that these beings come into existence in a similar manner to youkai, though they differ from youkai beasts. If you consider them to be a type of youkai, they would be an extremely modern type of youkai. Their anatomical structure and ecology are in line with scientific principles. Every bone and muscle is scientifically correct. Virtual Kaiju: Kaiju that exist but are not actually kaiju. When these beings are analyzed scientifically like true kaiju, there are discrepancies between the results of this analysis and reality. The appearance and demeanor of these kaiju seem to indicate that they are ordinary people wearing a costume, a special effects suit, or prosthetic makeup. Fake Kaiju: Beings that are nothing like kaiju but are called kaiju anyway. The origin of these kaiju stems from people describing them as big, strong, and scary. It is still not known which of these definitions apply to this Junko. However, it seems her obsession with Chang'e is the same as the original Junko's.


Little Moon Eater

The Spread Shot of Junko, the extraterrestrial being(?) (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with moon-eating dragons. Since antiquity, it was thought that lunar eclipses were caused by oni or giants. Quite a few folk tales involving oni or giants have changed into or merged with tales about dragons. Thus, it is possible to form a mental image of moon-eating dragons.

  • Moon-Eating Dragon
  • Moon-Licking Dragon
  • Moon-Munching Dragon
  • Moon-Biting Dragon
  • Moon-Chewing Dragon
  • Moon-Devouring Dragon
Chipper Dragon

The Focus Shot of Junko, the extraterrestrial being(?) (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a moon-eating dragon. All over the world, there are legends about demons and evil gods eating the moon. Perhaps this means that the moon-eating dragons, who rebel against the gods, are a necessary evil that will always be exterminated.

  • Dragon Stomp
  • War Dragon
  • Dragon Slam
  • Attack Dragon
  • Dragon Crash
  • Bombing Dragon
Malicious Lily

A Spell Card of Junko, the extraterrestrial being(?) (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with bullets imbued with resentment. Our Junko resents the goddess of the moon, Chang'e, and this Junko is no different. However, Junko's resentment has changed over many years due to her power of purification, so it might be an entirely different emotion from the resentment that normal humans know and understand. If one can imagine ''pure resentment,'' they may already be the same as Junko...

  • Malicious Lily
  • Malicious Morning Star Lily
  • Malicious See-Through Lily
  • Malicious Coral Lily
  • Malicious Tiger Lily
  • Malicious Green-Tinge Spiderlily
Psychedelic Mandala

A Spell Card of Junko, the extraterrestrial being(?) (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with entrancing geometric patterns of bullets. Through psychology, it has been discovered that various mental images wriggle about within people's minds. According to a certain renowned psychologist, hidden personalities can be revealed when people draw pictures composed of geometric shapes. The patterns in battles of bullets may also be a window into the mind of the one who fires them.

  • Mandala of Logic
  • Mandala of Thought
  • Mandala of Emotion
  • Mandala of Illogic
  • Mandala of Sensation
  • Mandala of Intuition
Pure and Perfect Darkness

The Last Word of Junko, the extraterrestrial being(?) (a Touhou LW original). This attack could be the beginning or the end of everything - It is timeless and universal. Nowadays, it is generally accepted that the universe only extends so far, has a beginning, and will eventually end. However, there are other theories, such as a universe with no limits, beginning, or end. From this perspective, history and culture are merely fluctuations, and any observation over a substantial span of time or space is within the realm of permissible error. There is no meaning to any of it. In this extreme model of the universe, the only thing that exists is infinite, unchanging, and homogenous spacetime. Perhaps this is what the world would be like if it was completely purified.

  • Perfectly Mixed Color
  • Perfectly Lengthed Time
  • Perfectly Flat Space
  • Perfectly Realized Will
  • Perfectly Organized Thoughts
  • Perfectly Permeated Mind


Skill: Fear Purification

Fear originates from the desire to protect yourself from harm. However, that wish cannot be fulfilled.

Skill: Impurity Purification

Impurity, also known as kegare in Japanese, is biological activity. Every living being will perish eventually.

Skill: Grudge Purification

Strong attachments and obsessions contain a mix of love and hate. No one knows whether she wants to destroy or mend.

Passive: Pitch-Black Nebula
Passive: Avenger
Passive: Boundary of Love and Hate