Hecatia Lapislazuli


Gate Administrator

The usual outfit of Hecatia, who controls the interdimensional gates. Apparently, this outfit is required for transportation.

Gate Administrator
Voice Lines
Temperament: Gesshin

Gesshin (a Touhou LW original) refers to an earthquake that occurs on the moon. This is an apt temperament for Hecatia, an ancient goddess who was banished from the Capital. Hecatia's temperament should have been altered drastically by the great systems of the Capital, but one must not forget she's a goddess. As such, her temperament remained unchanged by this world. Which is to say, even with her blonde hair, she alone rules over the Earth (Earth Phase), the Moon (Moon Essence), and the Otherworlds (Star Essence) as the goddess of Hell. As a goddess, she lives freely and despises being controlled. (Weak to Sun Essence.)

Ability: Capable of having three bodies (Concealed)

The ability of Hecatia, who was banished from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). Explaining this world's Hecatia is an extremely difficult task. What can be said, though, is that her ability should be exactly the same as our world's Hecatia. However, she's unable to use it to its full potential. The Capital has placed massive restrictions on this Hecatia's divine power, but she is able to use her ability to have three bodies to a limited degree. She can possess different bodies in different worlds while remaining an individual being, which allows the exchange of information across those worlds. She is only permitted to use this ability when it aligns with the Capital's goal of connecting worlds and exchanging matter between them. In reality, even after being banished from the Capital, Hecatia still functions as part of it. She has no choice but to do so. This world's Hecatia oversees the Capital's matter transportation and waste disposal. She transports unnecessary matter to other worlds and necessary matter to the Capital. Those in the Capital undoubtedly banished her on the assumption she wouldn't abandon this task. Does the Moon have its own Hell? It's unclear, but it seems that, from Hecatia's perspective, it did. As she would have it, there are three (or possibly more) Hells: Earth's Hell, the Otherworlds' Hell, and the Moon's Hell. However, while death does exist on the Moon, it isn't overly common... It appears the Lunarians are not fully immortal (which is why they created the Hourai Elixir), and all moon rabbits should have a limited lifespan. Thus, there must be a Hell on the Moon, even if it wouldn't be anywhere near as populated as Earth's. Think tumbleweeds rolling across an empty desert... Try and picture it. You find yourself standing alone in the vast open space of the Moon's Hell. You look around to see but a few souls endlessly wandering. Then you spot a blond-haired Hecatia Lapislazuli, boredom eating away at her. Who knows, it may not have been so hard for the Capital to convince her to work for them. (Did Hecatia not bring Clownpiece to the Moon's Hell...?) Note: The above simply recounts the information that was obtained on this occasion. Depending on the tale being told and who's telling it, descriptions of Hecatia and of her relationship with those around her may differ slightly, or even greatly. Although, that's hardly something limited to just Hecatia...


Strange Sfermion

The Spread Shot of Hecatia Lapislazuli, who was banished from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She fires unfamiliar and mysterious particles in this attack. Researchers in the outside world thought the particles that make up the universe must have partner particles. They then collated their ideas to form various supersymmetry theories. They're not particularly complex theories. They merely answer the question, ''How many colored pencils are required to color the universe?''

  • u & d Squark Bullets
  • c & s Squark Bullets
  • t & b Squark Bullets
  • e & ve Slepton Bullets
  • mi & vmi Slepton Bullets
  • tau & vtau Slepton Bullets
Baffling Bosino

The Focus Shot of Hecatia Lapislazuli, who was banished from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She fires unknown and mysterious particles in this attack. With a princess capable of controlling eternity and the instantaneous being on the Moon, surely some advanced research into particles is being conducted there. Thinking about how the vast universe is so intricately linked to tiny elementary particles, one can't help but feel the gods' meddlesome hands at play. Perhaps the Lunarians feel the same way...

  • gamma Bosino Bullet
  • W+- Bosino Bullet
  • Z Bosino Bullet
  • g Bosino Bullet
  • G Bosino Bullet
  • Higgsino Bullet
Moon: Lunatic Impact

A Spell Card of Hecatia Lapislazuli, who was banished from the Capital. This attack mimics the giant impact that started it all. A head-spinningly long time ago, a planet collided with the Earth, which gave birth to the Moon... or so those in the outside world say. Perhaps this tale evolved from the legend of the ancient people who moved to the Moon in search of purer lands.

  • Dark Moon Giant Impact
  • Theia Giant Impact
  • Big Splash
  • Sea of Magma
  • Multiple Asteroid Impact
  • Mars-Scale Planetary Impact
Moon: Cosmic Radiation

A Spell Card of Hecatia Lapislazuli, who was banished from the Capital. She attacks with cosmic background radiation. Space is full of power invisible to the human eye. This has been known since ancient times and was mainly used in techniques to predict the future, such as fortune-telling. It was also believed that people went up to the stars when they died, which eventually led to the idea of space burials. However, the day when regular folk can be buried in space still seems a way off...

  • Space Proton Beam
  • Space Alpha Ray
  • Space Lithium Nucleus Ray
  • Space Helium Nucleus Ray
  • Space Boron Nucleus Ray
  • Space Iron Nucleus Ray
World-Bridging Stargate

The Last Word of Hecatia Lapislazuli, who was banished from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She utilizes incredible warp-drive navigation in this attack. It's similar to the ''Trinitarian Rhapsody'' Spell Card, but this attack is launched using a fundamentally different method. Even as a goddess placed under the strict restrictions of the Capital, Hecatia can still communicate with her bodies in different worlds. Or rather, the Capital doesn't try to prevent her from doing so. This allows her to exchange information across worlds. Her ''interdimensional communication'' ultimately makes the exchange of information and matter of equal value across worlds possible. Naturally, this exchange of matter also extends to bullets. One wonders if the Capital is aware she uses the gates to enjoy interdimensional battles of bullets. Apparently, dark energy, which flows throughout the universe, is used to control the interdimensional gates. Dark energy is like the universe's gasoline... No, it's more like its geothermal heat. Think of it as the universe's version of the fires of Hell.

  • Begin Transportation
  • Accelerator On
  • Conversion Into Data Particles
  • Accelerate Data Particles
  • Gate Open
  • Transportation Complete


Skill: Beyond Light Speed

How about a faster-than-light-speed vacation? All you'll be able to see are starbows, but still.

Skill: Subspace Network

A distribution network that utilizes warp drives. Of course, this network creates a disparity between the worlds that can use it and those that can't.

Skill: Accelerated Particles

Because particle acceleration is performed using magnetic fields, it only works on charged particles.

Passive: Anti-Kaiju Defense
Passive: Anti-Capital Defense
Passive: Dark Energy