Kaguya Houraisan


Love Temple of Benevolence and Conscience

The usual outfit of Kaguya from the Capital. She has the strongest "Love" enforcement power.

Love Temple of Benevolence and Conscience
Voice Lines
Temperament: Tsukiyo

Tsukiyo (a Touhou LW original) refers to nights when the moon is beautiful. This temperament encapsulates the true nature of Kaguya's being to an almost unnatural extent. Her temperament is not limited to the usual archetypes because the colossal system of the Capital is altering it. This temperament is specialized to solely resist Earth Phase.

Ability: Capable of manipulating eternity and the instantaneous (Concealed)

The secret ability of Kaguya Houraisan (a Touhou LW original). Her ability doesn't appear to be any different from the usual Kaguya, but it may have been redeveloped with different underlying principles. It seems the purpose for this varies depending on which world she is assigned to. However, the primary cause is unknown and requires further investigation. The Kaguya of this world has retained her ability to manipulate eternity and the instantaneous. Eternity is the time when history is a blank slate where absolutely no changes are recorded. The instantaneous refers to the smallest intervals of time - infinite gaps that contain every historical possibility. Kaguya's ability is extremely powerful as it does not simply allow her to manipulate time but also interfere with history in various ways. However, there are still many mysteries regarding the effects of this ability. At the very least, there probably aren't that many ways someone could stop Kaguya if she ever decided to use this highly versatile ability for personal gain. However, it seems she never uses her ability in such a manner. Kaguya's outfit is almost identical to what the moon rabbits of the Capital wear, but her equipment is mostly just for show. Kaguya's bullets and power are inherent to her. She deliberately wears the same outfit as the moon rabbits and pretends to shoot bullets from her gun to "teach" them. She guides the people of the Capital with her profound love. (That is her intention, at least.) Those who live in the Capital are called "sisters." The four sisters who make up the Four Temples act as if they possess the highest authority. Even within the Four Temples, Kaguya is special. There is a clear distinction between her and the other three. However, in the information regarding the Capital, there are records of the names Eirin, Chang'e, and Tsukuyomi. They are spoken of as if they are superior to the Four Temples. Presumably, Kaguya has some sort of connection to these three beings, though the details of this connection are not presently known. The purpose of the Love Temple is to lead and direct the sisters in the Capital with profound love. However, the language in the Capital has been arbitrarily manipulated at the lexical and grammatical levels. After a long and thorough investigation, it has been found that the "teachings of love" are most likely "harsh interrogations and punishments." This implies that other words used in the Capital may mean the opposite or even something completely different. What thoughts and beliefs led Kaguya and the others of this world to form such a distorted society?


Love & Laser

The Spread Shot of Kaguya Houraisan from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a righteous laser that teaches love. Kaguya shoots these lasers with her own ability, so she does not need special permission to fire them. Lasers are single-frequency electromagnetic waves given a direction. Thus, when Kaguya uses her ability to manipulate eternity and the instantaneous to arrange the wavelengths and direction of electromagnetic waves flying nearby, she creates lasers.

  • Electromagnetic Wave of Joy
  • Electromagnetic Wave of Tolerance
  • Electromagnetic Wave of Kindness
  • Electromagnetic Wave of Tenderness
  • Electromagnetic Wave of Sincerity
  • Electromagnetic Wave of Benevolence
Charity Grenades

The Focus Shot of Kaguya Houraisan from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with righteous grenades that teach affection. Kaguya also creates these grenades with her ability, so she does not need special permission to use them either. Grenades are much easier to produce than lasers, so powerful grenades are more often used relative to powerful lasers. Explosions are instantaneous discharges, so Kaguya can create grenades by using her ability to condense the heat in her surroundings, fix the heat in place, and then release it whenever she likes.

  • Heat of Charity
  • Heat of Welfare
  • Heat of Cooperation
  • Heat of Security
  • Heat of Service
  • Heat of Salvation
Divine Treasure: Jeweled Branch of Hourai -Dreamlike Paradise-

A Spell Card of Kaguya Houraisan from the Capital. She attacks with a genuine jeweled branch of Hourai. The name Kaguya is famous because of Princess Kaguya and her five impossible tasks. According to The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter, the one tasked with finding a jeweled branch of Hourai (a mythical land said to lie in the east across the ocean) was a noble named Kuramochi no Miko. He had an artisan craft the branch for him. Princess Kaguya in the story returns the branch after learning that it is fake and pays the artisan in Kuramochi no Miko's stead. There is also speculation that the character of Kuramochi no Miko was modeled after a member of the Fujiwara clan. Perhaps this is an item that links ''those two'' in addition to the Hourai Elixir.

  • Jeweled Branch of Hourai
  • Fire Phase Jewel
  • Water Phase Jewel
  • Wood Phase Jewel
  • Metal Phase Jewel
  • Earth Phase Jewel
New Impossible Request: Mysterium

A Spell Card of Kaguya Houraisan from the Capital. She attacks with mysterious substances. You may think it is far-fetched for a mysterious and undefined substance to exist. However, it is now common knowledge that substances are made up of minute particles, and the limits of technology are the only thing at odds with this understanding. In other words, mysterium, an unknown constitute of matter, always exists in your surroundings. Or rather, mysterium is existence itself.

  • Prima Materia
  • Land of Xenophanes
  • Water of Thales
  • Wind of Anaximenes
  • Fire of Heraclitus
  • Sky of Aristotle
Hourai Medicine Tank

The Last Word of Kaguya Houraisan from the Capital (a Touhou LW orginal). This attack is made possible by the Hourai Elixir. The Hourai Elixir is a secret medicine of true immortality created by the combination of Kaguya's and Eirin's abilities. But it is also a poison that inflicts whoever drinks it with impurity for eternity. It is said that the existence of someone who becomes a person of Hourai is no longer dependent on a physical body and that they can create a body wherever their soul is. Even in the Capital, the people of Hourai are impure beings, and drinking the Hourai Elixer is a heinous crime. So why does this Kaguya have this Last Word...?

  • Yaoji's Yao Grass
  • Haoma
  • Zuzhou Grass of Immortality
  • Plant From Prometheus' Ichor
  • Mandrake
  • Gilgamesh's Plant of Immortality


Skill: Virtue of Courtesy

To speak, act, and present oneself in a moral and just manner. In other words, this is a virtue that flattens and evens out the people to form a foundation.

Skill: Virtue of Loyalty

To bravely act for the sake of others without any hesitation. Altruism forms the heart of any community.

Skill: Virtue of Love

To love and show compassion for all people. This is the greatest of all virtues.

Passive: Anti-Kaiju Defense
Passive: Merciful Soul
Passive: End of Imperishable Night