Peacekeeper of the Capital

The usual outfit of Reisen from the Capital. The peacekeeping suit was provided by Kaguya.

Peacekeeper of the Capital
Voice Lines
Temperament: Void Time

Void Time (a Touhou LW original) refers to the periods of time when the moon's magic is at its weakest. The moon is the source of power for kaiju. Thus, this is an apt temperament for this Reisen of the mysterious Capital, as it is her duty to oppose them. Her temperament is not limited to the usual archetypes because the colossal system of the Capital is altering it. This temperament is specialized to solely resist Earth Phase.

Ability: - Ability Unknown -

The ability of Reisen from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). Reisen's ability has not been determined in this world either. However, it is assumed that her ability is mostly the same as the other ordinary moon rabbits. In this Reisen's world, the lives of the moon rabbits in the Capital are strictly and thoroughly managed by the Four Temples. - The Plentiful Temple creates and distributes all commodities from food to tools of peace (a.k.a. weapons). - The Truth Temple thoroughly monitors anything that deals with information, such as news, education, and the upkeep of ethical standards. - The Peace Temple deals with any foreign threats, civil unrest, security, and cooperative command. (However, it is said that there is no civil unrest within the Capital.) - The Love Temple directs the citizens of the Capital. (It is not clear what exactly this entails.) It is said that the Four Temples work perfectly together and that the moon rabbits, including Reisen, trust them completely. The Four Temples are similar to government ministries. However, multiple temples are usually involved with each aspect of life in the Capital. For example, the equivalent of a police department in the Capital consists of the Plentiful Temple in charge of distributing resources equally, the Truth Temple in charge of maintaining healthy thoughts, the Peace Temple in charge of maintaining an everyday peace, and the Love Temple in charge of managing the direction of the Capital. Also, since there is no concept of fixed occupations for the average moon rabbits, they are tasked with various jobs and missions depending on what is required on that specific day. This means that the moon rabbits spend each day being passed from one temple to the next in an endless daisy chain... The Capital is wasting resources on an enormous scale. These moon rabbits are called "sisters" by the Four Temples, and it is their duty to live in this colossal yet meaningless system for eternity. Why did life in the Capital turn out like this? Perhaps the "Three Leaders," an organization above the Four Temples, know the answer. The being known as "Lady Yagokoro" seems to be one of the Three Leaders. The moon rabbits can see her image and hear her voice during their everyday life. However, it is rumored that no one has ever seen her true form or listened to her speak directly. This Leader is obviously Eirin Yagokoro... but what is going on in this world? New Moon Rabbit Suit: This is the suit and helmet provided to Reisen that she always wears. It may not look like the uniform with a blazer that moon rabbits generally wore in the past, but this is the latest model of that uniform with the same primary functions. However, this is not a military uniform but a peacekeeping uniform - a tool of peace. Each new iteration of this uniform is labeled "new," and their functionality doesn't really change that much, so it is hard to differentiate between them all. New Lunatic Gun: This is apparently the latest iteration of the Lunatic Gun that is provided to the moon rabbits, even though it does not look even remotely similar to the original model. These guns are also always labeled "new." This Lunatic Gun has an advanced multi-payload design that allows the use of various different bullets. However, the attachments must be changed by hand. Pulling the trigger is an act synonymous with keeping the peace, so it requires permission from all Four Temples. It is a hassle, but before firing each bullet, Reisen must receive confirmation that this use of resources is worthwhile, that this action comes from wholesome thoughts, that this is an action to keep the peace, and that this is an act of love. However, there is no need to worry, as pulling the trigger accesses the central network where the request for approval and the decision is made almost instantaneously. If the request is approved, the gun's safety is deactivated. But if the request is denied, the gun's safety is locked. The details of the request vary according to the bullet type and amount of bullets, but there is also a rumor that the gun has worked in environments where communication is impossible, so there are doubts that this fire approval system even exists.


Single Shot

The Spread Shot of Reisen from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with the standard peacekeeping bullets from her New Lunatic Gun. These New Lunatic Guns are a part of the standard loadout carried by all of the Capital's Peacekeepers. Even though the bullets may look like lightning, they apparently don't have as much destructive power. They are merely tools used to keep the peace, not weapons. (Everyone in the Capital says this.) However, there are rumors that these guns are, in fact, anti-kaiju weapons.

  • Standard Issue Lunatic Bullet huae
  • Standard Issue Lunatic Bullet 8o74
  • Standard Issue Lunatic Bullet p3qy
  • Standard Issue Lunatic Bullet cg43
  • Standard Issue Lunatic Bullet d89n
  • Standard Issue Lunatic Bullet j4ys
Hand Grenade

The Focus Shot of Reisen from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with one of the bombs that are provided to Peacekeepers for relatively dangerous missions. Officially, they are tools of peace used to quell violence. However, some people think they are too powerful for such a task, and this has led to rumors that these bombs are also anti-kaiju weapons. To pull the pin, Reisen must pass the same user authentication process used for the New Lunatic Guns... each time she goes to throw one.

  • Standard Issue Grenade fj8t
  • Standard Issue Grenade 4jqo
  • Standard Issue Grenade 6hqp
  • Standard Issue Grenade 1qqp
  • Standard Issue Grenade qp34
  • Standard Issue Grenade a3nl
New Equipment: Firework No. 8

A Spell Card of Reisen from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with an attachment on her New Lunatic Gun. This attachment is a new weapon invented by Watatsuki no Toyohime of the Plentiful Temple. Apparently, it was originally designed to completely erase the target along with the space around them. This is obviously an anti-kaiju weapon.

  • Firework No. 8 - Experiment 1
  • Firework No. 8 - Experiment 2
  • Firework No. 8 - Experiment 4
  • Firework No. 8 - Experiment 5
  • Firework No. 8 - Experiment 8
  • Firework No. 8 - Experiment 10
Experiment: Zero Gravity Missile

A Spell Card of Reisen from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). This is an attack made with a gun attachment called Pencil. This is also a new weapon invented by Watatsuki no Toyohime of the Plentiful Temple. Apparently, it was originally designed to reduce kaiju to smithereens in a single shot. Obviously, this was intended to be an anti-kaiju weapon even from the conceptual stage.

  • Zero Gravity Missile - Test A
  • Zero Gravity Missile - Test B2
  • Zero Gravity Missile - Test B5
  • Zero Gravity Missile - Test D
  • Zero Gravity Missile - Test X
  • Zero Gravity Missile - Test Z0
Red Moon of the End (Last Contact)

The Last Word of Reisen from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a mysterious red moon. There is hardly any information about this Last Word. However, it looks like Reisen morphs into a giant sphere that resembles the moon. Is this a function of the suit she wears? Her ability as a youkai? Or is this the result of some other mysterious power? Nevertheless, it is awfully strange how this power is so similar to a kaiju's...

  • Mysterious Red Moon X
  • Mysterious Red Moon X-2
  • Mysterious Red Moon XD
  • Mysterious Red Moon XP
  • Mysterious Red Moon XX
  • Mysterious Red Moon XXX


Skill: Protection Payload

One of Reisen's peacekeeping payloads. She must point her gun at herself and her allies to activate it.

Skill: Support Payload

One of Reisen's peacekeeping payloads. It looks like friendly fire.

Skill: Supply Payload

One of Reisen's peacekeeping payloads. People secretly dislike these payloads as they can never grow accustomed to them.

Passive: Anti-Kaiju Defense
Passive: Power Supply
Passive: Impurity Cleaner