Reimu Hakurei


Lunar War Shaman

Reimu's outfit for the final Lunar Base battle. Her guns "Ran" & "Chen" were made by a great youkai.

Lunar War Shaman
Voice Lines
Temperament: Giji-seiten

Giji-seiten (a Touhou LW original) refers to a momentary lapse in bad weather revealing clear skies. This is the temperament of a free-spirited shrine maiden who cannot be held back by anyone. This Reimu's temperament was artificially augmented by science since her original temperament lost its magic. This temperament is specialized to solely resist Moon Essence.

Ability: Capable of manipulating spirit power (Sealed)

Reimu Hakurei's sealed ability. It was most likely sealed away due to the incident, and it hasn't fully recovered since. The reason for this is still unclear and requires further investigation. Reimu Hakurei's Specialized Military Outfit: The design and manufacture of this outfit were primarily based on the knowledge and youjutsu of the great youkai sage of Gensokyo; Yukari Yakumo. However, due to Yukari's exceptional nature, an archive containing information from Yukari's shikigami and other strong entities with a connection to Reimu was also used in the design. All of the specialized military outfits are equipped with barrier chaff. Ofuda Firearms: Reimu's primary weapons. These guns employ a shikigami control program to shoot out special ofuda. There is a "Chen" model large-caliber handgun and a "Ran" model automatic rifle. Each gun fires out a different type of ofuda. The shikigami can be set to a personality mode which unlocks a speech-based interface. Equippable Shikigami: Several of Yukari's low-level shikigami have possessed Reimu's shrine maiden outfit that was designed by Rinnosuke. They are deployed in a web-shaped barrier within the inner layer of Reimu's specialized military outfit. The shikigami are designed to react on the fly and coordinate between themselves to provide various means of assistance to the wearer. Gale Thrusters: Multiple mini thrusters are built into various parts of Reimu's outfit to dispense instantaneous bursts of speed. They were implemented thanks to the information in the archive provided by Aya Shameimaru. The thrusters are automatically controlled by the equippable shikigami. Ibuki Gourd Energy Pack: A vast number of minuscule energy packs which store Artificial Spirit Power are installed all over Reimu's outfit. They were implemented thanks to the information in the archive provided by Suika Ibuki. The packs are automatically controlled by the equippable shikigami. Virtual Dantian & Virtual Meridian System: A function implemented thanks to the information in the archive provided by Kasen Ibaraki that improves the physical abilities of Reimu, who has lost her spirit power. These machines that imitate a dantian and a meridian system are deployed within the inner layer of Reimu's outfit. They turn her into a virtual hermit, which has effectively increased Reimu's physical abilities to be on par with her former self. They also enable Reimu to utilize a limited form of virtual senjutsu. Yin-Yang Orb Drive: This function, implemented thanks to the information in the archive provided by Misumaru Tamatsukuri, automatically repairs Reimu's specialized military outfit and restores vitality to the wearer. It is assumed that this was based on a power inherent to the Yin-Yang Orbs, but since there are so many mysteries surrounding these objects, there are also many unknowns regarding this function. The orbs may hide some sort of divine assistance for Reimu because she is a shrine maiden.


Hakurei Amulet

Reimu Hakurei (Lunar War Shaman)'s Spread Shot. She attacks by shooting out amulets, also known as charms, talismans, or ofuda. Talismans that ward off misfortune or evil are commonly called omamori, and are sold as good luck charms at shrines and temples throughout Japan. These bullets are particularly effective against demons and evil spirits, but even normal humans feel pain when their skin is cut with paper - so watch out!

  • Standard Ofuda Pack A
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack A1.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack A2.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack A3.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack A3.2
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack A3.3
Youkai Buster

Reimu Hakurei (Lunar War Shaman)'s Focus Shot. She shoots out ofuda that have the power to exorcise youkai. There is a certain stereotype in Japan that shrine maidens exterminate youkai with ofuda. They most certainly do not unleash cool and powerful martial arts moves on youkai opponents.

  • Standard Ofuda Pack B
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack B1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack B2.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack B2.2
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack B2.3
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack B3.1
Charm: Fantastic High-Speed Prayer Talismans

Reimu Hakurei (Lunar War Shaman)'s Spell Card. She fires her Automatic Ofuda Rifle, ''Ran.'' There is probably a reason behind why this Spell Card so closely resembles the attacks of Yukari Yakumo. The ofuda seem to be blessed with the power to speedily grant wishes.

  • Standard Ofuda Pack P
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack P1.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack P2.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack P2.2
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack P3.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack P3.2
Charm: Anti-Youkai Houi-Yoke Prayer

Reimu Hakurei (Lunar War Shaman)'s Spell Card. She fires her Large-Caliber Ofuda Handgun, ''Chen.'' Houi-yoke, a ward against calamities related to direction, originates from the Chinese fortune-telling practice known as the Nine Flying Stars, which involves praying to the gods of the cardinal directions. Perhaps this tradition contributed to the origins of the convoluted polytheistic religion that is Shinto.

  • Standard Ofuda Pack D
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack D1.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack D2.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack D2.2
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack D2.3
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack D3.1
Hakurei Talisman - Fantasy Nature

Reimu Hakurei (Lunar War Shaman)'s Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This is an attack that Reimu remade based on the Fantasy Nature Last Word she used in her heyday. There is a limit on the amount of light and needle bullets she can currently use, so it may look completely different from the original, but it is just as powerful. She may have imbued this attack with her sense of responsibility and duty that she only became aware of after her special abilities as the Hakurei shrine maiden got sealed away.

  • Standard Ofuda Pack H
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack H1.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack H2.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack H3.1
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack H3.2
  • Ofuda Expansion Pack H3.3


Skill: False Barrier/Shinra

An artificial Yakumo-type barrier. Memories of the beautiful Netherworld incident. What was the great youkai after?

Skill: False Barrier/Hope

An artificial Yakumo-type barrier. Memories of the incident on that devious moonlit night. Reveal the truth of the false full moon!

Skill: False Barrier/Hakurei

An artificial Yakumo-type barrier. A fence that separated the girls' garden from the outside world. It is imbued with prayers of forgiveness to the gods.

Passive: Virtual Senjutsu
Passive: Equippable Shikigami
Passive: Yin-Yang Orb Drive