Reisen Udongein Inaba


Lunar War Soldier

Reisen's outfit for the final Lunar Base battle. Her multi-backpack stores the Brain of the Moon's wisdom.

Lunar War Soldier
Voice Lines
Temperament: Jiki-arashi

Jiki-arashi (a Touhou LW original) refers to geomagnetic storms where the Earth's magnetic field is affected by the solar wind created by explosive phenomena on the sun. This is Reisen's temperament as a rabbit who descended down from space to the Earth. This Reisen's temperament was artificially augmented by science since her original temperament lost its magic. This temperament is specialized to solely resist Moon Essence.

Ability: Capable of manipulating waves (Sealed)

Reisen Udongein Inaba's sealed ability. It was most likely sealed away due to the incident, and it hasn't fully recovered since. The reason for this is still unclear and requires further investigation. Reisen Udongein Inaba's Specialized Military Outfit: The design and manufacture of this outfit were largely based on the information provided by the Brain of Moon, Eirin Yagokoro's Knowledge Institute, and Kaguya Houraisan's Technological Works, headed by an exceptionally creative princess with an all-powerful ability. This specialized military outfit is quite different from the others and seems to be largely experimental. The main difference is that this outfit does not use electronic equipment or machines to replicate abilities like the other ones but instead uses chemical and biological reactions. So it is kind of like a biosuit as it relies on biotechnology rather than anything cybernetic. All of the specialized military outfits are equipped with barrier chaff. Lunatic Gun VF21: Reisen's main weapon. The design was an amalgamation of all the different Lunatic Guns issued to the Lunar Capital moon rabbits. VF stands for Variable Form. It can freely change between the easy-to-use machine gun and rifle modes, but it can also temporarily replicate a handheld Gatling gun, a microscopic Planck missile launcher, or the main gun of a lunar tank as long as the required extensions are available. Radome Lunatic Eyes: This device was based on the sensors installed inside the lunar rovers on the moon and replaces the ability of Reisen's eyes that was sealed away. It consists of two radomes and multiple sub-sensor units that are all managed by the control unit built into the outfit's hood. The device functions as a radar and as a weapon since it emits electromagnetic waves that disrupt the psyche of her targets. Backpack: Reisen carries this on her back. It is connected and provides energy to each of her armaments, manages weapon targeting, and stores sub-units. The backpack also houses a replica of Kaguya Houraisan's Knowlege Institute and ensures that all the different pieces of equipment evolve and work together. Loaded into the backpack is a database of highly technical information, including Lunar Capital history, divine medical science, math philosophy, and lunatic magic books. Finally, the backpack is also equipped with a high-speed flying unit based on the flying carriages and the space veils. Lunatic Gun Artificial Follow-Up Unit: A firepower support unit housed within the outfit's backpack. This multi-function unit changes its form based on the firing mode of the Lunatic Gun. It can replicate various lunar weapons, just like the Lunatic Gun. Quantum Personality OS - OMOIKANE: A thought and decision-making support system that temporarily bestows Eirin's vast intellect to the wearer of the outfit. It is physically installed into various wearable devices on the inside layer of the outfit. The system is a type of neural network or grid computer, so it has no obvious weak points. It can maintain almost full operating capacity as long as the outfit has not been completely destroyed.


Lunatic Machine Gun

Reisen Udongein Inaba (Lunar War Soldier)'s Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots with her Lunatic Gun VF21 in its machine gun mode. The bullets have the same size and inductance as small missiles, so they are quite dangerous. It seems that the original model of the Lunatic Gun series was a trumpet-shaped blunderbuss.

  • Lunatic Bullet v0
  • Lunatic Bullet v1.1
  • Lunatic Bullet v2.1
  • Lunatic Bullet v3.1
  • Lunatic Bullet v3.2
  • Lunatic Bullet v3.3
Lunatic Rifle

Reisen Udongein Inaba (Lunar War Soldier)'s Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots with her Lunatic Gun VF21 in its rifle mode. These bullets also have the same size and inductance as small missiles and are just as dangerous. It has been said that the original model of the Lunatic Gun series was actually a trombone-shaped blunderbuss.

  • Lunatic Rifle Bullet v0
  • Lunatic Rifle Bullet v1.1
  • Lunatic Rifle Bullet v2.1
  • Lunatic Rifle Bullet v2.2
  • Lunatic Rifle Bullet v3.1
  • Lunatic Rifle Bullet v3.2
Illusion Wave: Red-Eyed Hypnosis (Mind Blowing)

Reisen Udongein Inaba (Lunar War Soldier)'s Spell Card. She attacks her opponents' minds with her Redome Lunatic Eyes. The artificial mind-disrupting psycho-waves emitted from the radomes are formed from electromagnetic waves. It is a well-known fact that electromagnetic waves can affect the brain. How terrifying.

  • Sniper Laser v0
  • Electric Psycho-Waves v1.1
  • Sniper Laser v2.1
  • Sniper Laser v2.2
  • Electric Psycho-Waves v2.3
  • Electric Psycho-Waves v3.1
Indolence: Life and Spirit Stopping (Mind Stopper)

Reisen Udongein Inaba (Lunar War Soldier)'s Spell Card. She attacks her opponents' minds with her Radome Lunatic Eyes. After many improvements, the artificial mind-disrupting psycho-waves emitted from the radomes are now on par with the power of Reisen's eyes before they were sealed. They apparently induce madness and impede the target's ability to think. Pretty scary.

  • Electric Psycho-Waves v0
  • Hand Gun Laser v1.1
  • Hand Gun Laser v2.1
  • Electric Psycho-Waves v1.1
  • Electric Psycho-Waves v1.1
  • Hand Gun Laser v3.2
Moon Salvo (Lunatic Full Burst Mode)

Reisen Udongein Inaba (Lunar War Soldier)'s Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She fires every single bullet on her - saving none for later. The simplest method of achieving maximum firepower is to deploy and attack with every weapon all at once. This may seem reckless, but Reisen has the assistance of a super-genius intellect on her side, so if she ever uses this attack, you can be sure that the outcome was already calculated. Regardless, it must feel good to just let loose for once and fire off as many bullets as you like.

  • Laser Bullet Salvo w1
  • Laser Bullet Salvo w2
  • Missile Bullet Salvo w1
  • Missile Bullet Salvo w2
  • Laser Bullet Salvo w3
  • Laser Bullet Salvo w4


Skill: Medical Poison

The only difference between medicine and poison is the dose. This poison comes from the poison doll's collection.

Skill: Sniping

Every weapon focuses fire to make sure the enemy is defeated as efficiently as possible.

Skill: Phase Shifter

The world is an animation with one frame per Planck time. Shifting these frames, even only a little, can reveal other worlds.

Passive: Phenomena Control System
Passive: Self-Learning Counteractive Armor
Passive: Auto Medic