Sanae Kochiya


Lunar War Oracle

Sanae's outfit for the final Lunar Base battle. Her divine ritual framework armaments were made by the two gods.

Lunar War Oracle
Voice Lines
Temperament: Birukaze

Birukaze (a Touhou LW original) refers to the irregular and wild wind caused by highrises obstructing the regular air currents. This is the temperament of Sanae, as a Shinto priest to a god of wind. This Sanae's temperament was artificially augmented by science since her original temperament lost its magic. This temperament is specialized to solely resist Moon Essence.

Ability: Capable of causing miracles (Sealed)

Sanae Kochiya's sealed ability. It was most likely sealed away due to the incident, and it hasn't fully recovered since. The reason for this is still unclear and requires further investigation. Sanae Kochiya's Specialized Military Outfit: The design and manufacture of this outfit were largely based on the information provided by the Technology Youkai Network. The two main contributors to this network are Kanako Yasaka's Knowledge Institute, headed by a god of war who is also an engineering revolutionary, and Suwako Moriya's Technological Works, led by a god with a deep connection to iron and steel. All of the specialized military outfits are equipped with barrier chaff. Assault Armor Series: o-Cannon: This weapon is a remake of Kanako's divine pillars. Sanae usually carries it on her back, but it swings down to her hip with the barrel facing forward whenever she wants to use it. (Sanae specifically requested for it to be designed this way.) It looks similar to Marisa's mini hakkero multi-purpose launcher because they stole a copy of its design and manufactured this weapon on it. They did this so the weapon could shoot a range of different bullets types and to ensure that it would have a lot of firepower. Assault Armor Series: gamma-Nail: This weapon is a remake of one of Suwako's divine aspects, the Toad God. It has a built-in super vibration nail that directly utilizes the ritual framework. The weapon is also equipped with the ability to shoot lasers in the shape of iron rings. Assault Armor Series: nu-Railgun: This weapon is based on Sanae's purification rod, but it has been altered to include a few additional features. It is directly linked to the ritual framework and has the power to cause miracles to occur artificially. The gun's fire mechanism uses electromagnetism, so a variety of different bullet types can be shot. Backpack: This backpack is connected to each of her armaments and distributes energy to them. It also houses aiming assistance sensors and various subunits, including the Frog Unit and the Snake Unit. Ritual Framework: This structure contains a network of subatomic substitute prayers and is installed into each and every one of Sanae's armaments. It is exceptionally durable. Each substitute prayer has power equal to the faith of one follower, and the network can simultaneously activate all of them at once. This allows Sanae to artificially activate miracles that would normally require a prolonged ritual.


Iron Ring Laser

Sanae Kochiya (Lunar War Oracle)'s Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots circle-shaped lasers. The Assault Armor Series: gamma-Nail is a highly-advanced weapon that can even transform into a laser gun. Lady Suwako cannot help but smile in appreciation of Sanae's graceful laser technique, which equals her own skills with the iron ring.

  • First Illuminant
  • Second Illuminant
  • Third Illuminant
  • First Backup Illuminant
  • Second Backup Illuminant
  • Third Backup Illuminant
Divine Pillar Cannon

Sanae Kochiya (Lunar War Oracle)'s Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She fires two parallel laser beams. The Assault Armor Series: o-Cannon is the ultimate cannon as it can be carried around and fired from the hip. Lady Kanako is especially delighted with the showmanship that rivals her own divine pillar attacks.

  • E Pack 1
  • E Pack 2
  • E Pack 3
  • E Pack 4
  • E Pack 5
  • E Pack 6
Esoterica: Forgotten Ritual

Sanae Kochiya (Lunar War Oracle)'s Spell Card. This warhead of stars that is launched to the heavens brings down a miracle. The Assault Armor Series: nu-Railgun fires a star imbued with prayers for a miracle created by her ritual framework. How else would you cause miracles to occur?

  • Prayer Star Warhead alpha1
  • Prayer Star Warhead alpha2
  • Prayer Star Warhead alpha3
  • Prayer Star Warhead alpha4
  • Prayer Star Warhead alpha5
  • Prayer Star Warhead alpha6
Miracle: Night With Overly Bright Guest Stars

Sanae Kochiya (Lunar War Oracle)'s Spell Card. This warhead of stars that is launched to the heavens grants wishes. The warheads fired by the Assault Armor Series: nu-Railgun are a type of oracle machine. In other words, they can perform a shrine maiden's duties even though they are inanimate objects.

  • Prayer Star Warhead beta1
  • Prayer Star Warhead beta2
  • Prayer Star Warhead beta3
  • Prayer Star Warhead beta4
  • Prayer Star Warhead beta5
  • Prayer Star Warhead beta6
Divine Full Armor Purge

Sanae Kochiya (Lunar War Oracle)'s Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by temporarily removing all of her divine armaments. Her ritual framework is super durable and super high-performance, but the materials required to manufacture it are extremely rare and terribly heavy. So the simple solution according to the Moriya method of disregarding common sense... is to cast aside all your gear whenever you want to move at ultra-high speeds. Of course, Sanae rearms herself and resumes firing once she finishes moving. They are extremely valuable, after all.

  • Miracle Martial Arts
  • Re-Equipped Shot
  • Miracle Karate Chop
  • Re-Equipped Burst
  • Miracle Spear Hand Strike
  • Re-Equipped Blast


Skill: Ritual Framework

The more ritual frames, the better. They synergize and resonate with each other to create even greater miracles!

Skill: Frog Resupply Unit

This device dispenses repair kits and rations. The rations apparently taste like chicken.

Skill: Snake Switch Unit

This device switches out parts and equipment for the wearer and also their allies. Changing equipment in the middle of a fight is pretty cool.

Passive: Load Balancer
Passive: Discerning Divine Analysis
Passive: Moriya Nexus