Thought Investigator of the Capital

The usual outfit of Seiran from the Capital. Her Lunatic Pestle is her badge as a Thought Investigator!

Thought Investigator of the Capital
Voice Lines
Temperament: Hakumei

Hakumei (a Touhou LW original) refers to the faint light of the sky before sunrise and after sunset. This is an apt temperament for Seiran, an inhabitant of the enormous Capital that follows a singular fate. Her original temperament has been changed beyond recognition by the great systems of the Capital. This temperament is specialized to solely resist Earth Phase.

Ability: Capable of firing bullets from other dimensions (Concealed)

The ability of Seiran from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). Her ability doesn't appear to be any different from the usual Seiran... but it's hard to tell for sure because not much is really known about this ability. It seems to allow Seiran to shoot bullets from a kind of subspace. Perhaps this space is similar to Yukari Yakumo's gaps. This world's Seiran can apparently manipulate more than just bullets. She can interfere with concepts that exist in other dimensions. More specifically, she uses her ability to read other people's thoughts. This is how she accomplishes her job as a Thought Investigator. The Thought Police are a part of the Truth Temple, controlled by Sagume Kishin, and their main duty is to police criminal thoughts and protect their sisters (the general populace) from them. Seiran's role as an investigator of the Thought Police is to actively seek out and punish criminals who harbor criminal thoughts. Thoughtcrimes are incredibly dangerous, and in the Capital, they are treated in the same manner as impurities, making Seiran a champion of the people. It goes without saying, but generally, directly reading someone else's thoughts is impossible. That's why the Thought Police use other means to make it look like they can... However, it seems Seiran can actually read minds to some extent. And if you thought this sounded a lot like the ability of satori youkai, then you'd be right. Seiran's thought investigation methods are very similar to the mind reading employed by satori youkai. Satori youkai forcefully awaken memories from the depths of a person's mind by making them relive their past trauma. Seiran, on the other hand, first identifies the indecipherable depths of someone's mind as another dimension, and then she shoots thought bullets into this dimension. The bullets form a path and force the person's hidden thoughts to the surface of their mind. (There is always a safe path through the bullet patterns in battles of bullets.) These thoughts are then expressed by the person in the form of words or actions. And if Seiran can pick up on these expressions, she will obtain the same information as if she read the person's mind directly. It is not known why her method so closely resembles the ability possessed by satori youkai. Perhaps it's just a coincidence.


Seiran Home Run

The Spread Shot of Seiran from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She swings her mallet with all her might. Simple but effective. The Seiran of this world has no idea what a home run is because the sport known as baseball doesn't exist in the Capital. Baseball terminology shouldn't exist, either, but Seiran still uses it for some reason. Perhaps the Capital's law enforcement turns a blind eye to words that have lost all meaning, like ''home run,'' because nothing will come from using them. However, that wouldn't excuse Seiran since she's meant to be a government official.

  • Seiran Single
  • Seiran Double
  • Seiran Triple
  • Seiran Home Run
  • Seiran Hitting for the Cycle
  • Seiran Home Run Queen
Seiran Collider

The Focus Shot of Seiran from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She activates a hidden function within her mallet. It looks like a shroud of lightning covers her mallet, but it isn't exactly clear. Presumably, this attack utilizes some kind of force field. Seiran can manipulate other dimensions, so perhaps she pulled a phenomenon from another dimension into this one...

  • Seiran Collider
  • Double Collider
  • Triple Collider
  • Quadruple Collider
  • Quintuple Collider
  • Multiple Collider
Gun Sign: Lunatic Gun

A Spell Card of Seiran from the Capital. She fires her Lunatic Gun. Previously, it was assumed that ''Lunatic Gun'' was the name of a weapon, but looking at this attack, perhaps it is the name of a specific pattern of bullets. Furthermore, it seems this world's Seiran shoots bullets directly from her mallet. Although, this isn't exactly a problem since battles of bullets are all about shooting lots of bullets at once.

  • Type 95 Manual Hammer L.Gun
  • Type 98 Manual Hammer L.Gun
  • Type 2 Manual Hammer L.Gun
  • Type 3 Manual Hammer L.Gun
  • Type 4 Manual Hammer L.Gun
  • Type 5 Manual Hammer L.Gun
Bullet Sign: Rabbit Falconer

A Spell Card of Seiran from the Capital. She deploys a barrage of bullets in two crescent patterns. Her marvelous skill at manipulating bullets is reminiscent of a falcon hunting its prey... or a pilot landing an Apollo Lunar Module. Seiran may seem a bit simple or naive personality-wise, but her bullet patterns are delicate and precise. Does she really shoot her bullets from other dimensions?

  • Rabbit Falconer
  • Nieuport 24 RF
  • Nieuport-Delage NiD 29 RF
  • Type 91 RF
  • Type 92 RF
Moon Cataclysm (Lunatic Puncher)

The Last Word Card of Seiran from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She makes full use of her mallet in this attack. Seiran's specialized armament is called the Lunatic Pestle, not to be confused with her ultimate attack, the Lunatic Puncher. It's perfect for crushing hard objects and smashing through walls or doors. However, this world's Seiran isn't all that well versed in the art of compounding medicine, so she is oblivious to the fact that this pestle can be used to quickly make medicine. In fact, she doesn't seem to know what a pestle is either... as she predominantly uses it to break down the doors to buildings that harbor fugitives or to smash boxes that criminals could hide in. Incidentally, this pestle was invented by the Capital's Toyohime.

  • Lunatic Pestle
  • Rampaging Pestle
  • Grand Pestle
  • Big Pestle
  • Huge Pestle
  • Master Pestle


Skill: Otherworldly Mallet

This super high-tech mallet can reduce whatever it hits to atoms... which is kind of overkill for pounding mochi.

Skill: DIY Strength Meds

Every good moon rabbit knows how to make their own medicine, but it's a mystery whether Seiran's medicine actually does what it's supposed to do.

Skill: Quasi Thought Scan

She can read people's minds... or at least, that is what she claims. Dimensions aren't limited to just space!

Passive: Anti-Kaiju Defense
Passive: Dimension Acceleration
Passive: Dango Rations