Watatsuki no Toyohime


Plentiful Temple of Wealth and Equality

The usual outfit of Toyohime from the Capital. It features a white cape denoting the sisters' elite status and a strange eye patch.

Plentiful Temple of Wealth and Equality
Voice Lines
Temperament: Izhdubar

Izhdubar (a Touhou LW original) refers to one of the Apollo asteroids - asteroids with orbits that cross over the Earth's orbit. It is similar to the moon but also completely different, which is fitting for the mysterious Toyohime of the Capital. Her temperament is not limited to the usual archetypes because the colossal system of the Capital is altering it. This temperament is specialized to solely resist Earth Phase.

Ability: Capable of linking the sea and the mountain (Concealed)

The ability of the secret Watatsuki no Toyohime. Her ability doesn't appear to be any different from the usual Toyohime, but it may have been redeveloped with different underlying principles. It seems the purpose for this varies depending on which world she is assigned to. However, the primary cause is unknown and requires further investigation. Quantum Purging Fan (A Toyohime Original): An invention used by this Toyohime of the Capital. The old purging fan was altered and customized with Toyohime's innovations. Toyohime's role in the Capital is to supply provisions. However, this is not just limited to food, as it encompasses all resources and materials. This is why Toyohime also invented the instruments of peace (weapons) used by the Capital's various peacekeeping organizations. The Quantum Purging Fan is a straightforward instrument that blows quantum waves to break down objects to their fundamental particles. Breaking something down to its fundamental particles removes any space that impurities could seep into, thus, purifying it... Yorihime received the Eirin Peace Prize for this discovery. Toyohime controls the fan's firepower by making minute adjustments and switching between focus and spread modes through her specially made eyepatch. Femto Fiber Cleaner: One of Toyohime of the Capital's great inventions. This tiny device contains a system to avoid impurity with built-in femto fibers (interwoven cords of instants). Toyohime made use of the fact that impurities can not adhere to femto fibers to redirect the absorption of impurities, preventing any from attaching to the body of whoever holds the device. Even more impressive is that Toyohime refined this innovative device to such an extent that it can be bought cheaply as a daily commodity. She also gives them as gifts to Yorihime and her fellows. Apparently, some sort of liquid crystal pet simulation game on a keychain with a built-in Femto Fiber Cleaner was all the rage among the Capital's youth for a time. Mr. Lollipop Mk. 1 (A Toyohime Original): An invention used by this Toyohime of the Capital. This is a highly-sophisticated candy vending machine that can also produce candy. The device can apparently combine the two basic flavors of kanju (tide-ebbing jewel) and manju (tide-flowing jewel) in varying proportions to replicate any taste imaginable. The nutrients are also formed on the atomic level with a 3D printing device, so it can create candy from any base material. However, Mr. Lollipop can only make ball-shaped candy - nothing else. (The reasons for this are a mystery.) Apparently, all the kids in the Capital start booing whenever mint-flavored candy pops out, much to the dismay of Toyohime, who thinks the mint-flavored sweets also taste good...


Hirakiki's Pure Well

The Spread Shot of Watatsuki no Toyohime from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a barrage of her original ball-shaped candy. Pure wells are called tama-no-i in Japanese, and they provide access to good clean water - This is represented by Toyohime's staff (Mr. Lollipop Mk. 1) that infinitely dispenses candy. Since Toyohime puts her life on the line to invent, produce, and supply, she would like for this staff to be used as her tombstone. However, it is unknown whether the concept of death actually applies to her or not...

  • Yin-Yang Candy
  • Amber Yin-Yang Candy
  • Black Yin-Yang Candy
  • Yin-Yang Lozenge
  • White Yin-Yang Candy
  • Salmiak Yin-Yang Liquorice
Quantum Purging Fan

The Focus Shot of Watatsuki no Toyohime from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a fan that is supposedly capable of reducing an entire forest down to elementary particles. Elementary particles are the smallest possible particles that all matter consists of. When something has been reduced to such a size, there shouldn't be any trace of life remaining. This means there is no more life or death... thus, no impurities. Is this why it's called the ''Purging'' Fan?!

  • Quantum Purging Beam
  • Charged Purging Beam
  • Neutral Purging Beam
  • Electromagnetic Purging Beam
  • Anti-Matter Purging Beam
  • Magic Purging Beam
Dragon Palace: Otohime Banquet

A Spell Card of Watatsuki no Toyohime from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by putting on a lavish feast. Instead of going for an old-fashioned Manchu-Han Imperial Feast, she has decided to challenge herself with a buffet-style format. Toyohime's guests are treated to a beautiful and eccentric banquet practically every night. Nothing brings Toyohime more joy than seeing her guests happily devour a big meal. Does this Toyohime still remember that smile she witnessed so long ago?

  • Dragon Palace Banquet
  • Plum Hors-d'oeuvre
  • Apricot Soup
  • Jujube Poisson
  • Peach Sorbet
  • Chestnut Entree
Dragon Palace: Tamate Box

A Spell Card of Watatsuki no Toyohime from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she opens the forbidden box. This box mustn't be opened no matter what, even though it was given as a souvenir. This is a portable version of a common motif in legends where it is taboo to look at something. Since the box's contents do not affect reality unless the box is opened, you could consider it a type of quantum superposition. It teaches the value and fragility of a promise.

  • Forbidden Tamatebako
  • Taboo Tamatebako
  • Cursed Tamatebako
  • Smoke of Betrayal
  • Smoke of Aging
  • Smoke of a Promise
Stone Tears That Nourish a Nation

The Last Word of Watatsuki no Toyohime from the Capital (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she causes it to rain droplets of a solution that contains all the nutrients a body needs. Toyohime designed this mechanism to continuously provide every resource even after she is gone from this world. This is her prayer to become like a mother who cares for her children, an older sister who worries over her younger sibling, and a queen who provides for her people... Her prayer to become a true ocean. Not even the gods of the Capital knew whether this prayer could be fulfilled or whether it was merely an overly ambitious dream. Incidentally, this solution (a kind of syrup made with the same ingredients as her ball-shaped candy) does not just contain all the nutrients a body needs. It is the ultimate food that also contains various antibodies and microscopic self-learning machines.

  • Comprehensive Nutrition Solution
  • Multi-Vitamin Solution
  • Multi-Mineral Solution
  • Protein Solution
  • Energy Solution
  • Microscopic Machines


Skill: Classic Peach

Toyohime's recommended original peach-flavored candy. This candy boasts the highest gross sales by a wide margin.

Skill: Popular Pomegranate

This pomegranate-flavored candy is really popular with the Capital's youth and is a long-standing best-seller.

Skill: New Fruit Punch

Toyohime's long-awaited and surprising new invention. Even though it's called a punch, it only uses four different flavors.

Passive: Anti-Kaiju Defense
Passive: Quantum Shield
Passive: Manchu-Han Imperial Feast