Youmu Konpaku


Lunar War Gardener

Youmu's outfit for the final Lunar Base battle. The ghost princess commissioned the kappa to create her two beam swords.

Lunar War Gardener
Voice Lines
Temperament: Goufuu

Goufuu (a Touhou LW original) refers to a great gale in Hell that blows in proportion to the evil deeds committed by those who have fallen down there. This temperament embodies Youmu's position as the Netherworld's envoy and the servant to the manager of the Netherworld. This Youmu's temperament was artificially augmented by science since her original temperament lost its magic. This temperament is specialized to solely resist Moon Essence.

Ability: Capable of sword fighting (Sealed)

Youmu Konpaku's sealed ability. It was most likely sealed away due to the incident, and it hasn't fully recovered since. The reason for this is still unclear and requires further investigation. Youmu Konpaku's Specialized Military Outfit: The design and manufacture of this outfit were solely based on the knowledge from the manager of the Netherworld, Yuyuko Saigyyouji's Knowledge Institute... or at least, it was meant to be. They ended up outsourcing much of the work to Kappa Industries (a group of manufacturing plants headed by Nitori). All of the specialized military outfits are equipped with barrier chaff. Phantom Half Bit: Youmu lost her nature as a phantom, so the existence of her phantom half was sustained by making it virtual. The phantom half can safely take its usual form anytime outside of battle, but it becomes incredibly small and is stored inside her outfit during combat because so much energy is expended when fighting. However, the phantom half returns to its normal size to attack when Youmu uses specific sword techniques. Beam Roukanken and Beam Hakurouken: Youmu's main weapons. The spirit power that was lost from her Roukanken and Hakurouken was replaced with lightning power. The blades of the swords are still present within the beams. It was extremely difficult to get the swords to misidentify lightning power as spirit power, and this was only made possible when Kappa Industries received authorization to access the archive of the Divine Spirit Mausoleum's Futo and Tojiko. The kappa call this lightning power that is a substitute for artificial spirit power, Natural Force (it is not known where this name came from). When the blades are coated in this Natural Force, they become glowing beams of light. Trance Headset: This device is equipped with an artificial spirit sensor and virtual spirit-talk comms to replace Youmu's spirit sense that was sealed away. The development of this headset by Kappa Industries was inspired by the design of Miko's earmuffs. A Poltergeist Player is built into the device. It provides support or interference depending on which of the songs modeled after performances by Lunasa, Merlin, and Lyrica are selected to be played. Electric Neural Spirit Root Net: A network device made up of mental information traced from Yuyuko's lingering attachments as a ghost. It is deployed within the outfit's inner layer to support Youmu during battle and control various spirit devices (Spirit Shocker, Spirit Sword Wall, Ghost Assist, etc.). Yuyuko's lingering attachments are so strong and free-spirited that they had to be bound with a sub-network based on the roots of a certain youkai cherry blossom tree.


Phantom Half

Youmu Konpaku (Lunar War Gardener)'s Spread Shot. Her phantom half attacks with artificial sword strikes. The Phantom Half Bit's volume is restricted during battles in order to conserve Natural Force energy. However, it returns to its usual size when attacking, like during this Shot. This attack displays the true specs of Youmu's other half.

  • Phantom Half Bit Activation
  • Artificial Slash Method A1
  • Artificial Slash Method B1
  • Artificial Slash Method B2
  • Artificial Slash Method B3
  • Artificial Slash Method C1
Bizarreness of Six Realms

Youmu Konpaku (Lunar War Gardener)'s Focus Shot. She attacks by unleashing slash bullets from her two swords powered by Natural Force. The Netherworld where this Youmu used to live is a place of rest for souls and is connected to not only the hellish realm but all Six Realms. The Six Realms, also known as Samsara, consist of the heavenly realm, human realm, demi-god realm, animal realm, hungry ghost realm, and the hellish realm. Thus, Youmu may have had the opportunity to learn from various beings... Though phantoms, which are the main ones who pass through the Netherworld, cannot talk.

  • Heavenly Realm Bizarreness
  • Human Realm Bizarreness
  • Demi-God Realm Bizarreness
  • Animal Realm Bizarreness
  • Hungry Ghost Realm Bizarreness
  • Hellish Realm Bizarreness
Sword Skill: Cherry Blossom Flashing

Youmu Konpaku (Lunar War Gardener)'s Spell Card. She strikes with a beautiful slash that scatters cherry blossom petals. The falling of cherry blossom petals is seen as a metaphor for death, but it was originally used as a metaphor to signify mourning for those who died. Youmu apparently came up with the idea for this Spell Card while pruning plants. There is a reason why her code name is Gardener.

  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-z
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-z1.1
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-z2.1
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-z2.2
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-z3.1
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-z3.2
Reincarnation Sword: Slash of Circular Vicissitude

Youmu Konpaku (Lunar War Gardener)'s Spell Card. She unleashes such a fast flurry of sword strikes that it looks like she is painting a circle of light. The word for the center of a circle in Japanese is enshin (made up of the characters for circle and heart), and it also means a heart searching for Nirvana. Maybe Youmu will find her Nirvana through mastering the way of the sword... Perhaps her grandfather has an opinion on the matter.

  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-e
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-e1.1
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-e2.1
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-e2.2
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-e2.3
  • Sword Technique Assist PGM-e3.1
Spirit Power Dual Wave Cut

Youmu Konpaku (Lunar War Gardener)'s Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She uses her two artificial spirit power beam swords that consist of concentrated Natural Force energized to the utmost limit. For some reason, it looks like Youmu bears the weight of the setting sun on her shoulders in this attack. When her two swords' output is at max, they become charged with cherry blossom-colored qi and can even cut waves that are not visible to the naked eye. This is called Wave Cutting Mode. In other words, they're super powerful beam swords.

  • Sun Sword Technique PGM-x
  • Sun Sword Technique PGM-x1.1
  • Sun Sword Technique PGM-x2.1
  • Sun Sword Technique PGM-x2.2
  • Sun Sword Technique PGM-x3.1
  • Sun Sword Technique PGM-x3.2


Skill: play:manic

Manic notes invigorate and excite but can also sometimes induce madness. The music is played from an archive of performances by the second-born poltergeist sister.

Skill: play:melancholic

Melancholic notes calm the mind but can also sometimes lead to depression. The music is played from an archive of performances by the eldest poltergeist sister.

Skill: play:illusional

Illusional notes are notes that do not exist - notes that are dead. The music is played from an archive of performances by the third oldest poltergeist sister.

Passive: Spirit Shock
Passive: Sword Spirit Wall
Passive: Ghost Assist