Lunasa Prismriver


Eldest Memory Leaker Sister

The usual outfit of Lunasa, the electronic musician. She's also secretly a memory hacker.

Eldest Memory Leaker Sister
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kata Zensen

Kata Zensen (a Touhou LW original) refers to a weather front formed when bodies of warm and cold air collide and descend together. This is the temperament of Lunasa, one of the three poltergeist sisters, who use music made by combining electrical signals and spirit energy to hack into the spirit world. Her temperament was reformed by exchanging magical principles for the laws of physics. This temperament is specialized to resist Moon Essence and Star Essence.

Ability: Capable of performing melancholic notes (Concealed)

The ability of Lunasa Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). Lunasa's original ability became this one when it was concealed by the system of the Capital. However, due to miscellaneous adjustments and the construction of alternate functions, Lunasa's melancholic note-performing capabilities are unchanged. Assuming that poltergeists alter themselves in order to continue existing, what kind of forms can they take? One clue lies in the historic discovery of animal electricity. It went on to be named galvanism by a revered academic and is what gives life to organic beings... In other words, it's what powers the soul. To humans who live in an age where scientific knowledge has spread far and wide, electricity is nothing but an abundantly available, inorganic energy resource. However, when something is newly discovered, it is considered mystical and mysterious, whatever that thing may be. Whether it's a new system, a new mechanism, a new item, a new aspect of culture, or a new member of your household... it's always something otherworldly introduced by a marebito. It feels like magic and becomes a focal point around which strange phenomena occur. The artificial human created by sewing corpses together and brought to life with lightning is a prime example of the mysteries attributed to electricity. There are even reports of people receiving messages from the dead through electronic voice phenomena. It's understandable how someone might believe that electricity is the essence of life and the true form of spirits. The soul is made of plasma, and the spirit world is simply the ionosphere located far up in the sky. That's why the theremin is such a creepy instrument and why tales of spooky sounds continue to be told, existing now as digital data stored on compact disks or online. Since souls are electricity, all of that is to be expected. But Lunasa and her sisters realized something. Since they control instrument phantoms, surely they could also freely control the electronic world. The tool for interacting with that world is a piece of equipment known as a ''keyboard,'' but the keyboard is Lyrica's specialty. And if Lunasa and Merlin were to use their own favorite instruments, they could input data at break-neck speeds. They could hack the world with their musical performances. This world's Prismriver Sisters were certain this was a monumental discovery, for to them, the electronic world is the spirit world made up of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. Working together with Alice, their discovery may aid in the liberation of Xanadu. Filled with hope, the three sisters began to think about how to make that possibility a reality.


Cocktail Party Effect

The Spread Shot of Lunasa Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She fires electronic sounds at her enemies. Even at a loud party, if someone calls out to you or is having an interesting conversation, your ears can pick up on it. But how is that possible? Perhaps that means you could listen to and comprehend ten conversations happening simultaneously... On second thought, that'd be impossible.

  • Melancholy A-Note
  • Melancholy B-Note
  • Melancholy C-Note
  • Melancholy D-Note
  • Melancholy E-Note
  • Melancholy F-Note
Ghost System

The Focus Shot of Lunasa Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She fires spirit energy noise at her enemies. The endeavor to communicate with the spirit world using electronic equipment even attracted famous inventors. In fact, many of history's great intellectuals spent their twilight years obsessed with the occult.

  • M-Type Poltergeist A-Note
  • M-Type Poltergeist B-Note
  • M-Type Poltergeist C-Note
  • M-Type Poltergeist D-Note
  • M-Type Poltergeist E-Note
  • M-Type Poltergeist F-Note
Noisy Sign: Live Poltergeist - Melancholic

A Spell Card of Lunasa Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She holds a concert where she plays melancholic noise. You only need to watch battles of bullets to see how important music is in Gensokyo. A shocking number of its inhabitants control their bullets with sound. In addition to instrument tsukumogami like the Tsukumo Sisters and Raiko Horikawa, there's also Kyouko Kasodani, who shouts to control her bullets; Kutaka Niwatari, who uses her whistle; and Mystia Lorelei and Wakasagihime, who sing.

  • LP Melancholy Set List No.1
  • LP Melancholy Set List No.2
  • LP Melancholy Set List No.3
  • LP Melancholy Set List No.4
  • LP Melancholy Set List No.5
  • LP Melancholy Encore
Noisy Funeral: Stygian Riverside - Melancholic

A Spell Card of Lunasa Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She recreates a musical performance that took place near the Sanzu River. Even among the souls of the dead, poltergeists are unique. The three poltergeist sisters are different beings from the deceased girls who share their names (Layla's true sisters), so they exist outside the bounds of the Yama-controlled reincarnation cycle. Apparently, they learned to play their respective instruments after Layla passed away. So it stands to reason that none of them should have memories of playing music with her. However, when they play together in the Ruined Western Mansion, memories of their days with Layla come flooding back to them...

  • SR Melancholy Set List No.1
  • SR Melancholy Set List No.2
  • SR Melancholy Set List No.3
  • SR Melancholy Set List No.4
  • SR Melancholy Set List No.5
  • SR Melancholy Encore
Lunasa Behind Closed Doors

The Last Word of Lunasa Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She performs an audience-less live show and streams it on the All Spirit Network. There was once a band called Yougakudan in Gensokyo. Or maybe they weren't a Gensokyo band. Either way, the band disappeared, but there are rumors that they've returned and are playing music under a different name. Their music was the music of the future. Thus, it occurred to this world's Lunasa that Yougakudan might've played music just like she is doing now...

  • BCD Melancholy Set List No.1
  • BCD Melancholy Set List No.2
  • BCD Melancholy Set List No.3
  • BCD Melancholy Set List No.4
  • BCD Melancholy Set List No.5
  • BCD Melancholy Encore


Skill: Chiptune

No item was created as an instrument. All instruments were originally tools designed for some other purpose.

Skill: Chill Out

Music isn't just about getting fired up. Some things can only be appreciated when you're good and relaxed.

Skill: Lofi Hip Hop

Rhythm and melody are great, but you can also enjoy music for the way it layers together different sounds.

Passive: Rapping Canceller
Passive: Compressor
Passive: Melancholic FX Pedal