Lyrica Prismriver


Youngest Memory Leaker Sister

The usual outfit of Lyrica, the electronic musician. While the sisters are hacking, Lyrica takes the lead.

Youngest Memory Leaker Sister
Voice Lines
Temperament: Split Weather Front

Split Weather Front (a Touhou LW original) refers to high-altitude cold fronts that split from larger cold fronts. This is the temperament of Lyrica, one of the three poltergeist sisters, who use music made by combining electrical signals and spirit energy to hack into the spirit world. Her temperament was reformed by exchanging magical principles for the laws of physics.This temperament is specialized to resist Moon Essence and Star Essence.

Ability: Capable of performing illusionary notes (Concealed)

The ability of Lyrica Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). Lyrica's original ability became this one when it was concealed by the system of the Capital. However, due to miscellaneous adjustments and the construction of alternate functions, Lyrica's illusionary note-performing capabilities are unchanged.Where is the world of the dead? According to one theory, it lies far up in the sky in the ionosphere. The ionosphere reflects specific frequencies of radio waves, making it possible to use it to send communications. If you were able to construct a network in the ionosphere―a type of ''sky net'' if you will―you could use it to monitor the entire planet. However, some believe there is another world of the dead, not in the sky but deep underground. They believe that while the kon (also known as hun) souls are less dense than air, the paku (also known as po) souls are heavier than air, and so sink beneath the ground.An underground spirit world might simply be referring to the world of fungi. Beneath forest floors, expansive fungal networks known as hyphae stretch out. They connect all the trees via their roots to form one organism. Fungi are decomposers, so it's plausible that a plant, animal, or even a human would be reincarnated as one. Furthermore, it's said fungi communicate by sending electrical signals through hyphae, which is highly reminiscent of how a nervous system works. The conclusion of this train of thought is that the samsara cycle could be a kind of food chain based on a given ecosystem.Regardless of what's been discussed above, maybe everything in this world is connected in some unexpected way, i.e., an invisible network. It's impossible to deny such a network may take the form of spiritual pathways, spiritual frequencies, or the spirit world. There's even the possibility that complex pseudo-electrical circuits embedded in the materials used to construct houses are projecting holograms that we call poltergeists.Lyrica is certain that if she continues to expand the Spirit World Network, she'll be able to travel anywhere. The network can be thought of as an ever-growing hypha, records of diving to the depths, or an accumulating log of hacked data. By inputting musical performances and outputting music, she can use it to access things faster than anyone else can. However, Lyrica has overlooked just one thing: there may be other like-minded individuals on the network...


McGurk Effect

The Spread Shot of Lyrica Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She fires electronic sounds at her enemies. If someone told you your sense of sight influences your hearing, would you believe them? It seems our senses are far more complex and mysterious than we could've ever imagined. Perhaps we mishear things because of the souls whispering in our heads. If it's true that sight influences hearing, that opens the doorway for infinite forms of musical expression.

  • Illusionary A-Note
  • Illusionary B-Note
  • Illusionary C-Note
  • Illusionary D-Note
  • Illusionary E-Note
  • Illusionary F-Note
Time Stream

The Focus Shot of Lyrica Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She fires spirit energy noise at her enemies. Apparently, there have been attempts made by those in the spirit world to communicate with the world of the living. The souls of the dead are conscious beings, so it makes sense that they would work together to try and accomplish this. If that's the case, then perhaps communicating with them won't be half as difficult as expected. Attempts to do so are essentially CETI (Communications with Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) but for dead souls.

  • P-Type Poltergeist A-Note
  • P-Type Poltergeist B-Note
  • P-Type Poltergeist C-Note
  • P-Type Poltergeist D-Note
  • P-Type Poltergeist E-Note
  • P-Type Poltergeist F-Note
Great Funeral Concert: Spirit Wheel Concerto Grosso - Illusion

A Spell Card of Lyrica Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She combines solo and group performances in this attack. Details about the future world's four Prismriver sisters are unknown. No reliable documentation that even hints at possible truths has been found. However, in this world, it seems they all fondly remember playing as a part of a quartet in front of the fire in the mansion's living room. These memories are false and far too idealistic, but to spiritual beings, they are as good as real.

  • CG Illusion Set List No.1
  • CG Illusion Set List No.2
  • CG Illusion Set List No.3
  • CG Illusion Set List No.4
  • CG Illusion Set List No.5
  • CG Illusion Encore
Noisy Sign: Live Poltergeist - Illusion

A Spell Card of Lyrica Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She plays a concert filled with illusionary noise. It's possible the Prismriver Ensemble was invited to perform at Hakugyokurou even before traveling between Gensokyo and the Netherworld became easy. Whether the Yama granted them special permission to do so or if it was authorized by those at Hakugyokurou is unclear. The three sisters haven't explicitly said why they perform in the Netherworld, but it's presumably because there's a chance they'll find Layla among the spirits waiting for reincarnation there.

  • LP Illusion Set List No.1
  • LP Illusion Set List No.2
  • LP Illusion Set List No.3
  • LP Illusion Set List No.4
  • LP Illusion Set List No.5
  • LP Illusion Encore
Lyrica Behind Closed Doors

The Last Word of Lyrica Prismriver, the electronic musician (a Touhou LW original). She performs an audience-less live show and streams it on the All Spirit Network. There was once a band called Yougakudan, who are said to have changed their name to Gengakudan, only to disappear. Even now, would their music be considered the sound of the future? Or has enough time passed for it to have become the sound of the past? The events of history are arranged in chronological order, but they aren't restrained by the shackles of time, for they all exist in their own ''now.''

  • BCD Illusion Set List No.1
  • BCD Illusion Set List No.2
  • BCD Illusion Set List No.3
  • BCD Illusion Set List No.4
  • BCD Illusion Set List No.5
  • BCD Illusion Encore


Skill: Drum and Bass

Are you a fan of high-tempo drums and heavy bass notes? Drum and bass is sure to raise your heart rate and expand your mind.

Skill: Dubstep

The soul of music doesn't lie in the precision of the notes played. Can you not hear the subwoofers boom?

Skill: Future Bass

Think electronic music is cold and unpleasant? Fear not, the electronic music of the future is wholesome and comforting.

Passive: Rapping Canceller
Passive: Maximizer
Passive: Illusionary FX Pedal