Fujiwara no Mokou


Defiant Blue Phoenix

Mokou from the Lunar Base's resignation outfit. The fighting spirit that once burned within her has vanished.

Defiant Blue Phoenix
Voice Lines
Temperament: Eijitsu

Eijitsu (a Touhou LW original) refers to a subsun, an optical phenomenon that appears as a glowing spot below the real sun. This is an apt temperament for this world's Mokou, a phoenix who has fallen to the ground. For some reason, it seems to be highly restrained due to interference by the colossal system of the Capital. This temperament is specialized to solely resist Moon Essence.

Ability: Capable of avoiding old age and death (Sealed)

The ability of Fujiwara no Mokou from the Lunar Base (a Touhou LW original). It's unclear whether her ability is the same as Mokous' from other worlds. To determine that, one first needs to understand the deep connection between her and the colossal system of the Capital. Ultimately, however, her immortality as a person of Hourai is unchanged from that of other worlds' Mokous. It may or may not be the same ability, but she's immortal nonetheless, meaning the mechanism behind her immortality may also differ. Humans are formed from a body and a soul, with the body ensuring their mortality. However, the soul allows them to traverse a fate beyond death and be reborn. Ordinary humans require both a body and a soul. A person of Hourai is someone who has gained immortality by drinking the Hourai Elixir. At this time (across all worlds), the following are the only known people of Hourai: Chang'e, Eirin Yagokoro, Kaguya Houraisan, Xu Fu, and Fujiwara no Mokou. It's theorized that the elixir works by combining the dual system of body and soul into one, meaning that people of Hourai have shed their original bodies and instead possess a body that has been merged with their soul. They are no longer a body and a soul - their soul IS their body. It's said their souls are indestructible, and this is probably because their souls have been given directivity, which ensures their temperament remains concentrated in one location rather than dispersing. It can be likened to a magnet or shape-memory alloy, but one could also say the fundamental particles that come together to form temperament are each embedded with memories. It's almost like genetic engineering has been performed to internally mark each particle with an identifying mark. It's also believed that memories stored in temperament are what fuel dreams, so no matter how far dispersed the temperament particles become, their need to cluster with similar particles returns them to the body from which they originated. This mechanism also staves off slowly accumulating and irreversible changes like old age and illness. It seems that only one with unprecedented genius and the ability to manipulate both eternity and the instantaneous could've created the mechanisms behind the people of Hourai's immortality. This world's Fujiwara no Mokou is undoubtedly a person of Hourai. But there's something different about her. Over her many years of fighting, her body has been destroyed and regenerated countless times. Her being should remain unchanged... and yet, she has changed. Maybe it's because of fatigue from battle. Or perhaps her changing is proof that the heart and mind are separate from a person of Hourai's soul. She cannot afford to flee from this fight, but fighting on is too much for her to bear. Without a heart, would she not suffer less? For now, one can only wait for her to open up. Just what took place between her and the Capital?


Snap Dragon

The Spread Shot of Fujiwara no Mokou from the Lunar Base (a Touhou LW original). She focuses her flames and fires them like a laser beam. According to one theory, Mokou's ability to produce flames is just one of the youjutsu she has acquired over the many years of her life. However, the exact mechanics of how these flames are produced is unknown. This world's Mokou can't seem to use this ability freely, perhaps due to her ability being sealed, and so resorts to using a piece of equipment called a fire starter for assistance. Even Mokou feels the heat of her flames, but the fire starter absorbs heat from its user to cool them down. It then uses the absorbed heat to strengthen Mokou's flames.

  • Imperfect Directive Laser
  • Imperfect Directive Fire Laser
  • Imperfect Directive Light Laser
  • Imperfect Directive High-Heat Laser
  • Imperfect Directive Red-Hot Laser
  • Imperfect Directive Heat-Emitting Laser
May Day

The Focus Shot of Fujiwara no Mokou from the Lunar Base (a Touhou LW original). She releases blue flames that cover the battlefield. ''May Day'' is a day on which workers commission for higher wages, while ''mayday'' is a message sent to request aid. This attack, however, is named after neither. Instead, it gets its name from the May Day Offensive, during which this world's Mokou used the attack for the first time. That day's battle has already faded into history, and Mokou no longer speaks of it.

  • May Day Offensive Memory Fuel
  • Old Memory Fuel
  • Disdained Memory Fuel
  • Regretful Memory Fuel
  • Confession Memory Fuel
  • Traumatic Memory Fuel
Hourai Doll

A Spell Card of Fujiwara no Mokou from the Lunar Base. This is an attack of an immortal. Fujiwara no Mokou is undoubtedly human, but people of Hourai are more accurately described as youkai. As such, Mokou's appearance and thoughts are human-like, but her physical composition and nature are distinctly non-human. That's right. She's like a doll made to look human.

  • Fake Paradise Bullet
  • Theorized Paradise Bullet
  • Imitation Paradise Bullet
  • Synthetic Paradise Bullet
  • Imagined Paradise Bullet
  • Fantasy Paradise Bullet
Hourai: Mizunoe no Uranoshimako and the Five-Colored Turtle

A Spell Card of Fujiwara no Mokou from the Lunar Base. There are records that tell of a human boy named Mizunoe no Uranoshimako and his visit to the Lunar Capital. Making his visit possible was Watatsuki no Toyohime, who has the ability to connect the sea (the moon) and mountains (the Earth). In Taoism, Hourai is the name of the mountain where the divine immortals live. The mountain itself sits upon the back of a giant spirit turtle, which swims in the Eastern sea, and it shares its origins with the Dragon Palace from Japanese myth.

  • The Tragedy of Mizunoe no Uranoshimako
  • Turtle Wood Temperament
  • Turtle Fire Temperament
  • Turtle Earth Temperament
  • Turtle Metal Temperament
  • Turtle Water Temperament
Genome Editor Above the Clouds

The Last Word of Fujiwara no Mokou from the Lunar Base (a Touhou LW original). And now, for a question. Can it be said that a person of hourai pre-resurrection and post-resurrection are the same individual? Yes, of course they can. So... what about a living person and the atomically identical version printed out after their death?

  • Compiler Activation Bullet
  • Flesh Compilation Bullet
  • Physical Compilation Bullet
  • Soul Compilation Bullet
  • Spiritual Compilation Bullet
  • History Compilation Bullet


Skill: Soul Ignition

One has no choice but to ignite their own soul. But doing so will certainly inspire others.

Skill: Burning Suit

Mokou can control the heat and spread of her flames at will. She uses this to defend her allies.

Skill: Heat Dispersion

Mokou's body is fiery hot, so she constantly has to cool it when she fights.

Passive: Diversion Flare
Passive: Painkiller
Passive: Soul Genome