Kogasa Tatara


Beach Umbrella Castaway

The usual outfit of Kogasa from the world delirious with eternal summer. The beach umbrella she uses as a bat is a part of her.

Beach Umbrella Castaway
Voice Lines
Temperament: Hange Ame

Hange Ame (a Touhou LW original) refers to early July rains, which often turn torrential. This is a perfect temperament for Kogasa, the karakasa-obake, who, even as a resident of the eternal summer world, loves the rain.Her umbrella functions as a parasol to block the heat! (Strong against Fire Phase.)And, of course, it's still totally waterproof! (Strong against Water Phase.)Kogasa is a talented blacksmith, so she can reshape her umbrella as she pleases! (Strong against Metal Phase.)But she still gets blown away by the sea breeze... (Weak against Wood Phase.)With her umbrella being, well, umbrella-shaped, she will inevitably get carried off by the sea breeze (not to mention washed away by the waves). Baseballs get carried by the wind too, but for Kogasa, maybe that's not such a bad thing.

Ability: Capable of surprising humans (Beach)

The ability of Kogasa Tatara from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). This Kogasa's ability is not all that different to the Kogasas from other worlds. Since learning about baseball, she's been diligently practicing her swing. Youkai aren't known for taking things seriously, but Kogasa needs to surprise people to survive.As Kogasa was reading the free tengu newspaper aloud, she came across the headline ''Bullet Battle Ball Sport Festival: Occult Bowl Gets Underway!'' She pictured a huge stadium packed with youkai and humans and began imagining winning the whole tournament in front of the crowd. ''I could surprise enough people to never go hungry again,'' she thought. She had no interest in the Wishing Ball that would be given to the winner but figured she could use the prospect of the free wish it grants to attract teammates. After all, there were no solo sports in the Occult Bowl. You needed to register as a team to take part, and baseball was far from the only sport on the event list.''Gather up! Steel Bullet Baseballers!'' Kogasa was on the hunt for as many players and coaches with a talent for bullet battles and ball sports as she could find. The tournament would involve baseball, soccer, volleyball, dodgeball, and more, all played on the beach. It was clear as day that anyone not in a swimsuit would be at a massive disadvantage. Kogasa needed teammates who owned a swimsuit and who were good at ball sports and bullet battles... It seemed inevitable she'd end up with her usual crew.''Just you wait, village kids! I'm about to give you a big surprise!'' When it came to surprising people, Kogasa had found human children were the best targets. They were too young to try and cover up their surprise and always reacted in the cutest ways. The girls complimented her swimsuit, and the boys blushed as they gave her flowers. Plus, baseball has always been popular among kids!''Hey, wait. I coulda sworn there were other youkai living in the village besides me...'' said Kogasa. The Hakurei Shrine maiden's face went bright red. Though she would never admit it, there were a fair few youkai hiding in the village. They didn't cause any trouble since they knew the shrine maiden wouldn't stand for it if they did. However, a youkai's pride won't allow them to always live in harmony with those around them. Every now and then, they simply have to stir up trouble. Isn't that right... Banki?! (Sekibanki is often called Banki by her closest youkai friends.)


Multiplying Hit

The Spread Shot of Kogasa Tatara from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). The baseball she strikes multiplies in this attack. What benefit is there to a multiplying hit, you say? It'll surprise the fielders and they won't know which ball to go after. While they're panicking, you can round the bases! No one can agree whether the batter is out if the fielders catch one of the balls, or if they have to catch all of them.

  • Forked-River Blacksmithing 1
  • Forked-River Blacksmithing 2
  • Forked-River Blacksmithing 3
  • Forked-River Blacksmithing 4
  • Forked-River Blacksmithing 5
  • Forked-River Blacksmithing 6
Spray Hitter

The Focus Shot of Kogasa Tatara from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). She skillfully swings and hits in this attack. In theory, you can control the flight of a baseball by adjusting what part of the bat you strike it with and how much power you use. But when one comes hurtling at you, is it really possible to make such fine adjustments? Kogasa's great at dodging bullets, but that doesn't really come in handy here.

  • Torrential Opposite Field Hit Splash
  • Flowing Opposite Field Hit Splash
  • Trickling Opposite Field Hit Splash
  • Trickling Pull Hit Splash
  • Flowing Pull Hit Splash
  • Torrential Pull Hit Splash
Umbrella Sign: One-Legged Return Hit - SUN

A Spell Card of Kogasa Tatara from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). Whether intentionally or not, she strikes the ball directly back at the pitcher. It's likely this Spell Card was originally known as Umbrella Sign: One-Legged Return Hit. The SUN in the name seems to be a pun based on an alternative reading of the Japanese character for umbrella. Speaking of the sun, it seems natural to assume this world's eternal summer is connected to the sun. But if that's the case, how could you get things back to normal?

  • Surprise Return Hit
  • Surging Return Hit
  • Blinding Return Hit
  • Howling Return Hit
  • Thundering Return Hit
  • Shocking Return Hit
Leaping Umbrella: Stormy Weather Stadium

A Spell Card of Kogasa Tatara from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). She recalls a somewhat lonely stadium. It's likely this Spell Card was originally known as Leaping Umbrella: Stormy Weather Surprise. It's common for normal matches to be cut short if the weather is particularly bad. But since the rain doesn't affect Kogasa, she excels at times like that. Even after all the spectators have left, she keeps playing. Domed stadiums really are a great innovation...

  • Orderly Spectatorless Match
  • Forlorn Spectatorless Match
  • Silent Spectatorless Match
  • Lonesome Spectatorless Match
  • Solemn Spectatorless Match
  • Solitary Spectatorless Match
Amenomahitotsu Grand Slam

The Last Word of Kogasa Tatara from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). Whatever type of ball comes flying at her, she strikes it back and secures four points. Striking baseballs (and iron) is what Kogasa does best. Her skill has surpassed the realm of youkai and is closer to that of the gods. But for Kogasa, that's beside the point. She's on the eternally sunny beach, focused on improving her swing. Her goal is to one day hit a breathtaking grand slam in front of a packed stadium. Until she sees that look of surprise on thousands of faces, she'll be on the beach practicing.

  • Amenomahitotsu Hit
  • Amenomahitotsu 2-Base Hit
  • Amenomahitotsu 3-Base Hit
  • Amenomahitotsu Home Run
  • Amenomahitotsu Grand Slam
  • Match-Winning Grand Slam


Skill: Miss Flamingo

An umbrella and a girl come together as one. Them taking up two spots on the batting list is surely unfair, though!

Skill: Kogasa the Cannon

It's common to liken anyone who hits a home run to a cannon. That would make Kogasa a rapid-fire cannon!

Skill: Home Run Hitter

Nobody's ever hit two home runs in their first at-bat. But Kogasa might just be able to pull it off...

Passive: Drama and Surprise
Passive: Rookie of the Year to Triple Crown Winner
Passive: Unforgettable Next Level Swing