Miyoi Okunuda


Waitress of Beach House Kourindou

The usual outfit of Miyoi from the world delirious with eternal summer. She uses her waitress skills to shoot beautiful bullets.

Waitress of Beach House Kourindou
Voice Lines
Temperament: Takashio

Takashio (a Touhou LW original) refers to a storm surge, a rise in sea level caused by low-pressure weather systems. This is the perfect temperament for Miyoi from the world of eternal summer. The laws of Phases and Essences completely fell apart, freeing the whalish girl who was supposed to live in an ocean-less Gensokyo! ''A different pub late at night...? Wh-Where did you hear about that?!'' (Strong against Moon Essence.) ''I possessed an oni's gourd so I could freely walk around outside... What?! How did you already know that?! (Strong against Star Essence.) ''Drinks get spilled all the time in the beach house and the pub!'' (Strong against Water Phase.) ''I'd prefer it if everyone kept their nose out of my affairs.'' (Weak to Wood Phase.) Miyoi is very mysterious no matter which world she is from. But the truths that these mysteries conceal aren't necessarily the same in every world.

Ability: - Ability Unknown -

The ability of Miyoi Okunoda from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). This ability isn't all that different from the abilities of Miyois from other worlds... Wait, what was her ability in our world, again? Perhaps it's being a good cook or maybe just a good person in general. There are rumors of strange phenomena occurring around her, but you can't believe every rumor you hear. The other Miyois might be different, but this world's Miyoi decided she wanted to try participating in battles of bullets. However, ''battles'' in the Gensokyo of Eternal Summer are basically synonymous with playing at the beach, and there's nothing strange about a girl Miyoi's age wanting to play with all her friends. Fortunately, her job at the beach house isn't that busy. In fact, she applied to be a waitress there because she wanted to join in on the battles of bullets. It would have been difficult for Miyoi to collect the materials necessary for a swimsuit on her own, but she had no trouble collecting the fabric offcuts that everyone else threw away. Is this that sustainability thing everyone talks about in the outside world? Her swimsuit may be made out of scraps, but the quality leaves nothing to be desired. The owner of Beach House Kourindou is exceptionally skilled. Not only can he perceive information about tools, but he is also good at combining them, as shown with Marisa's mini hakkero. And, of course, he's an expert tailor, too, evidenced by the shrine maiden clothes he's made. Just look at this swimsuit. It's absolutely stunning! Battles of bullets in this world are more than just games. They are a means of defense against the lost fairies. Miyoi knew this. Of course, she also wanted to play, but her decision to participate in battles of bullets mostly came from a genuine desire to help people. Miyoi actively assisted the humans in evacuating the village when it sank beneath the waves, and she played a big part in making the new village what it is today. However, her motives are only partially altruistic. She wants to regain the life she has lost. ''I want to welcome everyone back to that pub,'' proclaims the beached waitress with a burning passion.


Malty Taste

The Spread Shot of Miyoi Okunoda from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a sweet and refreshing drink. Malt is germinated cereal grain that has been dried. It is used to create a variety of products, one of which is mizuame, made out of malted barley. Mizuame is a sweetener often used in wagashi and can even be eaten by itself as a tasty treat. Sit back and enjoy the eternal summer with Miyoi's sweet and refreshing cola.

  • Base Malt Fragrance
  • Base Malt Flavor
  • Kilned Malt Fragrance
  • Kilned Malt Flavor
  • Caramel Malt Fragrance
  • Caramel Malt Flavor
Hopping Fragrance

The Focus Shot of Miyoi Okunoda from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a slightly bitter drink. Hops are the flowers of the hop plant. Historically, they have been used in herbal medicine for their antibacterial effects. Apparently, cola was also originally created as a medicinal drink by combining various herbs and spices. Perhaps our genius pharmacist could shed some light on this.

  • Antibacterial Hops
  • Hops for Foam
  • Hops for Translucency
  • Hops for Refreshing Flavor
  • Golden Hops
  • Fragrant Hops
Whale Sign: Big Fish in a Vase

A Spell Card of Miyoi Okunoda from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). Whales were thought to be fish in the past, as indicated by the old Japanese name for whale - ''isana,'' meaning ''brave fish.'' There's no way something as big as a whale could fit inside a vase. However, those salamander-like creatures are apparently the juvenile forms of whales, and they can easily fit inside one. But why would you put such creatures in a vase anyway?

  • Tiny Whale
  • Average-Sized Whale
  • Large Whale
  • Big Whale
  • Giant Whale
  • Glorious Whale
Botan: Mountain Whale Flood Gate

A Spell Card of Miyoi Okunoda from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). Mountain whales, or ''yama-kujira'' in Japanese, is another name for wild boar. This name came about because of the historic bans on the consumption of four-legged animals and chickens in Japan. The people of the past found inventive ways to circumvent these rules, like pretending rabbit meat was bird meat, which led to rabbits being counted with the same word as birds in modern-day Japanese. Calling boar mountain whales follows the same logic since whales were thought to be fish in the past, and everyone was allowed to eat fish. This may seem dishonest, but meat is just that delicious. The protein is also good for you. Incidentally, wild boar hot pot is called botan nabe, but this is for an entirely different reason. It is named as such because the way the boar meat is arranged in the pot resembles a ''botan,'' the Japanese word for ''peony.''

  • Dashing Mountain Whale
  • Blitzing Mountain Whale
  • Sprinting Mountain Whale
  • Bolting Mountain Whale
  • Charging Mountain Whale
  • Stampeding Mountain Whale
Fantasy Pub - Sanshoku Geidontei

The Last Word of Miyoi Okunoda from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). She happily swims about in an ocean of divine beverage. There is a myth about how an elixir of eternal life was created by churning up an ocean, though it might not be relevant to his attack. Surely everyone has wished for cola to pour out of their tap at home, and the ultimate progression of this idea is an ocean of cola. The whale probably blows out cola from its blowhole too. The thing about cola rotting your teeth is just an old wives' tale. Don't worry about it. Just raise a glass, and say... CHEERS!

  • Cola Ocean
  • Caramel-Colored Milky Ocean
  • Cola-Flavored Sea
  • Caramel-Colored Current
  • Cola Spray
  • Caramel-Colored Storm Surge


Skill: Root Beer

Wow! What a distinctive taste...! Is this really cola?

Skill: Craft Cola

Homemade cola. The secret to the great flavor is the combination of spices.

Skill: Vanilla Flavor

The taste can be polarizing, but it's nice to drink something different every once in a while.

Passive: Like a Waitress to Water
Passive: Beachside Suima
Passive: Beach House Zashiki-Warashi