Satori Komeiji


The Girl Even the Beachgoers Fear

The usual outfit of Satori from the world delirious with eternal summer. Her basket is filled with everyone's favorite foods.

The Girl Even the Beachgoers Fear
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kaitei Funka

Kaitei Funka (a Touhou LW original) refers to a volcanic eruption on the sea floor. This is an apt temperament for Satori Komeiji from the world of eternal summer. Did you know that the tropical islands, the symbols of eternal summer, were created by volcanic eruptions? The laws of Phases and Essences have vanished. Satori dreams of the day she can return to the Underworld with all the memories of this Gensokyo intact. It's all she thinks about. Satori cools off under a tree. (Strong against Wood Phase.) She stares up at the beautiful sky. (Strong against Metal Phase.) ''Let's visit as many places as we can.'' (Strong against Earth Phase.) ''...Huh? Where did Koishi go?'' (Weak against Star Essence.) Satori's often thought of as very reserved and mature. However, here in this Gensokyo, she's not afraid to hide her curiosity and acts far bolder than usual.

Ability: Capable of reading minds (Beach)

The ability of Satori Komeiji from the world of eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). This ability isn't all that different from the abilities of Satoris from other worlds. In a flooded Gensokyo, it's safe to say the Underworld has been fully submerged. With the now-uninhabitable Underworld in her heart, Satori is living on the surface once again. ''One day, we'll be able to return to the Underworld. So as far as the surface is concerned, we're just tourists.'' Satori is an unliked, shut-in youkai, who is sometimes teased for being self-deprecating and for having seemingly taken a real liking to the Underworld. This world's Satori Komeiji actually doesn't mind the surface world and is genuinely enjoying this Gensokyo's eternal summer. However, that's only because she has a home to return to. She knows this vacation will eventually come to an end. That's why she feels the importance of the present, and why she can enjoy herself so thoroughly. But that's enough of such talk... The youkai of the Underworld lost their homes and became wandering travelers. Wherever they go, they're visitors. That's why Satori makes her vacation plan ahead of time. She decides where she'll go, what she'll eat, what sights she'll see, what activities she'll try, what souvenirs she'll buy, and where she'll stay. She places all that information neatly on a timeline, which takes the form of a diorama. The plan will be altered countless times over, so the timeline will need to be broken down and remade. Trying to come up with the perfect vacation... was more fun than she could ever have imagined (for the Satori of this world, at least). Of course, she also enjoys spending time reading travel guides. She's an idealist and a perfectionist through and through. ''OK, everyone, next up is the flooded shrine-viewing tour. If we don't leave soon, the sun will set on us'' ''*yawn* Lady Satori, I'm beat'' ''Huh? I'm not done eating yet'' ''Big sis, buy me a souvenir'' Satori still hasn't gotten used to wearing her swimsuit, but while living up on the surface, she's trying to be as positive, as bold, and as true to herself as she can be. This world's Satori will travel on beyond the horizon, dragging her pets and her little sister with her. One day, she'll take it all back to the Underworld, and all she'll have left of this time will be memories.


Intuitively-Packed Basket

The Spread Shot of Satori Komeiji from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). She attacks using a basket filled with everyone's favorite foods. A picnic is one of the many ways you can enjoy a day out. Lunch is all the more delicious if you eat it while surrounded by nature. Wait a minute, since when can Satori cook...?

  • Basket Packed Without a Care
  • Basket Packed Without a Clue
  • Basket Packed Without a Worry
  • Basket Packed Without a Plan
  • Basket Packed Without a Thought
  • Basket Packed Without an Idea
Makeshift Lunch

The Focus Shot of Satori Komeiji from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). Satori is trying her best to make a lunch spread Koishi will like. She possesses the powerful ability to read minds but is unable to use it on her little sister. ''I wonder if she likes this...?'' Satori thinks to herself, relying solely on guesswork. It goes without saying that asking Koishi directly is out of the question.

  • Onigiri Made With Guesswork
  • Omelet Made With Great Effort
  • Octopus Wieners
  • Well-Researched Kinpira
  • Simmered Potatoes That Pack a Punch
  • First-Generation Home-Made Fried Chicken
Recollection: Pets' R&R

A Spell Card of Satori Komeiji from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). Satori is enjoying her vacation with her pets. She's kind-hearted and never forgets about the hard work they do on her behalf. That's right, she has a kind heart. ''I'm sure Orin said she liked this.'' ''I bet Okuu wants some of this.'' She gets ready and prepares all kinds of delicious treats. Satori is kind - like a nice old lady one might meet in the countryside.

  • Orin's Random Walk
  • Relaxing Zombie Fairies
  • Relaxing Phantoms
  • Okuu's Septentrion
  • Relaxing Underworld Fuel
  • Relaxing Vengeful Spirits
Recollection: Memories With Koishi

A Spell Card of Satori Komeiji from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). Satori is having a blast on vacation with Koishi. She never forgets to treat her little sister with kindness. ''I'm sure Koishi would want to eat this,'' she thinks to herself. Koishi closed her heart, but surely the thoughts and feelings within it remain. One day, she believes Koishi will open up her heart once more. Although, that makes her sound a bit like a toy doll, no?

  • Koishi's All-Consuming Love
  • Koishi's Unconscious Battle of Bullets
  • Koishi's Spur-of-the-Moment Battle of Bullets
  • Sisters' Lunchtime
  • Koishi's Hat
  • Sisters' Teatime
Perfect Vacation Plan

The Last Word of Satori Komeiji from the world delirious with eternal summer (a Touhou LW original). Satori is making the most of the summer with a vacation. Her trip around all of Gensokyo starts now! She's unsure of how long they'll stay on the surface, as presumably, they'll be able to return to the Underworld sometime... In the meantime, she wants to enjoy this Gensokyo and its eternal summer to the fullest. ''There's so many things to see, so many places to visit, and so much to eat! If we don't follow my vacation plan, there won't be enough time. So take those shortcuts, don't stay in one place more than an instant, and wolf down any local delicacies you see'' Whether or not that will make for an enjoyable trip, who knows? But at the very least, Satori will feel like they made the most of their time. ''All right, let's go!'' she says. And with that, Satori sets off on her vacation, dragging her pets kicking and screaming.

  • Tengu Travel Camera
  • Gazing up at the Sky With Orin
  • Gazing up at the Sky With Okuu
  • Kappa Waterproof Camera
  • Gazing at the Sea With Koishi
  • Priceless Vacation Memories


Skill: Refreshing Beverage

Time to cool off with a refreshing beverage. Tasting new drinks is all part of what makes a vacation fun.

Skill: Handy Travel Guide

A handy book showing where to go in Gensokyo. Naturally, it was written by the head of the Hieda Residence.

Skill: Waterproof Blanket

A must-have item for any beach trip. Best to pick one that's the same color as those from all the movies.

Passive: Tour Mania
Passive: Mind-Read Request
Passive: Vacation Rush