Flandre Scarlet


Vampire Pursuing the Hunter

Flandre with the twisted fate's guard outfit. Laevateinn comes with restrictions.

Vampire Pursuing the Hunter
Voice Lines
Temperament: Pulsating Aurora

Pulsating Aurora (a Touhou LW original) refers to an aurora where the lights flicker in the sky like they are pulsating. Perhaps the existence of this Flandre, who is broken in a slightly different way from the Flandre we know, is as unstable as an aurora. Her temperament has almost no connection to the natural laws of Phases. Vampires have many weaknesses in exchange for their tremendous abilities. However, the Flandre of this world does not have many weaknesses. In the world she originally came from, monsters were called "devils," but this did not really have any religious connotations. Perhaps this is why the vampires were not particularly sacrilegious or profane. Her old world was in the middle of some sort of renaissance where ancient demons and devils were beginning to be treated in the same way as gods and angels. (Flandre says she benefitted from the world being so silly.) She could not escape her weakness to the sun (sunlight), but water (spiritual cleansing) has actually become her forte.

Ability: Capable of destroying absolutely anything (Distorted)

The ability of Flandre Scarlet with the twisted fate. Unlike her original ability, this one has become multiplexed and localized from countless compounding distortions. This is a Flandre Scarlet from another world who did not follow the fate she was supposed to follow. The turning point was that her older sister disappeared earlier than she should have. In this Flandre's and her sister's world, there was a pivotal change in the general spiritual outlook on life that coincided with the European Renaissance of the Middle Ages. Western youkai had long existed in this world's Europe due to all the diverse faiths that were practiced, and the Scarlet Family was one of the most powerful groups of youkai. Flandre's older sister, the Devil Mistress, ruled the night and used her charisma to bring together the usually solitary youkai into the largest youkai organization in Europe. Just when the Scarlet Family was about to hit its peak, their reign ended with the sudden disappearance of the mistress. The empire that was even spoken of in human society was dying. The Scarlet Family was home to many youkai, even some from foreign lands, but they all went their separate ways in an instant... leaving only Flandre, her sister's mage, the mage's familiar, and the gatekeeper youkai. Not even the maids or the fairy under housemaids remained. Flandre didn't know why her sister disappeared, but she never once resented her. This is because she had a feeling they would reunite one day... Such a tale has not been recorded in any history annals of our timeline. However, since Flandre has spoken of this past, there is something that must be mentioned as a possibility. Unlike the Flandre of our world, it seems this Flandre used her twisted fate to alter her destructive impulses and ability into something more manageable. Apparently, the cost of this is that her energy efficiency has worsened. She prefers to fight by molding her destructive soul into the shape of Laevateinn and sealing it in place with armor magic. As a result, the Laevateinn's element has been reversed to embody "heated death" and emit extremely low-temperature flames. This matches her previous title of the Guard's Cold-Blooded Swordswoman... These things make this Flandre very different from the Flandre of our world. Back in this Flandre's previous world with diverse religions, there were some organizations that still adhered to the old faith and wanted to exterminate Remilia because she was a Devil. Flandre's main job was to deal with these vampire hunters and any others like them.


Human Mousetrap

The Spread Shot of Flandre Scarlet with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). She shoots out bullets in a spiral to catch mice. This is one of the traps that Flandre designed to try and combat the Hunter. You can see the effort she put in to make it effective while retaining the mechanism of a mousetrap.

  • Human Mousetrap
  • Human Pitfall Trap
  • Human Sticky Trap
  • Human Poison Bait Trap
  • Human Labyrinth Trap
  • Human Bear Trap
Neck Hunt Clock

The Focus Shot of Flandre Scarlet with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). She shoots decapitating bullets that spin like clocks. This is one of the traps that Flandre designed to try and combat the Hunter. You can clearly see her simple plan to corner the Clockwork Hunter.

  • Decapitating Clock Trap
  • Decapitating Star Clock Trap
  • Decapitating Grandfather Clock Trap
  • Decapitating Water Clock Trap
  • Decapitating Mechanical Clock Trap
  • Decapitating Clock Tower Trap
Forbidden Barrage: Starbow Break

A Spell Card of Flandre Scarlet with the twisted fate. This attack shows a vision of the world at sublight speed. It is unknown whether Flandre repeatedly accelerates to sublight speed and then decelerates or whether this is merely an illusion created by her bullets. However, the bullets she shoots are real, and the rainbow-tinted light of the stars falls alarmingly fast. The past that should be impossible to regain is sealed beyond the starbow.

  • Rainbow Star Destruction Bullet
  • Red & Orange Destruction Bullets
  • Yellow Destruction Bullet
  • Green Destruction Bullet
  • Blue Destruction Bullet
  • Indigo & Violet Destruction Bullets
Forbidden Barrage: Clock that Ticks Away the Past

A Spell Card of Flandre Scarlet with the twisted fate. She attacks with clocks that spin clockwise and anti-clockwise. There have been countless thought experiments about turning back time since antiquity, but the general consensus is that doing so is all but impossible. According to Chaos Theory, and since Laplace's Demon can't exist, countless futures can be derived from a single past. And multiple different pasts could have resulted in the present. To determine the correct past, you need to gather the correct information, but this is an uphill battle as the information could be lost to the overwhelming tide of entropy. Reality dictates that Flandre's strength alone is not sufficient to escape her twisted fate.

  • Clockwise Bullet
  • Entropy Boost Bullet
  • Anti-Clockwise Bullet
  • Entropy Reduction Bullet
  • Future Bullet
  • Past Bullet
Information Paradox

The Last Word of Flandre Scarlet with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). Flandre traps all information inside herself in this attack. This is one of the answers she arrived at when looking for a way to forcefully locate a trace of her sister, who had been lost forever. She feared information loss so much that she decided to collect every scrap of information and let nothing go. Even though she radiates heat, she makes sure to never let any information escape her. This point of madness deviates from the norm and cannot be understood... it is a singularity.

  • Madness Singularity Bullet
  • Information Fall Bullet
  • Secret Information Bullet
  • Information Attraction Bullet
  • Cold Emission Bullet
  • Existence Vaporization Bullet


Skill: Soul Drain

Flandre uses magic to suck up souls. However, it would be more accurate to say that she sucks up information.

Skill: Ghost Ignition

Flandre uses magic to light spirits on fire. Apparently, this utilizes her ability to destroy.

Skill: Heat Death

Her Laevateinn armor is imbued with spiritual and thermal death. It endlessly emits heat, so it is hot to the touch.

Passive: Cold Blooded Anti-Hunter
Passive: Loyal Bloody Battler
Passive: Scarlet Blood Relative