Hong Meiling


Immovable Demon's Gate

Meiling with the twisted fate's usual outfit. No one has ever passed through the gate without an appointment.

Immovable Demon's Gate
Voice Lines
Temperament: Fuujin

Fuujin (a Touhou LW original) refers to a cloud of dust and sand that is so thick it can block visibility. Meiling, as a member of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, takes great pride in blocking the sunlight for her mistress. Her temperament has almost no connection to the natural laws of Phases. Meiling can freely manipulate qi, so she should be able to alter the composition of her own temperament to some extent. Thus, it is possible that she has a completely different temperament in another world in a different situation. This Meiling shares a weakness to Sun Essence with her mistress from her sense of community spirit as a member of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. But she is resistant to Wood Phase, the main element of qigong.

Ability: Capable of using qi (Distorted)

The ability of Hong Meiling with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). Unlike her original ability, this one has become multiplexed and localized from countless compounding distortions. The Meiling of this world is extremely skilled in the manipulation of qi, just like the Meiling of our world. While not strictly accurate, it can be said that qi, as it is defined on the continent (predominantly through Taoism and senjutsu), is the same as the flow of magical and youkai energy. Thus, Meiling could probably use this ability to become the strongest if she so desired. However, she only ever uses her power for her mistress. When did Meiling first divert from her fated path? Nothing can be assumed about the Meilings of other worlds, but perhaps the Meiling of this world was originally a normal human. Her home city of wind and fragrance suddenly became a settlement of mist and fog owned by an empire far to the west. It is not known who she was at that time, which is why the reason she approached ''that girl'' remains a mystery. Did she want to steal from her because she was poor? Was she investigating her because she was a police officer? Was it because she worked as a bouncer for a certain store and was called the Rainbow Gatekeeper after the district in which she lived? Or was there another reason...? Either way, when Meiling found ''that girl,'' she was also found by her. Was Meiling a youkai before this? Or did she become a youkai after? She surely became a youkai at ''that time.'' ''That girl'' became Meiling's mistress. Meiling left her city and followed ''that girl'' to the capital in the heart of the empire. When she returned to her old city sometime later, she assumed that her hometown knowledge would prove useful in protecting that girl... her mistress, from the shadow of an angel fanatic. But the angel fanatic was surprisingly familiar with the lay of the land in the settlement, particularly the district where Meiling used to live... the district known as Little Tokyo. There are no other records about the aforementioned tale to compare it with, so there is no way of knowing whether it is fact or fiction. It is said that a tough and hardy Rainbow Gatekeeper stayed by the side of a girl, who was labeled a devil, to the very end. And when that devil suddenly disappeared, the gatekeeper disappeared too at the same time.


Earth Dragon Wave

The Spread Shot of Hong Meiling with the twisted fate. She attacks by stamping focused temperament into the ground. This attack is not usually suited to aerial battles, but it seems this Meiling can use it even while in the air. The world of qi is very complex.

  • Earth Dragon Wave
  • Young Dragon Wave
  • Becoming-the-Dragon Wave
  • Scaled Dragon Wave
  • Horned Dragon Wave
  • Responsive Dragon Wave
Sky Dragon Kick

The Focus Shot of Hong Meiling with the twisted fate. She uses the recoil of stamping qi into the ground to launch a flying kick high up into the air. This attack is complementary to the Earth Dragon Wave, so she should also only be able to use it close to the ground. But this Meiling somehow makes it work anyway. What's going on with this qi...? Incidentally, this attack seems to be one of Meling's favorites, irrespective of the world she comes from.

  • Sky Dragon Kick
  • Yellow Dragon Kick
  • Azure Dragon Kick
  • Winged Dragon Kick
  • Cloud Dragon Kick
  • Star Dragon Kick
Flower Sign: Colorful Light Lotus Flower Palm

A Spell Card of Hong Meiling with the twisted fate. She shoots out lots of qi in a pattern that looks like a rainbow lotus flower. A certain tengu once stated that this looks like it would bring good fortune. Apparently, there is an incredibly violent variant of this attack where Meiling transfers a large amount of qi directly into her opponent's body and then ignites it... There were rumors about this attack being super effective against devils and undead, but those were nothing more than rumors. There is no way that they could be true because her mistress is an undead devil.

  • Blue Lotus Palm
  • Seven-Colored Lotus Palm
  • Red Lotus Palm
  • White Lotus Palm
  • Rainbow Lotus Palm
  • Black Lotus Palm
Colorful Chinese Flower: Rainbow Tai Chi Chuan

A Spell Card of Hong Meiling with the twisted fate. She performs physical exercise that is good for the body and mind. While it is an exercise, she still releases qi in the form of bullets... A certain tengu questioned whether this exercise is really good for you or not, but it probably is since a person's flow of qi is directly linked to their health. There is a variant of this attack where Meiling unleashes waves of qi that ripple out over the ground. That variant seems to match the tai chi philosophy behind this exercise.

  • Spring-Colored Tai Chi Chuan
  • Summer-Colored Tai Chi Chuan
  • Seven-Colored Tai Chi Chuan
  • Colored Tai Chi Chuan
  • Autumn-Colored Tai Chi Chuan
  • Winter-Colored Tai Chi Chuan
Closing the Scarlet Devil Mansion Gate

The Last Word of Hong Meiling with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). She shows how much pride she takes in being the one who stands before the gate of this world's Scarlet Devil Mansion. When a gate is closed, it is a wall. But when it is opened, it becomes a path. A gate is a boundary that separates the grounds of a property from the outside. No one can meet the mistress without meeting Meiling first. She is also the sole resident of the Scarlet Devil Mansion who stands on the boundary and constantly watches the inside and outside simultaneously. She, of course, does not sleep on the job.

  • Closing the Gate Wave
  • Small Closing the Gate Wave
  • Average Closing the Gate Wave
  • Large Closing the Gate Wave
  • Super Closing the Gate Wave
  • Ultimate Closing the Gate Wave


Skill: Security Guard

She is the first wave of defense that keeps out any enemies of the Scarlet Devil Mansion. She is also the last wave.

Skill: Blue Dragon

The protection and blessings of the Azure Dragon are also the blessings of the planet Jupiter. The mirror image of Jupiter is the imaginary planet, Taisui.

Skill: Mysterious Qigong

Meiling is a youkai, but the species of youkai remains a mystery. Perhaps she is another one-of-a-kind youkai, as is common in paradise.

Passive: Confirmation
Passive: Diversion
Passive: Impassable Gate