Patchouli Knowledge


Loyal Elemental Magician

Patchouli with the twisted fate's usual outfit. The elements of magic are apparently temperaments.

Loyal Elemental Magician
Voice Lines
Temperament: Harugumori

Harugumori (a Touhou LW original) refers to the slightly cloudy weather that commonly occurs in spring. Patchouli, as a member of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, takes great pride in blocking the sunlight for her mistress. Her temperament has almost no connection to the natural laws of Phases. Patchouli can freely manipulate spirit magic, so she should be able to alter the composition of her own temperament to some extent. Thus, it is possible that she has a completely different temperament in another world in a different situation. This Patchouli is strong against Sun Essence and Moon Essence so she can defend her mistress, who is also her best friend. But she is weak to Star Essence, which universally governs time and space, as it is beyond her area of expertise.

Ability: Capable of manipulating all elements except star (Distorted)

The ability of Patchouli Knowledge with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). Unlike her original ability, this one has become multiplexed and localized from countless compounding distortions. The Patchouli Knowledge of this world is an extremely skilled practitioner of spirit magic, just like the Patchouli of our world. Spirit magic, as the name implies, is magic that focuses on the four classical elements and the spirits that govern them. However, it seems that Patchouli uses elements based on the eastern principle of the Five Phases. She is like a western magician of eastern magic. Also, most spirits in Gensokyo have forms that resemble tiny balls of fluff. It is thought that these spirits grow into spirits with specific powers or transform into beings similar to fairies through some unknown metamorphosis. Spirits are composed of temperament, and temperaments that are broken down to their purest form are the elements that form magic. When did this Patchouli first divert from her fated path? Nothing can be assumed about the Patchoulis of other worlds, but the Patchouli of this world first met the vampire, who would become her best friend at a juncture between the East and the West - a country once called Tianzhu. At that time, this country was being invaded by the empire due to the actions of a certain chartered company. It was only a matter of time until the political authority of this land passed over to the empire... In fact, Patchouli had predicted that the plan for this takeover was already complete. No one knows whether Patchouli was born in this country or immigrated from somewhere else. However, everyone knew that the wave of modernity was coming to crash into this country along with the empire. Everyone revered the power of heavy metals and chemical reactions. It was obvious that the traditional mysteries and secrets were being relegated to the darkness of the back alleys. That is why she went to those back alleys and closed herself off from the world along with those mysteries. Normal people are not allowed to dwell in that place, and once someone is drawn in, they can never leave. It is clearly another world, mad with a lack of common sense and suspicious aberrations... It was Makai - a world of magic. Makai was not a faraway land. It was a neighboring world that easily swallowed up anyone who strayed from the norms of society. Patchouli was the absolute ruler of her Makai of books that she cultivated herself. This city had become her domain... However, on the scale of Makai as a whole, it was merely a nameless out-of-the-way district. If she had continued along this path, she could have gained control over the neighboring cities and even those further away, then manipulated them from the shadows. If she had done that, then she may have even been able to protect this country from the empire. But why would she do that? ''I found you.'' She looked up to find someone she did not expect. The one who spoke was a person of the empire, evidenced by her clothing and skin that was even paler than Patchouli's, who never went out in the sun. A person from the empire came all this way to visit her. Before she even had time to consider disposing of this intruder like she would a bug and consigning her to death ... she realized that the girl before her looked like a princess. It is unclear who proposed the friendship first, but they became best friends. Since Patchouli loved that girl as a friend, she left her city and moved to the empire's capital. Her magic was extremely helpful in protecting that girl from sunlight. She worked to acquire more knowledge so that she could maybe learn to use magic that transcends time and space. That way, she might be able to assist that girl's fate. However, Patchouli had already suspected the truth that the elements do not include time and space. There are no other records about the aforementioned tale to compare it with, so there is no way of knowing whether it is fact or fiction. It is said that the wise and calm Unmoving Great Library stayed by the side of that girl, who was labeled a devil, to the very end. And when that devil suddenly disappeared, the sage disappeared too at the same time.


Summer Red

The Spread Shot of Patchouli Knowledge with the twisted fate. She attacks with a basic form of fire magic. There is nothing more magical than shooting a large fireball straight ahead. Is this one of Patchouli's third-level spells? This is definitely the most famous offensive spell.

  • Magic: Fireball
  • Yang Magic Catalyst: Sun Essence A
  • Magic: Flame Ball
  • Yang Magic Catalyst: Sun Essence B
  • Magic: Hellfire Ball
  • Yang Magic Catalyst: Sun Essence C
Winter Element

The Focus Shot of Patchouli Knowledge with the twisted fate. She attacks with a basic form of water magic. This magic summons a water vein at her opponent's feet, which shoots up a high-pressure water spout. Summoning a water vein cannot possibly be easy. However, Patchouli can probably accomplish this because spirit magic lets her borrow the power of spirits that govern nature.

  • Magic: Water Pillar
  • Yang Magic Catalyst: Moon Essence A
  • Magic: Fountain Pillar
  • Yang Magic Catalyst: Moon Essence B
  • Magic: Torrential Pillar
  • Yang Magic Catalyst: Moon Essence C
Fire Water Wood Metal Earth Sign: Philosopher's Stone

A Spell Card of Patchouli Knowledge with the twisted fate. She refines a Philosopher's Stone in this attack. There are many variations of the Philosopher's Stone, but this one is a type of magic amplifier. It is said that the Philosopher's Stone can provide a range of other unbelievable effects. However, it seems Patchouli doesn't use this Spell Card for any of them.

  • Basic Magic Sigil
  • Magic Book Catalyst: Fire
  • Magic Book Catalyst: Water
  • Magic Book Catalyst: Wood
  • Magic Book Catalyst: Metal
  • Magic Book Catalyst: Earth
Sun Moon Sign: Royal Diamond Ring

A Spell Card of Patchouli Knowledge with the twisted fate. She attacks with magic that combines two celestial elements. According to a certain tengu, this attack is dazzling. A diamond ring effect is a celestial phenomenon observed just before or after a total solar eclipse. The celestial show performed by the sun and moon is incredibly mysterious. The ancient people of this Earth who feared the sun would be lost in a total solar eclipse must have gained a glimmer of hope when they saw this diamond ring phenomenon.

  • Royal Flare Secret
  • Royal Flare Frontier
  • Royal Flare Arcanum
  • Silent Selene Secret
  • Silent Selene Frontier
  • Silent Selene Arcanum
Periodic Table Ring

The Last Word of Patchouli Knowledge with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). She shows off her collection of elements in this attack. The Patchouli of this world continued researching because she was not satisfied with just manipulating the five great elements. She found many finer elements that function as ingredients or materials. With this knowledge, Patchouli was able to freely mix the properties of various magical substances to magically create any substance she desired. She did all this solely for her best friend and mistress - Remilia. However, in continuing this research, she realized that creating the true Philosopher's Stone was an almost unattainable goal. With a true Philosopher's Stone, bringing someone back from the dead or recreating someone who was lost would surely be possible...

  • Basic Magic Incantation
  • New Magic Element: Type 2 Metal Phase
  • New Magic Element: Type 2 Wood Phase
  • New Magic Element: Type 2 Earth Phase
  • New Magic Element: Type 2 Water Phase
  • New Magic Element: Type 2 Fire Phase


Skill: Autumn Leaf Burning

The leaves of autumn are the color of a raging fire. Autumn is the fun season of bounty and stability.

Skill: Doyou Vacation

A gap that is eternally close to being a lie. The fifth season of emptiness.

Skill: Cherry Blossom Storm

A smothering storm of spring cherry blossoms. Spring is the joyful season of rebirth and restoration.

Passive: Spirit Domain
Passive: Neutralizing Properties
Passive: Phase Transition Phenomenon