Sakuya Izayoi


Legendary Vampire Hunter

Sakuya with the twisted fate's usual outfit. She looks like a vampire hunter...

Legendary Vampire Hunter
Voice Lines
Temperament: Ake no Myoujou

Ake no Myoujou (a Touhou LW original) refers to the planet Venus when it shines in the eastern sky before sunrise. Was the target that this Sakuya doggedly pursued an angel or a devil? Her temperament has almost no connection to the natural laws of Phases. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn are celestial objects that can often be seen from Earth, so their existence has been known since ancient times. Venus is particularly significant and has been called the Morning Star and the Evening Star as it appears in the sky in the morning and evening in the same direction as the Sun. Venus is also sometimes called the First Star. Star Essence symbolizes freedom and chaos, but Venus, with its regularity as the Morning Star, is closer in line with Sun Essence. In other words, Sakuya sees Venus as the ''nighttime sun.'' This is similar to how Moon Essence is also dependent on the Sun. It is not known whether Sakuya is resistant to Moon Essence (enchantment) because she denies the existence of the mystical and occult or accepts them... Either way, she is obsessed and has neglected Star Essence, the rightful fate of Venus.

Ability: Capable of manipulating time (Distorted)

The ability of Sakuya Izayoi with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). Unlike her original ability, this one has become multiplexed and localized from countless compounding distortions. The Sakuya Izayoi of this world can manipulate time just like the other Sakuyas. She can quicken time, slow it down, and stop it completely. And while doing so, she can move about and act within a separate time apart from everyone else. She can even reverse time to some extent. However, she cannot go very far back. The Sakuya of our world's past is still shrouded in mystery. But it seems this Sakuya came from Western Europe in the not-so-distant past, judging by her tools and view of the world that remained with her despite her memory loss. However, it seems that vampire hunters were not just a relic of a bygone era in her world. This Sakuya is probably from a completely different world and most likely walked down a path of fate far removed from the path she was supposed to take. Vampires are a type of devil and youkai that are most predominantly spoken about in Western Europe. However, there are tales and legends of youkai with similar characteristics all over the world. Since vampire hunters exist in this Sakuya's world, it can be assumed that vampires also existed as a type of devil. It seems that ''vampire hunter'' was a profession managed by a large religious organization of the time. However, Sakuya may not have been a member of this organization because she is not religious at all, and this organization should have had strict and exclusionary religious doctrines. Thus, it can be assumed that she was recognized as a vampire hunter retroactively for her demon-slaying skills, not because of her religion or lack thereof. Sometimes large organizations do things like that, even though if someone is an enemy of your enemy, it does necessarily make them an ally. The following is a fragmented and unreliable snippet of information that can not even be called a story: A girl thought that she was a normal human, but then she discovered that only she was capable of manipulating time. After that, her view of the world began to mature in a way that was incomprehensible to other people. It is difficult to describe this with words. Still, her other sense of self that existed on the temporal axis possessed a unique solitude and independence that could only be understood by those with an ability similar to her own. In the back of her mind, there was a secret garden that was invisible from the front side of the mansion. One day, she saw something fly across this territory out of the corner of her eye. It was like the child of a dragon, a scarlet shadow of fate that raced across the sky on giant bat-like wings. The girl desperately chased after it. The chase started in a city closed off by mist and smoke and continued on to various other lands within the empire until she finally encountered it again in an enclave in the East. The girl knew very well that humans can never come back to life and that once someone has died, you can never meet nor speak with them again. That is why she firmly believed that this ''angel'' could transcend such a fate. Her way of testing this belief was to choose only angels and exclude all humans and devils. She chose the Scarlet Angel of Fate and no one else. Apparently, Sakuya Izayoi can purposefully create a time paradox with her ability to temporarily summon a slightly different version of herself from another timeline. This hasn't been confirmed, but it is probably safe to assume that she can interfere with other timelines since she cannot go very far back in time.


Jack the Ludo Bile

The Spread Shot of Sakuya Izayoi with the twisted fate. She manipulates time to fire multiple knives simultaneously. It seems that shooting knives out of a custom-made crossbow is a part of the aesthetic vampire hunters value. A major detriment to these crossbows is the time it takes to reload the knives. However, this is hardly a concern for someone who can manipulate time. Since this is an attack named after belladonna, it is somewhat fitting that Sakuya looks captivating and mad when she hunts vampires.

  • Inflammation Knife
  • Ulceration Knife
  • Vomit Knife
  • Pupil Dilation Knife
  • Lunatic Knife
  • Deadly Knife
Jack the Ripper

The Focus Shot of Sakuya Izayoi with the twisted fate. She manipulates time to perfectly control her knives in this attack. It is not known why this attack is named after the unidentified killer, whose brutal crimes are so infamous. Something that does bear mentioning, however, is that different organs hold different meanings.

  • White Chapel
  • First Scripture
  • Second Scripture
  • Third Scripture
  • Fourth Scripture
  • Fifth Scripture
Conjuring: Mesmerizing Misdirection

A Spell Card of Sakuya Izayoi with the twisted fate. She haphazardly fires countless rebounding knives. Misdirection is an essential skill for a stage magician or culprit in a detective novel. The truth cannot be seen with the eyes alone. However, the truth can be hidden by taking away the spectator's sight. Although, whether this Sakuya has a truth that she wishes to hide or not is a mystery in itself...

  • Time Difference Misdirection
  • Sensory Illusion Misdirection
  • Mental Misdirection
  • Perspective Misdirection
  • Awareness Misdirection
  • Word Misdirection
Illusion World: The World

A Spell Card of Sakuya Izayoi with the twisted fate. She manipulates time to surround her target with an assortment of knives. It is not difficult to understand how unnatural the ability to stop time is. The flow of time guides the law of causality and establishes each and every phenomenon in reality. So if someone could freely manipulate the flow of time, the laws of nature would not apply to them. It is not known what limits her ability has, but if her ability is abusable, she could probably cause terror and destruction on an unimaginable scale. There is a cold and static world where only Sakuya can walk. And she can keep walking, on, and on, for eternity.

  • Time in the Slum
  • Time in the City of Mist
  • Time in the Organization
  • Time in the Foreign Settlement
  • Time in the Enclave
  • Time in Psuedo Paradise
Imperfect Outsider

The Last Word of Sakuya Izayoi with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). She manipulates time to attack with all of her hunting tools. Why did the Sakuya of this world become an imperfect outsider instead of forming a bond with the Scarlet Devil Mansion? Most likely, this is because a fate that should have been changed remained the same. This Sakuya's fate may have also taken a different path from the one it was supposed to take... a fate unrelated to the moon. This Sakuya avoids all beings who are fated to perish eventually. The coffin is the ultimate symbol of this. She will not say this out loud, but she harbors a delusion that every pure and immortal being is an ''angel''... This seems kind of similar to the Lunar Emissaries...

  • A(10) at Night
  • B(11) at Night
  • C(12) at Night
  • D(13) at Night
  • E(14) at Night
  • F(15) at Night


Skill: Pseudo Holy Water

This is ordinary water that was altered through time manipulation. The water has no purifying effects, but a hypnotic suggestion afflicts anyone who drinks it.

Skill: Lunatic Pocket Watch

A pocket watch that does not show the correct time. Would that not make it worthless?

Skill: Silver Cross

A silver dagger forged into the shape of a cross. There are rumors that this weapon was provided to Sakuya by a certain organization.

Passive: Undead Eradication
Passive: Stubborn Persistence
Passive: Pseudo Faith