Remilia Scarlet


Tiny Devil Mistress

Remilia with the twisted fate's usual outfit. She always has her Flandre doll by her side.

Tiny Devil Mistress
Voice Lines
Temperament: Koumu

Koumu (a Touhou LW original) refers to the strange scarlet mist that appeared during the Scarlet Mist Incident. What would have happened if this Remilia caused the Scarlet Mist Incident...? Her temperament has almost no connection to the natural laws of Phases. Vampires have many weaknesses in exchange for their tremendous abilities. However, the Remilia of this world does not have many weaknesses. Apparently, this is because she couldn't bring hardly any faith with her to paradise from her previous world. Her previous world was a world of faith ruled by intricate dogma and strict tenets. But since there are no such foundations for her in paradise, it is possible that her existence is treated similarly to a sprit or divine spirit. She could not escape her weakness to the sun (sunlight), but fire (spiritual purification) has actually become her weapon.

Ability: Capable of manipulating fate (Distorted)

The ability of Remilia Scarlet with the twisted fate. Unlike her original ability, this one has become multiplexed and localized from countless compounding distortions. This is a Remilia Scarlet from another world who did not follow the fate she was supposed to follow. From her perspective, she is a true devil, and Makai is naught but a fictitious concept. She was probably human originally. However, one day she became a devil... a vampire. Humans who are called devils and treated as devils were the only devils that existed in her world. However, there are no longer any records anywhere that could prove this. It seems she had an actual little sister, but nobody knows the details. It was not God or any religious organization that was least forgiving of her being a devil... It was the people closest to her. And there was no one specific person who riled up the others. The people who were friendly toward her when she was still human unanimously renounced her. That was the social norm of the age she lived in. Even so, there was a "correct path" that she was supposed to walk down... Or rather, there was meant to be one. For some reason, she was abandoned by the fate that would put her in that direction. No, she herself was abandoned by the Remilia of her rightful fate. This fragmentation of fate is why she has lost almost all of her memories. She is by no means weak, in fact, she is strong, but her strength pales in comparison to the being that she originally was. What could have possibly happened at her crossroads of fate?


Demon Lord Cradle

The Spread Shot of Remilia Scarlet with the twisted fate. She tries her best to launch a flying kick up into her opponent. The current mistress of the Scarlet Devil Mansion may look young, but she is a devil who possesses incredible mental fortitude from traversing countless fates. However, that doesn't necessarily mean she doesn't act like a child...

  • Demon Kick
  • Lord Kick
  • Queen Kick
  • Demon Lord Kick
  • Demon Queen Kick
  • Arch Demon Kick
Demon Lord Arrow

The Focus Shot of Remilia Scarlet with the twisted fate. She tries her best to tackle her opponent at high speed. A sturdy body is one of the traits that all vampires possess. Their durable body is probably their best option when choosing a basic weapon to use in a fight. Perhaps this is more energy-efficient than using magic.

  • Demon Arrow
  • Lord Arrow
  • Queen Arrow
  • Demon Lord Arrow
  • Demon Queen Arrow
  • Arch Demon Arrow
God's Punishment: Young Demon Lord

A Spell Card of Remilia Scarlet with the twisted fate. She attacks with lasers that skewer space and fast-approaching bullets of light. This Spell Card that severely limits her opponents' movements is worthy of the ''Demon Lord'' title. She certainly does look young, but it is theorized that she possesses an unnaturally large amount of magical energy.

  • Warning Light Bullet
  • Skewering Laser
  • Exposure Light Bullet
  • Piercing Laser
  • Severed Head on Display Light Bullet
  • Tearing Laser
Scarlet Gensokyo

A Spell Card of Remilia Scarlet with the twisted fate. She stains the world of Gensokyo scarlet with mysterious mist. It is said that she releases this mist from her fingertips. The Remilia of our world created this mist to cover her kingdom in scarlet fantasy and to shut out any light from the sun so she could walk outside during the day... But it seems this Remilia was unaware of the magical mist's original purpose.

  • Scarlet Mist Bullet
  • Dense Scarlet Mist Bullet
  • Scarlet Devil Land Bullet
  • Mysterious Scarlet Mist Bullet
  • Lunatic Scarlet Devil Bullet
  • Scarlet Devil Mist Bullet
Scarlet Devil Mansion

The Last Word of Remilia Scarlet with the twisted fate (a Touhou LW original). In this attack, she makes wherever she stands the Scarlet Devil Mansion. To Remilia, the Scarlet Devil Mansion is not a building but her family. Apparently, she walks around with her own Scarlet Devil Mansion by storing it in a gap of her own twisted, multi-layered fate... So she never loses it again.

  • Memories of the Scarlet Devil Mansion
  • Memories of a Certain Noble
  • Memories of the Noble's Sister
  • Memories of the Gatekeeper
  • Memories of the Friend and Familiar
  • Memories of a Certain Maid


Skill: Stamp Magic

Magic that uses stamps. Writing signatures is a breeze.

Skill: Scarlet Mist Barrier

A barrier that creates an environment perfect for vampires. However, this reduces visibility for everyone else.

Skill: Fantasy Newcomer

She came from the outside world. Why did she leave? And what was she looking for?

Passive: Noble Devil
Passive: Dark Grape Juice
Passive: Cursed Blood