Reimu Hakurei


God-Summoning Shaman

The usual outfit of Reimu, who travels between worlds.

God-Summoning Shaman
Voice Lines
Temperament: Joutenki

Joutenki (a Touhou LW original) refers to clear and pleasant weather. Temperaments that deal with clear weather are the most freeing temperaments, and freedom is a trait synonymous with Reimu, no matter which world she comes from. However, this Reimu does not seem to be as open or frank compared to the other Reimus. Because of this Reimu's peculiar circumstances, her Phase and Essence endowments are entirely different from the usual. Reimu cannot be bound by anything. So she is strong against Sun Essence (the laws of nature), and neither Metal Phase nor Earth Phase (Heaven or Earth) can hold her back. Conversely, she is weak to Moon Phase as it is the antithesis of her straightforward personality.

Ability: Capable of manipulating auras?

The ability of Reimu Hakurei, who travels between worlds. There are many mysteries regarding the differences between this Reimu and the others because the path this Reimu has traveled is so obscure. She traveled with several companions, so more information regarding this Reimu will probably come to light when the identities of these companies are revealed. The following is a list of what is currently known about this Reimu: - She has mastered the art of god summoning along with her divine powers. And she predominantly summons and makes use of the mysterious divine spirit called Tajikarao. - She learned this god-summoning technique from Yukari Yakumo around the time of the Second Lunar War. (Her blue clothes apparently indicate that Reimu has almost reached Yukari's level of expertise.) - What is particularly unusual is that this Reimu's fate has not diverged to any great extent (apart from one central point of divergence.) She has experienced all the same incidents and disturbances as the Reimu of our world. Why did she master god summoning? How did she master it? And why did she begin her journey through other worlds? The answers to these questions remain a mystery at present. However, it has been revealed that she made a sacrifice to master god summoning. In order to master god summoning... she had to give up Suika Ibuki.


Greedy Oonusa

The Spread Shot of Reimu Hakurei, who travels between worlds. She attacks with her sentient purification rod. The purification rod was temporarily bewitched during a certain incident, but it seems to have changed for good when this Reimu became a god-summoning medium. It is similar to a tsukumogami in that it has a will of its own, but it cannot talk. This sturdy oonusa has seen an awful lot of use.

  • Bewitched Purification Rod Strike
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Bonk
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Stab
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Smack
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Smash
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Assault

The Focus Shot of Reimu Hakurei, who travels between worlds. In this attack, she eliminates beings that pose a threat to humans. The Reimu of our world also makes a living by exterminating youkai, but it seems this Reimu treats it more like a serious job. Our Reimu also has a straightforward and honest personality, and she doesn't hold grudges for long, whereas this Reimu appears to be obsessed with exterminating her enemies.

  • Monster Exorcism
  • Phantasm Exorcism
  • Youkai Exorcism
  • Specter Exorcism
  • Evil Spirit Exorcism
  • Youkai Transformation Exorcism
Bewitched Weapon: Merciless Purification Rod

A Spell Card of Reimu Hakurei, who travels between worlds. She uses her purification rod, which is now sentient, to release a storm of spirit power. The Reimu of this world can also fight with Yin-Yang Orbs, ofuda, and needles. But she mainly uses her purification rod in actual battle. In fact, she seems to actively avoid using her Yin-Yang Orbs. Perhaps there is a reason for this...

  • Bewitched Purification Rod Slash
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Cut
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Slice
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Bisection
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Mince
  • Bewitched Purification Rod Explosion
Divine Arts: Omnidirectional Dragon-Slaying Circle

A Spell Card of Reimu Hakurei, who travels between worlds. This is an attack that can seal and slay a dragon. Reimu is particularly skilled with techniques that seal her target. This attack is probably one of Reimu's techniques that she calls ''divine powers.'' These techniques seem to differ significantly from those usually employed by shrine maidens... No, perhaps the shrine maidens of ancient Japan were capable of feats such as this.

  • Dragon Exorcism
  • Blue Dragon Exorcism
  • Flying Dragon Exorcism
  • Rain Dragon Exorcism
  • Dragon King Exorcism
  • Divine Dragon Exorcism
Fantasy Nature - Destruction

The Last Word of Reimu Hakurei, who travels between worlds (a Touhou LW original). She performs a kagura, a ritual dance, to summon an incredibly strong divine spirit. The identity of this divine spirit is still a mystery, but it has become clear that this being is what caused Reimu to embark on her journey as a world-hopping shrine maiden. Reimu did not originally have the strength to summon such a powerful divine spirit in this manner. Even after Yukari trained her, there was a clear limit that she could not surpass.

  • Tajikarao Spirit Bullet
  • Tajikarao Huge Spirit Bullet
  • Tajikarao Strong Spirit Bullet
  • Tajikarao Heavy Spirit Bullet
  • Tajikarao Super Spirit Bullet
  • Tajikarao Divine Spirit Bullet


Skill: Hi no Kagutsuchi

She summons the god of fire, who burned his own mother. He is also a god who creates things by hardening soil with fire.

Skill: Ame no Fuyukinu

She summons the god of winter and clothing. This god bestows blessings of cold and warmth.

Skill: Takemikazuchi

She summons the war god of lightning and swords. He steers the Torifune and bears the Futsumitama sword.

Passive: Interworld Traveler
Passive: Spiritvein Connection
Passive: Word Breaker