Sanae Kochiya


Human-Deity Duality

The usual outfit of Sanae, who travels between worlds. Her hair records memories of Suwako and her outfit of Kanako.

Human-Deity Duality
Voice Lines
Temperament: Mufuu

Mufuu (a Touhou LW original) refers to the absence of wind or complete peace devoid of any disturbances. Calm weather temperaments that quell the wind to safeguard the land are synonymous with Sanae, no matter what world she comes from. She inherited her sacred position as wind priestess from her earliest ancestors. The unbroken path of her bloodline forms a grand ritual that goes far beyond Sanae herself. Because of this Sanae's peculiar circumstances, her Phase and Essence endowments are entirely different from usual. Sanae is a wind priestess and a living god blessed by the gods of heavenliness and earthiness. Thus, she rules over and is resistant against the wind (Wood Phase), the sky (Metal Phase), and the earth (Earth Phase). However, she is still weak to Fire Phase because it stokes emotions and burns mountains.

Ability: Capable of causing miracles?

The ability of Sanae Kochiya, who travels between worlds (a Touhou LW original). There are many mysteries regarding the differences between this Sanae and the others because the path this Sanae has traveled is so obscure. She traveled with several companions, so more information regarding this Sanae will probably come to light when their identities are revealed. This Sanae spent half of her life following a practically identical fate to the L1 Universe Sanae. However, something happened which forced her to embark on a journey across worlds all by herself. This is similar to the path the blue Reimu's fate took. But what makes this Sanae so obviously different from all the others is her incredibly high level of divinity. Sanae has always been a living god, considered divine due to her nature as a wind priestess, but now that she has received powerful blessings from Kanako and Suwako, it's impossible to identify what divine powers originally belonged to her. This also extends to Sanae's body itself... Her world's Kanako and Suwako have become a part of her, supporting her from within. Thus, Kanako and Suwako's divine powers are now Sanae's divine powers. Her miracles are literally divine miracles caused by a god. This world's Kanako and Suwako caused a miracle to occur that prolonged Sanae's life as a mortal human. Sanae had no part in this. It was a miracle 100% caused by gods. Through sheer force of will, the gods manifested as two serpent gods to continually bypass the arteries and veins of her heart. Incidentally, there is a Western fairy tale about a dragon who gave its own heart to save a human's life, so perhaps that's where they got this desperate idea. This miracle was only possible because these gods are worshipped at a modern-day shrine. Something truly devastating must have happened to Sanae to force them to take such drastic measures.


Earth-God Summon: Serpent Iron Ring

The Spread Shot of Sanae Kochiya, who travels between worlds (a Touhou LW original). She borrows Suwako's divine might in this attack. This world's Sanae also receives powerful blessings from the two gods, Kanako and Suwako. However, they are no longer beside her. Instead, she is accompanied by their divine envoy serpents - one blue, one green.

  • Invisible Serpent God's Iron Ring
  • Earth-God Wind Priestess Miracle
  • White Invisible Serpent God's Iron Ring
  • Earth-God Wind Priestess Ritual
  • Red Invisible Serpent God's Iron Ring
  • Earth-God Wind Priestess Prayer
Sky-God Summon: Serpent Onbashira

The Focus Shot of Sanae Kochiya, who travels between worlds (a Touhou LW original). She borrows Kanako's divine might in this attack. Kanako and Suwako are both gods with strong ties to serpents, as indicated by their divine envoys. Worship of dragons and serpents is prevalent in regions with lots of lakes and rivers, which may have something to do with the legend of the dragon and the tree in Suwa and how onbashira came to be used in its greatest festival. There was a great battle between serpents in the past, and the loser was forced to take the form of a frog. This change in form may have been decided based on the rules of a Japanese game similar to rock paper scissors, where the snake eats the frog, the frog eats the slug, and the slug defeats the snake.

  • Soaring Serpent God's Iron Ring
  • Great Soaring Serpent God's Iron Ring
  • Soaring Dragon-Serpent God's Iron Ring
  • Sky-God Wind Priestess Miracle
  • Sky-God Wind Priestess Ritual
  • Sky-God Wind Priestess Prayer
Miracle: Miracle of Fafrotskies

A Spell Card of Sanae Kochiya, who travels between worlds. A miracle where it rains frogs. Fafrotskies refers to the phenomenon where impossible things rain down from the sky. This might actually be one of the easier miracles for Sanae to pull off because there are quite a few records of it raining frogs. Apparently, there have also been reports of it raining grain and fish... Perhaps it varies according to the food people pray for.

  • Frog Rain Miracle
  • Tree Frog Rain Miracle
  • Dark-Spotted Frog Rain Miracle
  • Bullfrog Rain Miracle
  • Brown Frog Rain Miracle
  • Toad Rain Miracle
Snake Sign: Great Snake Swimming in the Clouds

A Spell Card of Sanae Kochiya, who travels between worlds. A miracle where serpents fly in the sky. Have you ever seen great big snakes flying among the clouds? How about shooting stars that snake across the night sky or an elusive Sky Serpent? There are countless eyewitness reports of these and similar phenomena all over the world, which leads some credence to the existence of dragon and serpent gods. There is even a Suwa legend about a human becoming a giant serpent.

  • Blue Flying Snake Miracle
  • Red Flying Snake Miracle
  • Yellow Flying Snake Miracle
  • White Flying Snake Miracle
  • Black Flying Snake Miracle
  • Flying Dragon-Snake Miracle
Beloved Gensokyo

The Last Word of Sanae Kochiya, who travels between worlds (a Touhou LW original). She recalls the time when she used to train as a wind priestess. Sanae named the two divine envoy snakes that accompany her Kanako and Suwako so she would never forget the names of the two gods most precious to her. This was more than just a token gesture, as a name's meaning can shape those who bear it. The two gods are gone now, but they might still exist in some far-off place. Sanae would surely be willing to go any distance to find them. But what if they are, in fact, too close for Sanae to find? She might unwittingly absorb them into herself. This world's Sanae prevents this by repeating their names, clearly distinguishing the gods who literally dwell in her heart from herself.

  • Memories of Wind Priestess Training
  • Memories of Divine Shrine Maiden Training
  • Kanako's Whole-Hearted Tutelage
  • Suwako's Whole-Hearted Tutelage
  • Memories of Miracles
  • Living God Memories


Skill: Masumi no Kagami

This perfectly clear mirror is apparently one of Moriya Shrine's hidden treasures. Does this treasure exist in other worlds too?

Skill: Yasaka no Suzu

These bells are supposed to be one of Moriya Shrine's divine treasures. Bells were used on deer hunts, but it's not known whether this one was ever used that way.

Skill: Wind Priestess

Moriya Shrine's greatest treasure is its wind priestess bloodline passed down unbroken for countless generations.

Passive: Interworld Traveler
Passive: Miracle Girl
Passive: Word Prophet