Keine Kamishirasawa


Kaiju of Rumors and Speculation

The usual outfit of Keine from the world ruled by kaiju. She's kaiju 080-03x, hakutaku-type.

Kaiju of Rumors and Speculation
Voice Lines
Temperament: Lilith

Lilith (a Touhou LW original) refers to the fictitious second moon of Earth. This is an apt temperament for this world's Keine since she is a kaiju. Keine is strong against Moon Essence because she was designed to combat the Capital. However, since she's a Mark 1 kaiju, combat against the rebels wasn't taken into account. She is weak to Sun Essence due to this inability to maintain perfect order. Kaiju and the youkai they evolved from have always been more of chaos than order, resulting in this world's Keine and Doremy, who is also a Mark 1 kaiju, being far more powerful than the professor predicted they would be. Keine is strong against Metal Phase because she uses iron to edit history (fire refines metal).

Ability: Capable of creating history (Mutated)

The ability of Keine Kamishirasawa, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). This ability is significantly different from our world's Keine. The word "kaiju," as used by those from this world, apparently refers to beings that have undergone a specific process of artificial evolution conducted by Yuuka Kazami. Letting nature play its course does not always guarantee salvation. Who can blame or look down on someone who, when faced with a harsh reality, does everything in their power to defy it? Having lost Gensokyo and the humans who sustained them with fear, these "kaiju" need somewhere to live and a new source of food. This world's Keine Kamishirasawa has received several abilities and memories from the Kaiju Professor. In fact, the extraction and implantation of abilities and memories were only made possible thanks to the existence of this kaiju Keine and the kaiju Doremy Sweet. Just like how reality is made out of chemical elements, fantasy is made out of temperament. And as the light shining throughout the real world comes from electricity and magnetism, the darkness pervading the fantasy world comes from illusions and dreams. The kaiju didn't originally look like they do now. They developed along with the Kaiju Theory, with each influencing and improving the other. The abilities bestowed to this world's Keine include a few unnamed and unknown powers along with Hieda no Akyuu's ability to "not forget things seen once" and Kosuzu Motoori's ability to "read any language." This lets Keine perceive the world as a vast history book and edit it as long as certain conditions are met. The kaiju need history as well as a location to create a new Gensokyo because, without history, there is no future. Customs and culture born through civilizations are sparks given off by the fuse of flowing history, memory snippets of the age they represent. The combination of this world's Keine and Doremy's abilities not only enabled the extraction of memories and abilities but also facilitated the conversion of these things into tangible items. The professor couldn't have hoped for a better outcome. The shocking discovery that memories and abilities, thought invisible and untouchable, can actually take tangible forms triggered a cascade of new ideas and possibilities within the professor's mind...


Transcripted Copy

The Spread Shot of Keine Kamishirasawa, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with the world's first VHS cassette model. The act of copying a book or document by hand is called transcribing. Various materials, including paper, wood, leather, and stone, have been used to record text throughout the ages, but no material can withstand the passage of time indefinitely. So transcribing was necessary to preserve information that would otherwise have been lost. Of course, transcribing was also a key means of spreading information before the advent of the printing press. Nowadays, it may seem like information has been freed from the curse of physical erosion, but, in fact, the core issue remains unresolved.

  • History Scribe
  • History IIlluminator
  • History Proofreader
  • History Illustrator
  • History Gold Illuminator
  • History Bookbinder

The Focus Shot of Keine Kamishirasawa, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She smashes her head into her opponent. No matter what world Keine is from, her headbutts are always powerful. In our world, Keine uses the threat of her headbutts to keep her students in check, but this Keine doesn't currently seem to work at a school.

  • Standing Headbutt
  • Jumping Headbutt
  • Flying Headbutt
  • Running Headbutt
  • Diving Headbutt
  • Swan Dive Headbutt
Past: Old History of an Untrodden Land -Old History-

A Spell Card of Keine Kamishirasawa, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She unravels the mysteries of ancient history. History doesn't get recorded in books, but what's recorded in books is history. In other words, the act of editing history revolves around selecting which records to preserve. And these records aren't limited to those written by humans. It could be said that everything contains its own piece of history, meaning that history is all around us... or so this world's Keine claims.

  • Ephemeralization
  • Buretsu Crisis
  • Masakado Crisis
  • Yoshimitsu Crisis
  • Post-War Crisis
  • Lotus Land Emperor
Future: New History of Fantasy -Next History-

A Spell Card of Keine Kamishirasawa, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She reveals the history of the future. The future only exists where the light shines from the past. A wise man once said, "You should consult the past if you want to learn about the future." Culture, civilization, and individual intentions are all built upon the foundations of a greater context. Even if you're determined to work hard tomorrow, that future isn't likely to eventuate unless you have a good track record of working hard in the past... or so says this world's Keine.

  • Rising Sun
  • Legend of Gensokyo
  • Sacred Treasure - Kusanagi no Tsurugi
  • Sacred Treasure - Yasakani no Magatama
  • Sacred Treasure - Yata no Kagami
  • Future Takamagahara
Eotragus Sansaniensis

The Last Word of Keine Kamishirasawa, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She recalls the memory of a prehistoric beast. Do you know the past? Do you know what the world was like before you were born? No matter how hard you might try to learn about it, that past is an unobtainable fantasy. And fantasies disappear when they are no longer believed in. But you needn't give in to despair, for there is one person who can grant your wish. Keine Kamishirasawa can make this fantasy live forever.

  • Lost Artiodactyla Order
  • Lost Bovidae Family
  • Lost Bovinae Subfamily
  • Lost Boselaphini Tribe
  • Eotragus Genus
  • Sansaniensis Species


Skill: Frame-By-Frame

The smallest unit of time is the Planck time. Therefore, 1 Planck time equates to a single frame of the universe.

Skill: Fast Forward

You'll never get through your video backlog unless you watch them at double the speed. Unfortunately, this results in a less enjoyable experience.

Skill: Cassette Ejection

If you could eject memories like cassette tapes, perhaps you could lend them to other people.

Passive: History-Editing Principles
Passive: Archive Extraction
Passive: Kaiju Cells (Illusion)