Mystia Lorelei


Kaiju of Darkness and Sound

The usual outfit of Mystia from the world ruled by kaiju. She's kaiju 080-02, night sparrow-type.

Kaiju of Darkness and Sound
Voice Lines
Temperament: Tunguska Event

Tunguska Event (a Touhou LW original) refers to an incident some time ago when a falling meteor exploded in the sky. This is an apt temperament for this world's Mystia since she's a kaiju. Mystia's temperament was specifically designed to combat the Capital (Moon Essence) and the rebels (Earth Phase).

Ability: Capable of driving people insane by singing (Mutated)

The ability of Mystia Lorelei, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). This ability is significantly different from our world's Mystia. This world's Mystia possesses multiple abilities, including being capable of reading the atmosphere - the ability that supposedly belongs to Iku Nagae. This lets her read the temperament in the atmosphere to extract lightning temperament to use as electricity. Theoretically, it should also enable her to predict disasters that will occur in the near future or read the room to give appropriate responses in a conversation... but no one has really seen Mystia doing these things. Rather, it seems that Mystia prefers to keep doing her own thing while paying no mind to what other people might think... which isn't all that different from the original owner of this ability. Kaiju lay waste to worlds by showing off and creating worldwide reforms with the power of song. It's a creative form of destruction. Or is it a destructive form of creation...? Whatever the case, when you consider the immense cultural impact songs have had on humanity, the idea that someone can change the world with just songs doesn't sound all that far-fetched. Imagine what would happen if you took all the effects songs have had on history and the human psyche and condensed them in terms of space and time. This would surely create something destructive, revolutionary, original, and exceptionally beautiful. And it would also inspire madness on an unprecedented scale. It is certainly not something that should be attempted with the sole virtuous intention of bestowing happiness. Mystia does this to override happiness with something else. Everyone becomes deaf to all but the song.


Unearthly Soundwave Maser

The Spread Shot of Mystia Lorelei, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She converts her unique song into data and fires it at her enemies. While ''unearthly'' is in this attack's name, it's not as if Mystia is tone-deaf. In fact, it seems she might have grown tired of singing ordinary songs precisely because she's such an extraordinarily talented singer. Fans of her beguiling songs can hear them even if they cover their ears or seal themselves in a vacuum. And once they hear them, the songs never leave their heads. Could there be a greater blessing for music enthusiasts?

  • Unearthly Phonon
  • Acoustic Phonon
  • Optical Phonon
  • Longitudinal Phonon
  • Transverse Phonon
  • Coherent Phonon
Electric Scales

The Focus Shot of Mystia Lorelei, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She shoots scales imbued with electricity in this attack. It took a very long time for the mysteries surrounding electricity to be unraveled, even though people have long been aware of static electricity and how it can be produced by rubbing amber. This is also where the name ''electricity'' comes from. In the past, lightning, another form of electricity, was thought to be produced by some kind of invisible substance or force, which is why it's called ''denki'' in Japanese, written with the kanji for ''electricity'' and ''energy.'' However, many ages passed before anyone figured out how lightning actually works. The electricity wielded by kaiju is the electricity from when it was still a mystery.

  • Single Electric Scale
  • Layered Electric Scale
  • Electrolysis Electric Scale
  • Revolving Electric Scale
  • Piercing Electric Scale
  • Dual Electric Scale
Moth Sign: Hawk Moth's Insect Curse

A Spell Card of Mystia Lorelei, the kaiju. Hawk moths fly forth and drop their scales onto Mystia's enemies. Have you ever seen a hawk moth fly about at night while scattering its scales? It's terrifying! But the less said about that, the better... At least the scales aren't toxic.

  • Single Electric Scale - Kaiju
  • Layered Electric Scale - Kaiju
  • Electrolysis Electric Scale - Kaiju
  • Revolving Electric Scale - Kaiju
  • Piercing Electric Scale - Kaiju
  • Dual Electric Scale - Kaiju
Night Sparrow: Midnight Chorus Master

A Spell Card of Mystia Lorelei, the kaiju. She conducts her familiars to sing in this attack. Mystia is the chorus master, so presumably, she only conducts the singing... but this is Mystia we're talking about, so it would hardly be a surprise if she started singing along. This Spell Card is generally considered to be a fairly tame one, but you'd think suddenly hearing a choir in the middle of the night would be scary... Perhaps it depends on the song.

  • Unearthly Phonon - Kaiju
  • Acoustic Phonon - Kaiju
  • Optical Phonon - Kaiju
  • Longitudinal Phonon - Kaiju
  • Transverse Phonon - Kaiju
  • Coherent Phonon - Kaiju
Acherontia Styx

The Last Word of Mystia Lorelei, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She recalls the memory of a prehistoric beast. How much do you know about songs? Songs of all cultures gradually lost their substance and meaning as they got popularized, but what were they like originally? Were they the cries of souls directed at inhuman entities? Or perhaps they were a code of chaotic intentions from a time before language was invented. You used to sing, but if you try to sing now, it isn't truly singing. Do not despair, for Mystia Lorelei shall do what no one else can and help you fulfill your aspirations.

  • Lost Lepidoptera Order
  • Lost Bombycoidea Superfamily
  • Lost Sphingidae Family
  • Lost Sphinginae Subfamily
  • Acherontia Genus
  • Styx Species


Skill: Audio File

Audio is converted into electronic signals and back again. Magnetism, bits, and the like are all so mysterious.

Skill: Bioelectric Discharge

Who could've guessed that there was electricity coursing through our bodies, let alone that it's the same thing as lightning?

Skill: Electron Acceleration

Electricity attracts and repels with its positive and negative charges, which means it can accelerate and turn things.

Passive: Ship-Sinking Lorelei
Passive: Concealed Track
Passive: Avant-Garde Diva