Wriggle Nightbug


Kaiju of Augmentation and Mutation

The usual outfit of Wriggle from the world ruled by kaiju. She's kaiju 080-01, firefly-type.

Kaiju of Augmentation and Mutation
Voice Lines
Temperament: Cyrillid

Cyrillid (a Touhou LW original) refers to one of the meteorites that orbited the Earth for a short time. This is an apt temperament for this world's Wriggle since she's a kaiju. Wriggle's temperament was specifically designed to combat the Capital (Moon Essence) and the rebels (Earth Phase).

Ability: Capable of manipulating insects (Mutated)

The ability of Wriggle Nightbug, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). This ability is significantly different from our world's Wriggle. This world's Wriggle possesses multiple abilities, including being capable of having unmatched leg strength - the ability that supposedly belongs to Saki Kurokoma. In the past, it was thought that there was such a thing as ''animal electricity'' that powered the vital organs of living creatures. This theory postulated that nerves and muscles moved with electricity and explained why brain waves and electrical signals from the heart could be recorded. So you might think that Wriggle can contract her strong ability-derived leg muscles to produce bursts of galvanic electricity... but no. She produces electricity through the dynamo on her belt that spins due to the wind pressure created by her jumps. Not only is this inefficient, but it also isn't very versatile, considering she can only create wind in environments with an atmosphere. Is she really making the most of her ability? One way she uses the electricity she generates is to power her mega motorcycle. The design of this super machine was inspired by the morphology of various insects, and this world's Wriggle can perfectly fuse with its alternate form without the need to exchange or add any parts. This isn't a device that anyone can use. It's Wriggle's very own detachable and mechanized exoskeleton. How cool is that?! The other main use for her electricity is Wriggle's own ability to produce light. It isn't known who deduced that worlds are mostly composed of light. It could've been Wriggle herself, the professor, or even some unknown third party. Reality is mostly formed by light's presence, its motion, and its combination of colors. Thus, if you can control light, you can freely alter reality. This is almost the same as being able to rewrite the fundamental truths of the universe to create a utopia. Perhaps, one day, Wriggle will be able to create a world where no one suffers and everyone is happy... but for that to happen, she would need unlimited energy and the wisdom not to misuse her power.


Beetle Raid

The Spread Shot of Wriggle Nightbug, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She rides forth on her mega motorcycle like a rampaging beetle. High-speed charges by bugs equipped with hard exoskeletons can hit with the same force as a bullet. Apparently, the secret behind the hard chitin of the Pachyrhynchus infernalis weevil lies in a chemical produced by an endosymbiont bacteria. Sometimes organic structures are more effective than mechanical ones... It's all about optimization.

  • Beetle Raid
  • Rhinoceros Beetle Raid
  • Stag Beetle Raid
  • Longicorn Beetle Raid
  • Scarab Beetle Raid
  • Jewel Beetle Raid
Centipede Assault

The Focus Shot of Wriggle Nightbug, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She charges forth on her mega motorcycle like a ferocious centipede. A centipede's body is made up of lots of identical segments. However, each segment is separate, similar to how a large ship is segregated by bulkheads to ensure a fault in one section is less likely to harm another. This design also allows for easy maintenance. Wriggle's mega motorcycle follows this principle, making repairs and customizations a breeze.

  • Centipede Assault
  • Tropical Centipede Assault
  • Stone Centipede Assault
  • Craterostigmomorpha Assault
  • Soil Centipede Assault
  • House Centipede Assault
Firefly Sign: Meteors on Earth

A Spell Card of Wriggle Nightbug, the kaiju. She attacks with insect lights that resemble meteors on Earth. Glowing fireflies flying about at night look like stars descended from the heavens. There is a Japanese saying about how determined and industrious students continue to study even if they aren't blessed with any sources of light except the light given off by fireflies in summer and the moonlight reflected off the snow in winter. This is the central theme of the song, Hotaru no Hikari, or Glow of a Firefly, which is famous for being sung at graduation ceremonies in spring, even though fireflies are mostly active in summer. Reading a book by the light of a firefly sounds really difficult...

  • Periodic Comet on Earth
  • Non-Periodic Comet on Earth
  • Short-Period Comet on Earth
  • Long-Period Comet on Earth
  • Great Comet on Earth
  • Sungrazer on Earth
Hidden Bug: Endless Night Seclusion

A Spell Card of Wriggle Nightbug, the kaiju. Wicked bugs swarm in this attack. Wriggle, the bug youkai, often strikes cool and beautiful poses. However, the morphology of bugs is completely different from humans. They've got lots of joints all throughout their body, six legs, expressionless compound eyes, four thin wings, and icky guts... They come off as gross or even scary to most humans, though many children seem to enjoy playing with them.

  • The Bugs' Long Seclusion
  • Hawk Moth's Long Seclusion
  • Tsuchigumo's Long Seclusion
  • Swallowtail Butterfly's Long Seclusion
  • Oomukade's Long Seclusion
  • Firefly's Long Seclusion
Luciola Cruciata

The Last Word of Wriggle Nightbug, the kaiju (a Touhou LW original). She recalls the memory of a prehistoric beast. Do you know of stage lighting? Illumination directs the time and space of a performance. It is a shining example of how far technology has come. Humans have forgotten, beyond recollection, the secrets that light can teach us. No one remembers that beyond the oldest light source lies a universe predating the Big Bang and that an imperceivable world lies hidden between the waves of light. You have also seen these before, but you cannot see them now. Do not despair, for Wriggle Nightbug will do what no one else can and let you relive that time.

  • Lost Coleoptera Order
  • Lost Polyphaga Suborder
  • Lost Elateroidea Superfamily
  • Lost Lampyridae Family
  • Lost Nipponoluciola Genus
  • Lost Cruciata Species


Skill: Spotlight

The audience's attention is focused solely on you. It's time to put on your best performance.

Skill: Halation

You can make things look like they're glowing by shining light on them in a certain way, just like how the moon appears to glow in the night sky.

Skill: Crossfader

The scene changes. It's almost magical how illumination affects a performance, isn't it?

Passive: Color Filter
Passive: Blackout Curtain
Passive: Effects Machine