Yuuka Kazami


Cell-Fused Kaiju

The usual outfit of Yuuka from the world ruled by kaiju. The so-called kaiju professor has herself taken the form of a kaiju.

Cell-Fused Kaiju
Voice Lines
Temperament: Dyson Tree

Dyson Tree (a Touhou LW original) refers to a hypothetical genetically engineered plant capable of growing inside a comet and producing a breathable atmosphere. This is an apt temperament for this world's Yuuka, who creates kaiju. This temperament resists the Capital (Moon Essence) and the rebels (Earth Phase).

Ability: Capable of manipulating flowers (Mutated)

The ability of Yuuka Kazami, the kaiju professor (a Touhou LW original). This ability is significantly different from our world's Yuuka. Not much is currently known about this Yuuka's world, but one can assume it's filled with kaiju. However, it seems that her ''kaiju'' aren't the same as the kaiju that the sagacious spirit speaks of... Depending on the topic, Yuuka can be quite a talkative professor, but she rarely speaks about herself. She herself was the first kaiju she ever created, and at some point, she had a strong connection to the Capital - that's all she's willing to share. Anything else known about her comes from strewn-together fragments of rumors and is far from certain. Yuuka's area of research is often said to be the study of ''cells,'' but those who claim so are exclusively people other than Yuuka, which is a phenomenon common in the world of research. The most minute building blocks of life are cells, but Yuuka claims that, in fact, memories and abilities take that title. Memories and abilities exert influence on and are nestled within one another. That definition may seem confusing, but those are Yuuka's exact words on the topic. It follows then, that memories and abilities must always be discussed in parallel, but due to the difficulty of doing so, they are often jointly referred to as ''cells,'' which distresses Yuuka greatly. She asks that people at least use the term ''seeds.'' The influence that memories and abilities exert on each other is incalculable, but it seems they can be likened to plant seeds based on the extraordinary growth they demonstrate. Yuuka's current research involves separating and extracting a being's memories and abilities, the foundations of existence, and implanting them into another. In doing so, she seeks to disprove her own theory. Her research was what gave rise to the new youkai, the kaiju. There are many old stories about kaiju. They came into existence long ago in the outside world as beings to be feared. On many occasions in the past, kaiju were pointed to as the cause of epochal disasters, including those caused by humans, and were symbols of great fear. But, as time went by, they came to be viewed in a more heroic light... or so it's said. The truth, however, is that kaiju only ever existed within emakimono, plays, and fairy tales. They were nothing more than make-believe creatures. In many ways, kaiju are similar to youkai. To humans, the youkai of old could also be considered make-believe creatures. To Yuuka, the issue was no longer limited to just kaiju, and so, naturally, she began asking herself what the youkai were, and when no answer could be found, she fell into the pits of depression. Were they not apex beings that attacked, abducted, and ate humans? With the truth hidden from her, Yuuka had no choice but to hypothesize the existence of a certain place. One she had only heard rumors of... One that had been scrubbed from her memory beyond recollection... Gensokyo. Could that be a safe haven for youkai? What then appeared to her was the end of a thread, like spider's silk. It connected to what would come to be known as the multi-dimensional neural network. Fate, it seems, is always uncertain and unpredictable, and never allows you to choose for yourself. Yuuka reached out and grabbed the white thread. She saw a world that had already been lost, and a version of herself living inside.


Luminescent Plants

The Spread Shot of Yuuka Kazami, the kaiju professor (a Touhou LW original). Luminescent plants shine in this attack. There are plenty of animals, bacteria, and fungi that possess bioluminescence, but no such plants have been confirmed to exist. Research is being conducted into man-made luminescent plants, which combines plants with firefly and luminescent jellyfish genes. Such plants are also known as ''photogenic plants,'' deriving from the word's original meaning, but they would surely be photogenic by social media standards too.

  • Luminescent Plant Light
  • Luminescent Fungus Light
  • Luminescent Firefly Light
  • Luminescent Bacteria Light
  • Luminescent Jellyfish Light
  • Luminescent Algae Light
Space Seeding

The Focus Shot of Yuuka Kazami, the kaiju professor (a Touhou LW original). She sows seeds in space in this attack. What would happen if you made plants germinate in space? In the past, the curiosity of space researchers led them to attempt a wide range of experiments in zero gravity. Eventually, they would go on to seek lifeforms capable of surviving the vacuum of space, for they would surely be of great use when humans begin venturing out into the stars. Perhaps it would be easier to create an interplanetary, interstellar craft out of organic beings rather than mechanical parts...

  • Weightless Seeding
  • Oxygen-Less Seeding
  • Vacuum Seeding
  • Interplanetary Seeding
  • Interstellar Seeding
  • Intergalactic Seeding
Flower Sign: Blossoming of Space

A Spell Card of Yuuka Kazami, the kaiju professor (a Touhou LW original). Space blossoms in this attack. Supernovas explode in the shape of unique flowers. Surely the universe's first form was also that of a blossoming flower. And just like a flower, so too shall the universe collapse in on itself, only to expand and blossom once more in a never-ending cycle... Or so says one of the three models for the future of the universe, in which its positive curvature brings about a ''big crunch.'' Maybe Marisa would be able to tell you more about it.

  • Blossoming Space Flower
  • Halted Space Flower
  • Wilting Space Flower
  • Wilted Space Flower
  • Blossom-Ready Space Flower
  • Re-Blossoming Space Flower
Plants: Reverse Biotechnology

A Spell Card of Yuuka Kazami, the kaiju professor (a Touhou LW original). Yuuka analyzes the structure of plants in this attack. In this world, the concept of ''security clearance'' exists, and there are always restrictions placed on who can access what information. However, there's always a way to bypass these restrictions, and engineers will use whatever means necessary to learn more about the knowable world. The first step in this process is to dismantle whatever lies before them. Biological researchers are no different. Unless they're examining a lifeform they themselves created, said researchers always play the role of ''hacker.''

  • Inverted Biotechnology
  • Reverse Biotechnology
  • Inverted Bioengineering
  • Inverted Ecological Engineering
  • Reverse Bioengineering
  • Reverse Ecological Engineering
Amborella Trichopoda

The Last Word of Yuuka Kazami, the kaiju professor (a Touhou LW original). Yuuka recalls the prototypical flower in this attack. Now, why did flowers come to be? No one truly knows the answer since there's no intention behind the behaviors of biological species. But for Yuuka, who adores flowers, that explanation is difficult to accept. She sees meaning, design, and intention. Her unwavering belief is perhaps what facilitated her access to the multi-dimensional neural network.

  • Prototypical Flower
  • Foundational Flower
  • Living Fossilized Plant
  • Dioecious Plant
  • Bird-Dependent Plant
  • Insect-Dependent Plant


Skill: Black Lotus Sacrifice

The forbidden black lotus. Its seeds possess the power to make one forget where they came from.

Skill: Poison Ivy

Poison ivy grows everywhere and grows back when cut, no matter how unwanted it may be.

Skill: Unwilting Flower

All lifeforms aspire to immortality, but those who came before have already proved the tragedy that follows when it's attained.

Passive: Angel's Trumpet
Passive: Witch's Thimble
Passive: Tree of Life