Aunn Komano


The Guardian Beast Devoted to Shintoism and Buddhism

Aunn Komano's usual outfit. It features a red muumuu-like shirt and white shorts.



Busy, Busy, Busy at New Year's

Aunn's fancy winter outfit. "Time to dress up warm and go out with Miss Reimu!"

The Guardian Beast Devoted to Shintoism and Buddhism
Voice Lines
Temperament: Genjitsu

Genjitsu (a Touhou LW original) refers to an atmospheric optical phenomenon where two bright dots appear to flank the Sun under certain conditions. This is an apt temperament for Aunn as these two dots are also called sun dogs. Aunn is endowed with Earth Phase, as her spirit is housed in statues, and Sun Essence, because she protects Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples.

Ability: Capable of locating Shintoism and Buddhism

This is Aunn's ability which likely comes from her being a komainu. However, it is unclear exactly what "locating Shintoism and Buddhism" means. Taking the name as read, it could be an ability that restores Shintoism and Buddhism to areas where it has fallen out of favor or been forgotten, but the truth is... unknown. What is known is that Aunn is especially focused on guarding Hakurei Shrine as a komainu. Considering the fact that youkai seem to come and go as they please, it raises a question about what it actually means to protect something. If her protection is derived from the literal meaning of her ability, then her true value may lie in maintaining Hakurei Shrine or the deity enshrined there. Maybe Aunn continuing to locate Shintoism and Buddhism is what lets Hakurei Shrine still function as a shrine despite the fact that the shrine maiden doesn't know which diety is enshrined there and that the shrine hardly gathers any faith... No, that's probably an exaggeration.


Open-Mouthed Lion

Aunn Komano's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). Aunn slashes out with her left hand. It is said that the one without a horn is the lion of the pair.

  • Lion Claw Laser
  • Sharp Claw Laser
  • Pointy Claw Laser
  • Sharp Claw Laser
  • Stone Statue Laser
  • Guardian Animal Laser
Closed-Mouthed Komainu

Aunn Komano's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). Aunn slashes out with her right hand. It is said that the one with a horn is the komainu of the pair.

  • Komainu Claw Laser
  • Tearing Claw Laser
  • Slashing Claw Laser
  • Bladed Claw Laser
  • Animal Statue Laser
  • Divine Animal Laser
Hound Sign: Mountain Hound's Walk

Aunn Komano's Spell Card. She splits her soul to surround her opponent. The mountain hound in the Spell Card's name refers to a wolf, and wolves have been considered guardian animals and messengers of the gods since antiquity. There is a technique for spinning a top called ''walking the dog.''

  • Mountain Hound
  • Hayatarou
  • Inugami
  • Okuri-Inu
  • Great God
  • Shippeitarou
Spinning Top: Koma-Inu Spin

Aunn Komano's Spell Card. Aunn spins around in circles along with a spinning top. This is a collaboration between a spinning top, a traditional toy and artistic performance, and Aunn the komainu. Both tops and komainu are prized as lucky charms for their ability to ward off evil.

  • Aunn's Party Trick
  • Spinning Top
  • Spring Spinning Top
  • Hand-Spun Top
  • Tossed Top
  • Bashing Top
Guardian Beast Pincer Attack

Aunn Komano's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She splits into two great guardian beasts (a komainu and a lion) and starts a wild brawl. The concept of protecting something with a pair of guardian beasts dates back to antiquity, with sphinx statues being a notable example. It is thought that the concept of komainu came to Japan from the continent along with Buddhism.

  • Prismatic Light
  • Prismatic Light of Protection
  • Prismatic Light of the Guardian Animal
  • Prismatic Light of the Divine Statue
  • Prismatic Light of Legend
  • Prismatic Light of the Beautiful Youth


Skill: Sanctuary Protector

It is a komainu's duty to protect Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. They are like police dogs.

Skill: Animal Divine Envoy

Animals that are divine messengers also act on behalf of gods at times. Are foxes and tigers in a similar situation?

Skill: Twin Guardian

Two-in-one doubles the fun! She is a combination of komainu and lion.

Passive: Divine Spirit Harboring Statue
Passive: Guardian Animal
Passive: Hound Dog