Chimata Tenkyuu


God of the Unowned

Chimata Tenkyuu's usual outfit. It features a rainbow dress and a white cape.



The Competitive End-of-Year Market Has Begun

Chimata's Christmas Eve sales uniform by Kourindou. "Excuse me, madam, the back of the line is over here!"

God of the Unowned
Voice Lines
Temperament: Hakkou

Hakkou (a Touhou LW original) refers to various atmospheric optical phenomena, including fog bows, halos, and moon rainbows. This is an apt temperament for Chimata since she is a god who holds markets on special days. This god who dwells in the upper reaches of Youkai Mountain seems to have a strong connection to the three celestial Essences. Chimata is endowed with Moon Essence, the temperament for special weather, and Sun Essence, as the god who governs the laws of the marketplace. The combination of Moon Essence and Sun Essence cancels out any resistance or weakness to Star Essence.

Ability: Capable of letting one relinquish ownership

This is Chimata Tenkyuu's ability as the god of marketplaces. A marketplace is one of the most familiar other worlds, where ownership is temporarily erased, and goods can truly change hands. Nowadays, people might be surprised to hear that there is such a thing as a god of marketplaces. However, the history of humanity is also the history of economics. The origin of marketplaces is exceptionally ancient, and Chimata herself might, in fact, be an exceptionally ancient god of some renown. If that is indeed the case, it would mean that marketplaces are roads, crossroads, bridges, and other worlds. There are distinct boundaries that separate what is and what is not a marketplace. A place is not a market just because there are goods to sell. Neither is it a market just because there are customers. There must be a beginning and an end to business dealings. That is why special phenomena such as rainbows act as a signal to start these dealings. At a market, business agreements are initiated and concluded then and there, ensuring that there will be no ill feelings or trouble down the line. The ownership of goods changes hands, and the origin of these goods will no longer be called into question. Ownership is fluid because merchants are a type of marebito (spiritual or divine visitors from other worlds), and the market and goods on sale are imbued with their marebito characteristics. It is also thanks to the god of marketplaces that modern-day people can separate their work life as a marebito and merchant from their private life. But do modern-day people still adhere to the proper communication customs while exchanging goods through a marketplace? On the surface, it seems that this is an age where people can easily communicate with anyone in the world... but that doesn't necessarily mean that communication takes place.


Blank Cards

Chimata Tenkyuu's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). This attack makes her targets relinquish ownership. Apparently, it also stops them from holding Black Markets. Albeit unusual, Chimata's ability seems to be incredibly powerful. How many people enjoy battles of bullets without utilizing the intricacies of ownership? You wouldn't want to make this god mad.

  • Blank Card S/N000
  • Blank Card S/N001
  • Blank Card S/N002
  • Blank Card S/N003
  • Blank Card S/N004
  • Blank Card S/N005
Free Market Participation Certificate

Chimata Tenkyuu's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). This attack lets her targets thoroughly enjoy marketplace commerce. Chimata states that with this certificate, you can have fun buying and selling at the current market and also enjoy participating in any future markets. The certificate features a picture of Chimata. No matter how civilization evolves... there will always be markets authorized by the god of marketplaces.

  • Free Market Participation Certificate S/N000
  • Free Market Participation Certificate S/N001
  • Free Market Participation Certificate S/N002
  • Free Market Participation Certificate S/N003
  • Free Market Participation Certificate S/N004
  • Free Market Participation Certificate S/N005
An Offering to the Ownerless

Chimata Tenkyuu's Spell Card. She opens a market for business. Markets work on the principle that when something is lost, something else is gained. The god of markets is the true ruler of ''nothing.'' Everything involved with a market temporarily comes under the domain of the god of markets, regardless of whether the god is directly involved with that specific market or not. This includes the market itself, the goods for sale, the merchants, and even the customers.

  • All Offerings to the Ownerless
  • Goods Offering to the Ownerless
  • Store Offering to the Ownerless
  • Merchant Offering to the Ownerless
  • Customer Offering to the Ownerless
  • Market Offering to the Ownerless
Rainbow Ring of People

Chimata Tenkyuu's Spell Card. She deploys a rainbow ring of people in this attack... but what exactly is a rainbow ring of people? This attack can apparently be dodged by skilfully circling around it, but you have to be careful not to get hit by the bullets appearing from out of nowhere that can catch you unawares. The perception of how many colors there are in a rainbow changes depending on the country and the historical period. Rainbows are sometimes considered to have five main colors or six and, at other times, eight. There is even an example of it being two. In Japan, it is theorized that the general consensus of the rainbow having seven main colors was adopted during the early years of the Meiji era (1868-1912) due to the influence of America and Europe. And the first person to propose this number was a greatly renowned scientist. It is interesting how there can be such differences in perception even though the colors of the rainbow never change.

  • Rainbow Circle of Light
  • Rainbow Circle
  • Average Rainbow Circle
  • Large Rainbow Circle
  • Massive Rainbow Circle
  • Colossal Rainbow Circle
Vanishing Bifrost

Chimata Tenkyuu's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She closes a market in this attack. There have been many depictions of rainbows as living creatures since ancient times, the world over. Rainbows are probably considered beings that move mysteriously because they suddenly appear and disappear. It is perfectly reasonable to think that rainbows are a type of dragon with a serpentine body. On the other hand, there are also interpretations of rainbows as precarious bridges between this world and another that only function temporarily under specific conditions. The far end of this rainbow boundary always leads to another world, and the rainbow only appears on special occasions.

  • Bullet Market Beyond the Rainbow
  • Market Beyond the Rainbow
  • Average Market Beyond the Rainbow
  • Large Market Beyond the Rainbow
  • Massive Market Beyond the Rainbow
  • Colossal Market Beyond the Rainbow


Skill: Relinquish Ownership

The goods on sale at a market are all free from ownership. They become the property of whoever purchases them.

Skill: Market Presenter

People can buy and sell goods thanks to the god of markets. No one could live without commerce!

Skill: God's Invisible Hand

This god's intervention stabilizes the marketplace. Black Markets are unacceptable.

Passive: Card Master
Passive: Crossroads
Passive: Akigui God