Fairy of Hell

Clownpiece's usual outfit. It features a star-spangled clown costume with tights.

The Goddess of Hell's Favorite

Clownpiece's kimono. It is one of the costumes available for hire at Kourindou.

Fairy of Hell
Voice Lines
Temperament: Heat Island

Heat Island (a Touhou LW original) refers to the phenomenon where cities are warmer than their surrounding suburbs. This temperament suits Clownpiece who came from Hell - a world said to be ablaze with all-consuming fire. Clownpiece is endowed with Fire Phase, with her wealth of emotions and Star Essence, as she values freedom above all.

Ability: Capable of driving people mad

This is Clownpiece's ability as a fairy of Hell. It is said that the light cast from her torch induces madness in all who witness it. She once used this ability to play a prank where she made the humans in the village fight each other. Fairies are usually only able to manipulate nature, so Clownpiece's ability that meddles with the minds of humans could be seen as terribly unorthodox. (In fact, Luna Child distrusted her at first because of this very reason.) However, Clownpiece proclaims that the only real semblance of nature in Hell is the ghosts of humans (i.e., human minds), and thus there is nothing strange about her ability. It seems that Clownpiece must wield her torch and show the light of the flame to her targets in order to use this ability. Apparently, her torch is necessary, as her ability cannot be manifested indirectly by fires lit by it.


River of Woe

Clownpiece's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). This attack recreates the river that flows through Hell. The fairies of Hell live on the banks of this river and light the path with their torches for the Goddess who is their mistress... Or so it is said.

  • Wails of the Dead
  • Hell's River
  • Woe of the Dead
  • Hell's Torrent
  • Hell's Blazing Heat
  • Hell's Blazing Wind
Lunatic Torch

Clownpiece's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with the sparks from her torch. Apparently, the light cast from this torch can mess with people's minds.

  • Torch of Madness
  • Torch of Confusion
  • Torch of Passion
  • Torch of Delirium
  • Torch of Frenzy
  • Torch of Enticement
Hell Sign: Hell Eclipse

Clownpiece's Spell Card. This attack recreates the scene of a hellish solar eclipse. Most cultures throughout the world interpret solar eclipses as events of ill-omen where the sun's power wanes. This menacing and lunatic Spell Card fits Clownpiece, who was highly influential in the attack on the moon.

  • Fake Sunbeam Bullet
  • Mock Sunbeam Bullet
  • Hell's Sun
  • Hell's Moon
  • Sun of Madness
  • Moon of Madness
Fake Apollo

Clownpiece's Spell Card. She attacks by shooting out three bullets in the shape of moons. There are many conspiracy theories about the Apollo program's fabrication... but they have been disproven by recorded observations of the moon's surface. Despite this, there seem to be quite a few people who remain adamant in believing that the landings were a hoax. Did humanity truly go to the moon? And was the program as successful as the official records state?

  • Fake Satellite Bullet
  • Fake Sunbeam
  • Counterfeit Moon
  • Counterfeit Satellite
  • Fabricated Moon
  • Fabricated Satellite
Welcome to the Underworld

Clownpiece's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She assaults her target in pitch-black darkness. Clownpiece's homeland is Hell - a world of darkness with only ruin and punishment... At least that is what it's thought to be like. Clownpiece's mistress, Hecatia, envisions a much more diverse Hell. It would undoubtedly have become a fun and enjoyable place for Clownpiece if Hecatia's plan came to fruition.

  • Starlight of the Underworld Depths
  • Moonlight of the Underworld Depths
  • Sunlight of the Underworld Depths
  • Starlight of Hell
  • Moonlight of Hell
  • Sunlight of Hell


Skill: Nymph-Craft

These fairy arts are incomprehensible to humans. Some of them even mess with human minds.

Skill: Jester of a Goddess

She is a being born to entertain her Goddess. However, she appears to still be inexperienced in some areas...

Skill: Depths of Lunacy

To be mad is to be bereft of a healthy and sane mind. Once you fall into madness, it is not easy to claw your way back out.

Passive: Vitality of Hell
Passive: Competitive Spirit
Passive: Little Hurricane