Nameless Greater Fairy

Daiyousei's usual outfit. It features a white shirt under a sky-blue dress.

Thousand-Year Candy of Longevity

One of the costumes that Yukari gifted to the fairies. It features a pink child-size kimono.

Pure White Nature


Nameless Greater Fairy
Voice Lines
Temperament: Soyokaze

Soyokaze (a Touhou LW original) refers to a light and gentle breeze. This temperament fits Daiyousei well ― while she is usually hiding in Cirno's shadow, when she does appear, she does so like a breath of air. Daiyousei is endowed with Wood Phase, due to the connection to plants and wind, and Moon Essence, as she is more diligent than the usual fairy.

Ability: - Ability Unknown -

Daiyousei's actual ability is still unknown. Her bullets can be similar to Cirno's Icicle Fall and she is able to teleport (or at least do something that looks like teleportation), so a similar ability might reveal itself on another occasion. Daiyousei is the most powerful of the fairies, and fairies are composed of life energy, so it is possible that she has an ability related to nature in some way. However, nothing else is known at this point in time. Daiyousei's title is Nameless Greater Fairy (a Touhou LW original). Her name is unknown, so she is called Daiyousei ― Japanese for greater fairy ― since she is the most powerful of the fairies.


Time Passionflower

Daiyousei's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). This attack shoots out bullets like the hands of a clock. Daiyousei based this barrage of bullets off a plant she saw and was practicing using it when the Flower Master passed by and gave the attack its name.

  • Narrow Leaf
  • Small Petal
  • Narrow Leaf
  • Small Petal
  • Pointy Leaf
  • Spinning Petal
Fairy Ball

Daiyousei's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots out balls of fire in this bullet hell attack. Apparently, she created this attack during a practice in the bamboo forest after Mokou suggested that she try using fire. Daiyousei came up with the name of the attack herself, but it was pretty difficult for her.

  • Warm Ball
  • Light Ball
  • Warm Ball
  • Light Ball
  • Hot Ball
  • Fire Ball
Swap: Changeling

Daiyousei's Spell Card (a Touhou LW original). Cirno overheard a story about fairies in a foreign land when she went to the Scarlet Devil Mansion. Then, she told the story to Daiyousei, who made this Spell Card based on it - the result of a story told and retold. Why did it end up like this...?

  • 500KG Weight
  • 500KG Weight
  • 1T Weight
  • 2T Weight
  • 4T Weight
  • 8T Weight
Hoax: Cottingley Fairies

Daiyousei's Spell Card (a Touhou LW original). This was the new Spell Card she came up with after hearing about something that happened in the outside world from Luna Child. When Daiyousei first heard the story, she thought, ''Humans in the outside world are so strange. Why go to the trouble of making fake fairies when it'd be so much easier to ask real ones to come?''

Everyday Magic

Daiyousei's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). One day, Cirno told Daiyousei that the people in the outside world dreamed of a world where magic was used in everyday life. Daiyousei could not understand what would be so good about it, so she tried to ask Marisa and the others, but all she got in response were magic bullets. In the end, she went to Luna Child, who told her about the kind of magic that humans from the outside wanted to be real. This Spell Card is Daiyousei's idea of magic imagined by humans from the outside



Skill: Fairy Cheer

A lively shout of encouragement from Daiyousei. It should help you regain your focus.

Skill: Healing Wish

Nature answers Daiyousei's earnest wish and bestows the power of life upon her.

Skill: Fairyland of Fairy Tales

You might spot this mysterious land if you peer into a hole in the wall... Just forget everything bad that has ever happened to you and dance.

Passive: Prank Master
Passive: Lightly Dressed
Passive: Hidden in the Flowers