Mononobe no Futo


The Shikaisen from Ancient Japan

Mononobe no Futo's usual outfit. It features a white suikan, blue eboshi, and a skirt.

Master's Taoism Bunny

Rinnosuke says this rabbit costume raises Futo's fighting aura. Are the lights from some sort of artifact?

The Shikaisen from Ancient Japan
Voice Lines
Temperament: Ame-arare

Ame-arare (a Touhou LW original) refers to rain and hail, or the hail of objects, such as arrows or bullets. This is an apt temperament for Futo, who wields a bow and a banquet's worth of plates. Futo is endowed with Fire Phase, with her love of change, and Star Essence, as she is a woman of action.

Ability: Capable of manipulating feng shui

This is Mononobe no Futo's ability as a practitioner of ancient secret arts and a Taoist. It seems her ability mostly derives from the secret arts of ancient Shinto, which could also be called Mononobe secret arts. Feng shui refers to the wind (feng) and water (shui) as well as the entire flow of qi in nature. The concept of manipulating this flow is also present in the senjutsu of China. This connection is also evident in the design of Futo's attire and how her plates are colored to match the Five Phases. Futo is still currently learning senjutsu as a Taoist, but it seems she is proficient enough to use senjutsu in some of her Spell Cards. Her feng shui philosophy may have paved the way for the later development of onmyoudou. Futo must have thought that ancient Shinto arts and Chinese senjutsu were harmonious philosophies that complimented each other. On the other hand, she is opposed to the Buddhist religion that also came from the continent. Presumably, this is why Futo is so skilled with using fire above all other types of qi in nature. (Because temples and Buddhist statues are made out of wood...) However, she has not been involved in much direct and open conflict with Myouren Temple since the incident was resolved. In fact, she was one of the people who agreed with Miko's plan to maintain the outward appearance of spreading Buddhism amongst the populace. Mononobe no Futo is no simple-minded human.


Liuren Holy Fire

Mononobe no Futo's Spread Shot. She attacks with senjutsu said to have been passed down by a hermit and goddess of Taoism. Futo says she is still learning senjutsu, but she seems to be exceptionally skilled at fire senjutsu. However, this attack could also be a secret technique of the Mononobe clan merely disguised as senjutsu.

  • Touda
  • Suzaku
  • Rikugou, Kouchin, Seiryuu
  • Kijin
  • Tenkou, Daion, Genbu
  • Taijou, Byakkou, Tenkuu
Standing Mountain

Mononobe no Futo's Focus Shot. She attacks with senjutsu said to have been passed down as a gift from an ancient emperor of China. Futo says she is still learning senjutsu, but it seems she can still use techniques like these that do not involve fire. Since she can manipulate the earth with this technique, maybe it could be used for urban development... Was this the reason why the onmyouji of the past learned onmyoudou?

  • Gate of Opening, Gate of Rest
  • Gate of Life
  • Gate of Injury, Gate of Closing
  • Gate of Scenery
  • Gate of Surprise
  • Gate of Death
Wind Sign: Miwa Plate Storm

Mononobe no Futo's Spell Card. A whirlwind of plates surrounds her as she charges into her target. According to legend, the ancestor of the Mononobe clan, Ikagashikoo, offered plates to the gods. Also, Oomiwa Shrine on Mount Miwa, built by Ikagashikoo, is said to be the oldest Shinto shrine in Japan.

  • Plate Storm
  • Mononobe's Feng Shui (Water)
  • Hard Bisque Fired Plate
  • Eighty Flat Dishes
  • Mononobe's Feng Shui (Fire)
  • Big Bisque Fired Plate
Blaze Sign: Taiyi True Fire

Mononobe no Futo's Spell Card. She attacks with fire that is most likely a product of senjutsu. Taiyi Zhenren, the preeminent god of Taoism, is known to possess an artifact of dragons called the Nine-Dragon Fire Net. This is a pretty amazing Spell Card if it is truly based on that artifact. However, it is concerning how little hesitation Futo has in regards to setting things aflame.

  • Nine-Dragon Fire Net Flames
  • Flames of the North Star
  • Nine-Dragon Fire Net Flames
  • Purple Forbidden Enclosure Radiance
  • Northern Pole Radiance
  • Tenjin Radiance
Inferno Reformation

Mononobe no Futo's Last Word. She attacks with flames that burn so hot they could completely change an era. The Taika Reforms (inferno and Taika are homophones in Japanese) were a set of changes to the governmental structure in Japan that were supposedly enacted in the seventh century. The Mononobe clan and the Soga clan were fierce rivals. However, the Mononobe clan had already been destroyed by the Soga clan at this time, and the Soga Clan was eliminated during the Isshi Incident, which marked the beginning of the Taika Reforms. So the day when the Mononobe clan's grudge was settled was also the day that spelled the end of the age ruled by powerful clans.

  • Isshi Incident
  • End of the Powerful Clans
  • Era Name Reform
  • Government Reform
  • Imperial Proclamation
  • Establishment of the Ritsuryou System


Skill: Nigihayahi Blessing

The Mononobe clan's ancestor from the Age of the Gods was said to be a skilled helmsman. And his boat was apparently the Ama no Iwafune.

Skill: Bowyer's Blood

It is said that there was a skilled archer in the Mononobe bloodline. However, the details are unclear.

Skill: Dunjia Divination

An ancient art of divination that originated in China. Seiga Nyan Nyan is probably the one who taught this art to Futo.

Passive: Mononobe Kidou
Passive: Ryuumyaku Connection
Passive: Oomonoimi