Hatate Himekaidou


Modern-Day Thoughtography Reporter

Hatate Himekaidou's usual outfit. It features a pale pink blouse and a skirt with a checkered pattern.

White Crow of Commemorative Photos


Death Sign Nurse

A black crow nurse ended up at the hospital! "Umm... I guess I'll use this tag for now."

Modern-Day Thoughtography Reporter
Voice Lines
Temperament: Hayate

Hayate (a Touhou LW original) refers to a sudden gust of wind. This is a fitting temperament for Hatate, who is a crow tengu and a newspaper journalist. Hatate is endowed with Wood Phase, as a tengu, and Star Essence, with her whimsical and insatiably curious nature.

Ability: Capable of thoughtography

Hatate Himekaidou uses this ability for journalisim. Thoughtograpy is a type of supernatural power that makes it possible to burn an image held in one's mind onto a surface. On the occasions where Hatate actually goes out searching for a scoop, she looks at the scene she wants a picture of and then envisions it in her mind, which she subsequently imprints onto film. This seems like a rather roundabout way to do things, but perhaps it is because her thoughtography ability only works with the special kappa-engineered camera she uses. Tengu are well known for having all sorts of supernatural powers, so perhaps this ability is not so unusual for Hatate to have.


Ultra Wide-Angle Thoughtography

Hatate Himekaidou's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW orginal). This is an attack that utilizes thoughtography over a vast area. While the myth that photographs steal souls is generally not believed anymore, this thoughtography attack can clear bullets which causes damage to her targets.

  • Thoughtography
  • Super Thoughtography
  • Spirit Thoughtography
  • Wide-Angle Thoughtography
  • Paranormal Thoughtography
  • Ultra Wide-Angle Thoughtography
Search Thoughtography

Hatate Himekaidou's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She attacks by taking a picture of her target, which automatically pastes onto a background photo stored in her camera. The kappa newly innovated this feature for Hatate's camera. It is probably something similar to face recognition or machine learning...

  • Search
  • High-Speed Search
  • Random Search
  • Recommended Search
  • Automatic Search
  • Deep Learning Search
Continuous Shooting: Rapid Shot

Hatate Himekaidou's Spell Card. She attacks using the continuous shooting mode on her camera. Is this an expression of her zeal to never miss a potential scoop? No, it seems that she is just holding the shutter button down out of laziness. However, this kappa-engineered camera is so well made that it still manages to produce high-quality photographs.

  • Continuous Shooting
  • Successive Spectacular Shots
  • Snapshot
  • Hurried Snapshot
  • Auto Continuous Shooting
  • Burst Shooting
Photography: Secluded Paparazzi

Hatate Himekaidou's Spell Card. She uses her thoughtography to take all sorts of photos from afar. It is even possible for Hatate to take a spectacular photograph from the comfort of her own home. However, it is not as if Hatate never goes outside, so this Spell Card is probably just an expression of her laziness.

  • Remote Perspective
  • Remote Photography
  • Continuous Thoughtography
  • Power Thoughtography
  • Extreme Distance Photography
  • Full Power Thoughtography
Paradox of Phenomenal Judgment

Hatate Himekaidou's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack delves into the relationship between the physical and the phenomenal. If all photos can be replicated with thoughtography, then perhaps the ''imaginary world'' where these thoughtography photos come from is the same as the ''real world''... While this theory may be dubious, it does make one think twice about what truly constitutes reality.

  • Cyan Qualia
  • Black Qualia
  • Film
  • Self Portrait
  • Magenta Qualia
  • Yellow Qualia


Skill: Backscatter

Look at this photo. Can you see the mysterious orb of light?

Skill: Kirlian Photograpy

Hey, take a look at this photo! The living beings are emitting a mysterious light.

Skill: Moon (Far Side) Photo

This photo is fantastic! It shows the side of the moon that can't be seen from Earth.

Passive: Silent Shutter
Passive: Built-In Motor Drive
Passive: Autofocus