Hecatia Lapislazuli


Goddess of Hell

Hecatia Lapislazuli's usual outfit. It features a black off-shoulder top and a three-color skirt.

Fail and You'll Be Punished

The leader behind the screen's outfit. (Exclusive to Hecatia.) The hat is decorated with a skull symbol.

Goddess of Hell
Voice Lines
Temperament: Kazanrai

Kazanrai (a Touhou LW original) refers to volcanic lightning, an electrical discharge caused by a volcanic eruption. This is an apt temperament for a goddess of Hell. Hecatia's Phase and Essence endowments are quite unusual due to her transcendental nature. Hecatia is the goddess of Hell for three different worlds, and she rules dominant in regards to their elements. Those worlds are Earth (Earth Phase), the moon (Moon Essence), and Otherworlds (Star Essence). However, she is not good with Sun Essence as it wishes to be ruled by her. Hecatia's divine aspects include being a goddess of the sun, so "not good with" does not mean that the sun is her weakness. It is thought that overarching dominion would go against her current unique leadership principles, and the fact that Chang'e's husband shot down the sun may also have something to do with this. The form Hecatia is currently taking limits her nature and power, so her capabilities may change if she decides to take a different form.

Ability: Capable of having three bodies

The ability of Hecatia Lapislazuli as a three-form goddess. This ability literally means that she can utilize three independent bodies simultaneously. Her soul, which could be regarded as her main body, apparently resides in Hell, meaning that her three bodies are separate from her soul. This just goes to show how incredibly unfair and powerful this ability truly is. Her three bodies are: - The blue-haired form with a ball resembling Earth on her head - The blonde-haired form with a ball resembling the moon on her head - The red-haired form with a ball resembling a reddish planet similar to Earth on her head. It is assumed that these forms govern the Hells of each respective world. However, since she can reveal all three forms simultaneously and appear in Gensokyo (an Otherworld) in her blue-haired form, the forms may not be so closely linked to their respective domains. According to an unknown source, her fashion sense and personality may also change depending on her form. Since antiquity, only the most important and powerful divine beings have three forms or aspects that are worshipped as a single entity. These include creator gods, earth mother goddesses, destroyer gods, and other gods who existed since the beginning and still retain a following in the present. They are all divine beings closely connected to how humans perceive the origins of the universe, and the original characteristics of Hecatia's divinity are probably just as varied. The different forms of these triple goddesses are sometimes interpreted as a juvenile girl, a mature woman, and an old lady or as birth, death, and rebirth. There are many more interpretations, but most of them are linked to the cycle of life and death. These types of gods are also sometimes represented by the moon, a snake, or a toad. The moon changes periodically. The snake that continually sheds its skin is symbolic of rebirth. And the toad experiences tremendous changes in form and habitat throughout its life. Incidentally, it is said that Chang'e is a goddess of the moon with the form of a toad...


Anima Mundi

Hecatia Lapislazuli's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She performs an attack that directly affects the soul. Anima Mundi (also known as the soul of the universe, or the soul of the world) is a concept where everything in the universe is part of a single soul. Directly touching an opponent's soul probably takes next to no effort for a goddess of Hell who deals with whole worlds as a profession.

  • Astral Interference
  • Gaia Interference
  • Virtual Nerve Network
  • Virtual Capillaries
  • Cosmos Interference
  • Virtual Synapse
Triple Goddess

Hecatia Lapislazuli's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She simultaneously reveals and attacks with the power of her three bodies. In other words, she displays her power as a goddess of three worlds: the moon, the Otherworlds, and Earth. She only reveals this power for a short time, perhaps due to some sort of magical constraint.

  • Three-Form Goddess Shot
  • Otherworlds Goddess Shot
  • Triple Goddess Shot
  • Moon Goddess Shot
  • Trinity Goddess Shot
  • Earth Goddess Shot
Otherworld: Oumagatoki

Hecatia Lapislazuli's Spell Card. This attack replicates the period of time when it is traditionally said that people will encounter monsters. Hecatia uses this Spell Card with her Otherworlds form (her form with red hair). However, the pattern of bullets for this attack is quite different from the records... Perhaps she changed it on a whim. These attacks that seem to utilize the souls of those who have fallen to Hell look incredibly difficult to dodge.

  • Twilight Soul
  • Daylight Soul
  • Dusk Soul
  • Disaster Soul
  • Calamity Soul
  • Gloaming Soul
The Moon is Falling!

Hecatia Lapislazuli's Spell Card. She drops a false moon onto her targets. Most people have probably had a nightmare involving the moon falling down out of the sky, and this is an attack that turns the nightmare into reality. In the records, Hecatia used this Spell Card in her moon form (her form with blonde hair), but she uses it in her red-haired form here, and the moon isn't all that big. Perhaps this is to limit the amount of magical energy she uses or because she thinks this is more than powerful enough to get the job done.

  • Falling Moon Nightmare
  • Dropping Moon Nightmare
  • Moon Fragment
  • Moon Chunk
  • Moon Section
  • Moon Meteor Nightmare
Pandemonic Planet

Hecatia Lapislazuli's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She creates an otherworldly red star and makes it explode. This seems to be a Spell Card that she uses in her Otherworlds form (her form with red hair). It is quite interesting how the ball atop Hecatia's head represents the Otherworlds as a single planet. There are supposedly many Otherworlds, and Gensokyo is one of them. Perhaps the concept of the Otherworlds is similar to planets that are not Earth. In the past, there was apparently quite a heated debate over the existence of a celestial body known as Counter-Earth, Anti-Earth, or Antichthon. This planet was theorized to be identical to Earth but always hidden from sight on the opposite side of a ''Central Fire.''

  • All-Ensnaring Gravity
  • Antichthon Bullet
  • Anti-Earth Bullet
  • Counter-Earth Bullet
  • Hidden Earth Bullet
  • Shadow Earth Bullet


Skill: Moon Hell

What type of place is the moon's Hell? Perhaps... no one knows but Hecatia.

Skill: Otherworlds Hell

Gensokyo is apparently one of the Otherworlds. Eiki's jurisdiction is Gensokyo, as her name Yamaxanadu implies.

Skill: Earth Hell

Earth is the outside world where almost all humans live. Perhaps this is where Hecatia's fashion sense comes from.

Passive: Goddess of Otherworlds
Passive: Goddess of Earth
Passive: Goddess of the Moon