Hina Kagiyama


Secret God of Nagashi-Bina

Hina Kagiyama's usual outfit. It features a gothic red dress.

Misfortune Exorcising Cheerleader

Hina's specialized outfit for generating cheer. Is the information Rinnosuke based this off correct?

White Hina Doll of Catharsis

Hina's Fantasy Rebirth outfit. It was fashioned at Kourindou based on information in the journal.

Secret God of Nagashi-Bina
Voice Lines
Temperament: Tatsumaki

Tatsumaki (a Touhou LW original) refers to a tornado, which is a violently rotating thin column of air that extends from the earth to the clouds. This temperament embodies Hina's duty of collecting misfortune on the ground and delivering it up to the gods. Hina is endowed with Fire Phase, with her unending and relentless responsibility, and Moon Essence, as she is a being estranged from the daily life of humans.

Ability: Capable of stockpiling misfortune

The flow of misfortune is an important cycle in the world of Gensokyo and it is Hina's ability and duty to uphold it. The concept of misfortune is mysterious and abstract. It is similar to sin or impurity, or perhaps both. The distinguishing characteristic of misfortune is that it can be transferred to someone else and then washed away to some far off distant place. It is said that there are three major ways in which someone can gain misfortune. The first way is fairly similar to sin and impurity in that it is dealt out by a godlike being. The second is when it occurs naturally. The concept of yakudoshi, which is a traditional Japanese belief that certain ages are unlucky, is an example of this as the misfortune naturally occurs from the changes in one's body and their age. The final way is when misfortune is applied by other people, also known as a curse. Most humans cannot deliberately cast a curse on someone, so misfortune generally only accumulates due to people cursing others inadvertently or with only the faintest awareness that they are doing so. Even if this is the case, the curse will still take affect and misfortune will accumulate over time, which could threaten the life or cause disaster for the one cursed. This is why many villages and communities perform rituals to cleanse misfortune. Nagashi-bina is one of these rituals. It involves placing dolls in small boats and floating them down a river, carrying the sins and impurities of their former owners with them. However, the nagashi-bina ritual only came to be this way after many years of tradition. It probably involved floating something other than dolls down the river at first. Hina could know the truth of this ritual's history and may be bearing it along with the weight of her very important responsibility.



Hina Kagiyama's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She releases goats in the direction of her target. The term scapegoat is used to indicate a being who is blamed and punished for the sins of others. In the past, rituals were performed where a goat was released into the wilderness, taking all the sins of the community away with it.

  • Blame Bearing Goat
  • Goat of Atonement
  • Substitute Goat
  • Sin Bearing Goat
  • Sacrificial Goat
  • Victimized Goat
Hand of Fatima

Hina Kagiyama's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She shoots out lasers from a magical amulet in this attack. This amulet is a charm that is said to ward off the evil eye, a curse originating from malicious gazes. Apparently, it is possible to curse someone with the evil eye inadvertently.

  • Mysterious Laser Beams From a Hand
  • Laser Beam of Curse Protection
  • Laser Beam of Misfortune Warding
  • Laser Beam of Divine Protection
  • Laser Beam of Disaster Prevention
  • Laser Beam of Protection
Wound Sign: Pain Flow

Hina Kagiyama's Spell Card. She attacks by altering the flow of water into the shape of thorny vines. A certain magician wrote about this attack in a book and described it as transforming flowing water into spines. You could say that this Spell Card expresses nagashi-bina, as they are dolls that flow in the water and bear their previous owner's pain.

  • Thorns of Pain
  • Spines of Pain
  • Needles of Pain
  • Flow of Pain
  • Water Flow of Pain
  • Torrent of Pain
Scar: Broken Charm of Protection

Hina Kagiyama's Spell Card. The magical energy of a curse is released from a broken charm. Many protective charms and talismans fulfill their purpose by breaking. After a charm takes a curse in place of their owner, the accumulated magical curse energy gets sent somewhere else... Apparently.

  • Broken Charm of Protection
  • Shattered Charm
  • Built Up Curse
  • Accumulated Grudge
  • Destroyed Talisman
  • Broken Doll
Misfortune Purifying Dyson Sphere

Hina Kagiyama's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack attempts to suck out all the sins, impurities, and misfortune from the target. This spectacular Last Word is named after a hypothetical space megastructure. Nitori happened to see Hina testing out this bullet attack and decided to give it this name because she thought it looked similar to what was described in a text from the outside that she had read. Hina's duty is to gather misfortune and deliver it to the gods. She accomplishes this by bearing the sentiments of beings from all over Gensokyo. People try to avoid contact with her by crossing their fingers and saying ''engacho.'' It is thanks to this that she can properly fulfill her duty in shouldering others' misfortune.

  • Misfortune Gathering Core
  • First Misfortune Absorbing Band
  • Misfortune Energy
  • Second Misfortune Absorbing Band
  • Dense Misfortune Energy
  • Third Misfortune Absorbing Band


Skill: Misfortune Ward

Charms and talismans protect against misfortune and were often given as gifts in the past. This is why there is a similar custom of giving jewelry as gifts nowadays.

Skill: Pain Drain

Hina's duty is to bear pain, misfortune, and disaster in place of others. Everyone is able to rest easy thanks to her efforts.

Skill: Bad Luck Spiral

It's dangerous to get close to her without any sort of protection. If only there was some sort of item that counteracts misfortune...

Passive: Calamity Collector
Passive: Overflowing Misfortune
Passive: Sacrifice