Iku Nagae


Beautiful Scarlet Cloth

Iku Nagae's usual outfit. It features a frilly shirt and veil with a long black skirt.

Heaven's Illumination

Iku's fancy winter wear. This outfit makes the most of Iku's height. Styled by: Kourindou.

Beautiful Scarlet Cloth
Voice Lines
Temperament: Typhoon

Typhoon refers to a storm that occurs in the tropical waters of the northwest Pacific Ocean that ranks 8 or above on the Beaufort Scale (39 mph or above wind speed). This temperament is appropriate for Iku as she is the messenger of the dragons and tells of coming calamities. Iku is endowed with Wood Phase representing the air and lightning, and Moon Essence representing her ability to cross barriers.

Ability: Capable of reading the atmosphere

Iku Nagae's ability as a messenger of the Dragon Palace. It allows her to, by every meaning imaginable, read the atmosphere. "Atmosphere" has many meanings in Asian languages, and Iku's ability is thought to apply to as many situations. Though it differs in form somewhat, Meiling's ability is similar to Iku's in some ways. Iku's ability allows her to immediately grasp the context of a situation and smoothly insert herself. Perhaps her ability is more related to mood than atmosphere. Maybe reading a room is evident in her gentle manner and her politeness... but this side of her is not always present while she is on a mission. The ways she carries herself in battle, including her ability to so effortlessly dance through her enemies' attacks may be because she is skillfully reading her enemies' fighting spirit. Her command of thunder and lightning may also be related to her reading the atmosphere because they are a product of the atmosphere surrounding the planet. Electricity is energy of the Wood Phase, as is the wind, meaning they both share a root origin in the flow of air. If that's the case, then the atmosphere that Iku controls may not be limited to the Wood Phase, but because such a thing has not been directly observed, there are no details to speak of. Atmosphere is an invisible force that affects everything within it, much like the atmosphere around the Earth that traps air within it. Air may be the atmosphere closest to us, and by breathing it in, we take the atmosphere itself into our bodies. Because of this, in ancient times, breathing was considered the bridge between the air of the outside world and the air inside the body. Iku's ability to read the atmosphere (or air) may be more closely linked to these two kinds of air... maybe.


Electrostatic Guided Missile

Iku Nagae's Spread Shot. This attack fires a volley of bullets cloaked in electricity. Electrostatic induction is defined as the change in electric charge caused by being near an electrically charged body. This phenomenon is the basis of the study of static electricity. This attack appears to be more powerful than static electricity. It looks like it would really hurt...

  • Electrostatic Guided Missile
  • Static Friction Missile
  • Separation Cloth Missile
  • Contact Cloth Missile
  • Resinous Electric Missile
  • Transparent Electric Missile
Veils Like Water

Iku Nagae's Focus Shot. A Bullet that hits with all of the grace of a veil in the wind. Iku can often be seen wearing a veil, which is believed to enable her to fly in addition to attack enemies. There is a veil that allows for space flight on the far side of the Moon, and it is unknown whether the one she wears is of the same design.

  • Veil of Falling Petals
  • Songstress's Veil
  • Fragrant Veil
  • Dancer's Veil
  • Pine Branch Veil
  • Moon Palace Veil
Fish Sign: Dragonfish Drill

Iku Nagae's Spell Card. Iku's veil takes the form of a drill and surrounds her. It's surprising to see that her veil can be used in such a way. A dragonfish is a fish believed to have been around since ancient times (it is unknown what it looks like). It's often been said that it is particularly large. Seeing one allegedly signals good fortune. Also... drills are just cool, everyone knows that.

  • Dragonfish Drill
  • Crocodile Drill
  • Ikuchi Drill
  • Orca Drill
  • Ghastly Drill
  • Makara Drill
Thunder Sign: Elekiter Dragon Palace

Iku Nagae's Spell Card. This attack calls down a barrage of lightning. Because thunder and lightning are representative of a dragon's power, that may have something to do with Iku's ability to control them. The Dragon Palace has a deep connection with the Legend of Hourai, and it is said to be built in the image of an island where divine immortals live. Furthermore, there is supposedly someone who referred to the Lunar Capital as the Dragon Palace...

  • Rain of Thunder
  • Rain of Lightning
  • Fulminous Rain
  • Booming Rain
  • Voltaic Rain
  • Violent Thunderstorm
Diggin' the Shrine Princess

Iku Nagae's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack sets the skies alight with huge lightning bolts. The messenger of the Dragon Palace carries the words of dragons, a heavenly premonition of soon-to-come calamity. This makes the work of Iku and her kind very close to the work of shrine maidens. In Japan, there are stories of a strange fish that similarly has an association with prediction. Shrine princesses (messengers of the Dragon Palace) and their fish counterparts have one thing in common: If someone looks at their picture, they can avoid hardship. Does the quality of the picture affect its ability or...?

  • Prophecy of the Shrine Princess
  • Prophecy of Himeuo
  • Prophecy of the Mermaid
  • Prophecy of Arie
  • Prophecy of Amabiko
  • Prophecy of Amabie


Skill: Earthquake Weather

Animals and bugs evacuate before a disaster. Using them as a premonition may in fact be a good idea.

Skill: Magnetic Induction

Electricity generates magnetism, and magnetism guides electricity. With this power, you could run a train.

Skill: Electromagnetic Field

In the physics of ancient times, it is said that spirits dwell everywhere. The basis for super-unified physics is essentially the same idea.

Passive: Reading the Atmosphere
Passive: Veil From Heaven
Passive: Dragon's Prophecy